Of Mice and Basements

For the past 9 months Tyler and I have been debating about what to do with our so called “office” space.

Our office is technically in the dining room because we eat in the kitchen. The dining room houses a desk and bookshelves and toys.

The problem has been that we need more space, but a larger desk and more files will not fit.

We have been going back and forth about what to do since neither of the girls want to give up their room to me and live in the dining room.

I can’t imagine why.

Then one day, 2 weeks ago, I had a brilliant idea!

Why don’t I move the office to the basement? After all, it has a fully finished basement that we never use. 

So why not?

Because that is where the mice live.


I won’t bother them, if they won’t bother me. So I stay upstairs, except to quick run as fast as I can to get clothes in the washer or dryer and then I quick run back upstairs.


And I never look down. I learned that lesson once the hard way 7 years ago when Emily and I used to play down there.

We were having a jolly ole time when all of a sudden I saw a mouse run along the wall.

Being the excellent mother I am, I screamed bloody murder and ran upstairs!!!!

Without my 3 year old little girl.

It is important to note that I did not go back down to get her. I just stood at the top of the stairs and yelled to her to come up fast!  That is how scared of them I am.

Yaaaah… she was busy naming the little guy while I was hysterically calling my mother on the phone and Googling Real Estate Agents.

That was the last time I gleefully played in the basement.

Oh sure, we put down traps everywhere, with peanut butter. They love peanut butter by the way. What I did not love was hearing the traps go off SNAP in the middle of the night.

Each time I would hear a trap, I would call my mom, who has absolutely no fear. She would come over and grab the trap, walk it out to the garbage while singing Amazing Grace at the top of her lungs.

After a while I had had enough and called a service.

They saved my sanity.

I learned I was not a dirty person and that my house had holes. They fixed these holes and I did not have mice for 2 years.


Day by day I worked up the nerve to go back to the basement without fear. Then I met Tyler and we decided to stop the service.

9 mice in one month. I am not kidding you.

Our cat actually got tired of chasing and catching them.

Laundry service stopped that month as I would NOT go down there.

So we called our Mouse People and sure enough we had a new hole that my super hero husband did not find.

It has been 2 years and no more mice. I will never stop that service again. I love my mouse guy.

So here I sit typing away in my new office. My space. With a door… that has a lock. It is bliss.

I am never going upstairs again…

Because that is where my crazy kids live.



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