Feel Good Friday: The Grass is Greener, or Is It?

What is Feel Good Friday?  Join in and Feel Good!

Twice a year I get an itch. A real bad itch to buy a new house.

I can thank my parents for this one because when I was little they always took me around to open houses just for fun, or we would go and drool over the Parade of Homes Tour.

The thing is, I have never really picked out my own “dream” house. My dream house, so to speak, isn’t impractical. I do not need a million dollar home to make me happy. Quite the contrary.

This house we live in now I knew I would buy as long as it was standing upright since it is right next door to my folks. It was a no brainer. (If you are new, you can read about the fate that led up to me living where I do.)

We remodel something in our current home every year to make it better, but sometimes I get tired of the remodeling and just want to move.

So, I got this itch last Saturday. Why? I would rather buy a house with a bigger wall for a new and bigger TV, than watch as Tyler re-builds our wall… again.

I jumped online and found this one.  It had a beautiful porch and it was symmetrical.  I like symmetry.

As we toured this house we ooohed and ahhhhed and I knew that deep down if I said that I wanted to move, Tyler would be on board. According to him, he really doesn’t care where we live as long as he can get to work.

As my fingers ran along the 4 foot long granite island, I looked outside at the neighbors.

Would these people mind if I popped over and asked them if they had any good snacks? I thought.

I walked up the staircase to the Master Suite which had a bathroom that can actually fit 2 people and I looked out the window, again, to the neighbors.

Do you think they would call and tell me if I had left my back light on?

Maybe, but probably not.

Nonetheless, I stayed in my little dream house for quite some time, but with each turn I felt a little more deflated. The dream was slowly dying.

We got back into the car each of us telling what we loved about the structure because that was all it was now. A structure.




We pulled into our driveway and I looked next door.

No amount of bathroom space or hardwood floors or square footage could ever take the place of people and love.

It takes 43 steps to get to my parent’s house.

43 steps to say “Hi”

43 steps for a bag of Doritos.

86 steps for a toddler to get a hug and a kiss and a donut.

I came inside and remembered how this was my dream home 8 short years ago.

It is easy to take for granted the things that you have.

Perhaps that is why I got that itch; to realize that I am already living a dream. 

I walked into our house and I saw it with new eyes again.  It was warm and inviting and filled with love and memories, even though I frequently call it a sh*t hole, it is far from that.

It made me feel good.

No.  It made me feel great!

Looks like we’ll just have to keep
remodeling and get a bigger TV!

Not only am I feeling good this week, I am making Tyler feel good too, because the man needs a bigger TV… just not for 5 years.


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