“Ðrive” Me Crazy Part 2 – Dumb and Dumber Strike Again

Thank you all so much for responding to yesterday’s post!  It was pretty much unanimous that Tyler should have a link up top, but in the end we decided that Elizabeth from Confessions of a Working Mom had the best idea yet!!! 
Thank You Elizabeth!!!
Since I do not post on the weekends, Tyler will be writing a special post each Sunday in response to my previous week’s material.  I know I am looking forward to it!

Last week, I told you how fanatical my dad is with his cars.

Well, he is. I was not exaggerating.

He has a ’95 Ford Mustang that just hit….

Wait for it…

30,000 miles!

I am fairly certain he still has it since it never goes out in the winter and I never see it. It did go out in the winter once, a long time ago…

“The Mustang”

On this particular day, in January, I had to go with my dad to his rheumatologist.

Dad thought it would be fun to take the Mustang out for the 45 minute trip. The winter roads were good and he thought I would enjoy the ride, since I never, ever rode in it.

I was along for the appointment to “listen” and “get any important details” because my mom couldn’t go and dad is known for forgetting important details.

So all goes well. We are there for about an hour and it is time to go home, but dad is tired. He asks ME to drive him home.

In the Mustang.

In the meticulously cared for, adored and cherished Mustang.

Oh dread.

There is a reason my dad and I call ourselves Dumb and Dumber. Nothing good ever happens when the two of us are together. The sad thing is, we have spent a ton of time together over the years.

Nonetheless, we pop in some music and away we go.

I am ever so slightly nervous because I hate driving other people’s cars. HATE IT!

We make it back to our neighborhood and I turn the corner onto our street. There is snow on this street and I am going super-dooper slow. Dad says to “not be so scared” and to “give it some gas.”



That is the sound of us screaming while the car whips around and around and eventually crashes into a snowbank!!

Me: I am so sorry. I am so sorry. I barely touched the gas. I barely touched the gas. Don’t be mad. Don’t be mad!

Dad: (laughing) Well that was fun! I know it’s not your fault. (still laughing)

Me: I am not driving this thing up your driveway – no way! (it is a steep driveway)

Dad: Yes you will. It will be fine.

I got the car into the garage and dad and I got out and flew to the grill to see if there was any damage. Thankfully, there wasn’t.

As we are squatting down looking at the front end, mom drives up the driveway, gets out and says,

What the hell are you two looking at? What happened?”

Dad is just laughing and says, “Nothing. Laura took the Mustang for a spin today and she liked it!”


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