Now Accepting Applications!!

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Do you want to know what is refreshing?

The resiliency of children… and adults apparently.

My Sweetie Darling, Emily, came home from school the other day and Emma (our dog with cancer – see sidebar) was all over her wanting to be petted.

Me: Hey, pet Emma, she is dying for your attention.

Emily: Hi Emma. I Love You!  Ummm…. Mommy? You know, like, when is Emma going to die?

Me: Hopefully never. OK, honestly, it is hard to know. She is doing well now.

Emily: Yeah, but don’t they, like, know for sure? I mean, like, I am going to be real sad and all, but, ummm… like…. Can we get a new puppy after she dies???? Please????

Me: No. Absolutely not. We have Jack. He will need all of our love and attention. He will be sad. Plus, I will never, ever have two dogs in this house again. Period.

Emily: (Well, her mouth dropped open and I just tuned her out. All I really heard was the teacher from Charlie Brown.)

So, folks, she is pretty broken up about it isn’t she? Well, either I have done a good job of focusing on the positive or she is a heartless, little twit.

I am retelling our conversation to Tyler the other night and when I get to the part about us not getting a new dog and never having 2 dogs again, his mouth dropped open and he stared at me.

Luckily he is a smart man. He said nothing.

What the really exciting part to this story is, is that I am now taking applications for their new Wife and Mommy ‘cause when they start in on me to get a new dog I am going to “off” myself.

Don’t worry, they won’t suffer (obviously) but, they will want a new one ASAP!!

Do you want to apply for the job????


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