Tyler Talks!

Today is Sunday.
My debut!

Am I nervous?  No.
Am I concerned?  No.
Do I think anyone will read this?  Yes.

Ok.  NOW I am nervous!

(The Girl is definitely nervous about what I was going to write.  She did not get to see it before it posted)
I hope I did ok!

I have been giving a lot of thought to what I would write about….

How this Sunday post came to be. (once weekly post, side bar or get my own blog)
My wife’s blog. (Commenting on each day’s post)
My future new TV. (even though everyone thinks I am SOL)

I will try to quickly cover it all. Sorry if it is too long! Future posts will not be.

Here we go-
The Girl Next Door Grows Up-

This Girl, Laura, is my wife. I am truly the luckiest person in the world to find that one person that makes every moment of the day better when I am with her. I love you!

Alright….Enough of the mushy stuff…

The big debate-

This all started last week with No TV for You – 5 Years!

I wrote a comment, and The Girl did not post it!!!
I still have not given up hope on the TV, but it is an uphill battle.  And I usually choose my battles carefully.
I really did not want a post on her site, or to start my own blog.  It is her thing.
And it is A LOT OF WORK!!!  I just wanted her to post my comment.

I know you all have this “unified women/mommy voices”, according to Eternal Lizdom.  (No offense to the male bloggers out there, but Laura’s followers are mostly women.)

What I think us husbands need is a place to link to our wife’s blogs, and write our rebuttal, or make our comments regarding the post.  A place where we have control.  Maybe more like a forum.  Maybe a place for husbands to show OUR unified manly/daddy voices and to tell our side.


I see every day how much time and effort goes into Laura’s blog!
I don’t have the time, and don’t want to make the effort!
I have a full time job!  And don’t want another one!
So a post on her site is probably the easiest option (for me).  

My comments-

Monday- Comment Rejection – Tyler Speaks Out

I do not want to take over!  Just post my comments.  Since you did not, it has come to this.

Tuesday- “Ðrive” Me Crazy Part 2 – Dumb and Dumber Strike Again

I know all too well the obsession Laura’s dad has with his car!
I do the snow blowing for both our houses (since they live next door), and the snow blower is in their garage.  (I think that is so I will do their driveway first)  I have to very, very slowly, maneuver the snow blower between the two cars to get it out to the driveway.  There is about 1 inch of room on each side, between the snow blower and the cars.  And I am fully aware, that if I were to bump, touch, nic, or scratch either of their cars, it better be the Toyota.  If it is the Mustang, I might as well just keep going down the street with that snow blower and never return home.

Wednesday-Now Accepting Applications!!

I am sure if Emily, Sarah and I joined forces, we could make another 2nd dog a reality.  But again, I choose my battles carefully.
You can’t “off yourself” dear.  Then I would be making someone else constantly roll their eyes at me.  And you would not want to do that to them!  Another dog would be better for everyone involved!
How come nobody submitted an application???

Thursday-Funeral Planning on a Whole New Level

If for one minute, you think the neighbors are kidding, they are not!
I think we will post some signage at a soup kitchen, stating “Free Buffet”.
We will have a great turnout!!!

Friday-Feel Good Friday: I Feel Good, You Feel Good, We All Feel Good!

You deserve the Mom of the Year Award!
And the girls deserve the Kid of the Year Award! (most of the time)
And the Husband of the Year Award-how nice of you!  To give thi
s to me 48 hours before this post will come out?  You must have been scared!!!

FYI-the disclaimer….“Award does not now, nor will ever, entitle the recipient to a new TV”???

I don’t need an award…

I have a checkbook!


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