No TV for You – 5 Years!

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Tyler is one busy man. He is plotting and planning what to do with our tax refund money since we got more than expected.

He wants a new TV.

He is such a good guy – he should have it right?


Our TV is only 2 years old!

Not to mention that he custom built all of the built-in shelving and fireplace mantel to accommodate the TV.

His current agenda is to rip it all out and re-build the entire wall!

So it is not just getting a new TV, is it?

Do you want to know what we really need?

A new kitchen floor.

I have been super cleaning that thing since the day I moved into this hell hole palace 8 years ago and do you know what?

One day I just stopped caring. No amount of scrubbing makes it look good. I know because I used to try and it didn’t work.

So we are sitting at dinner the other night and Tyler says,

“So, what color tile do you want?”

Me: I don’t know, I’d have to look.

Tyler: Well I sent you a couple pics to look at, do you like the ones I saw on Craig’s List?

Me: No.

Tyler: Well you had better decide soon.

Me: Or what? It has been 4 hours since we found out about the tax return!!

Tyler: Well…

Me: DUDE! So if I don’t decide NOW, I don’t get a new floor and then you get a new TV, is that right?

Tyler: Well…. Ummm….. No.

Now, dear readers, we both know that that was his train of thought, don’t we??

Dear Tyler,

I love you man. You know I do. You are so money.

Remember when you wanted a new TV In the bedroom? I said “YES”

Remember when you needed a new TV in your office? I said “Great!”

How about the TV in the workshop? I may have rolled my eyes, but I still said “Sure, Honey”

At this point I would OKAY a TV in the bathroom, but as for a bigger TV in the Living Room, I have to say,

“No TV for You –
 5 YEARS!”

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