Comment Rejection – Tyler Speaks Out


I wrote a post last Wednesday: No TV for You – 5 Years about Tyler wanting to REBUILD our wall AGAIN so he can have a bigger TV and get rid of our 2 year old one.


I do.

And so does Tyler.

He checked my blog for comments about every 10 minutes of the day to see what you all had to say. Apparently he thought someone would be on his side…

(Excuse me while I contain myself from dying of laughter.)

(ok – still not done yet)

Alright. I am better.

He sent me emails and texts and he even wrote a comment from “Anonymous” that got rejected. My finger must have slipped on that one – sorry babe.

Why? Why did my insane husband do all of this?

Because he has a side to that story.

The wall will be easy to build.


That is his side of the story.

This morning he went onto my blog and got all into a flurry, gesturing wildly that he needs his own section to be put onto the Sidebar for readers to see HIS thoughts on my posts.

Then he took it to a whole new level and now he wants his own blog.

So, I am asking all of you to please respond to this:

Would you read:

Tyler’s Blog with 1 post a week
A Page on my Navigation Bar dedicated to Tyler’s Comments / Rebuttal.

Thank You!!

He is dying to know….

I am just plain dying.


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