Who Me? Did I Say That?

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We have a huge case of Mine-itus going around this house – and it isn’t pretty.

Tyler has his office in the basement. Nobody goes near it, or puts their crap on it or steals things off of it because it is his.

Tyler also has a massage chair for his poor aching body, but again, nobody goes near it or touches it or bothers him in it.

He has his workshop in the garage AND another workroom in the basement – what do you think? You are correct. It is HIS and nobody even thinks of going within a 10 mile radius.

He has his office at work. His car is his domain.

He can have lunch with friends or go shopping or play golf on a whim during the day.

He can do his business freely in the bathroom without anyone barging in to tell him something so very important.

No one would dare go into his closet to try on his clothes. His shoes never go missing. His underwear is never turned into a necklace for a Toddler.

If he is on the phone, voices get quiet.

So finally the decision is made to move MY desk to a room in the basement. I like to call it

My Office.

But here’s the deal…

You all left such nice compliments and some of you sounded wistful that you would like a room of your own and if you want to get technical about it…

I am in the Family Room.

That is what everyone keeps calling it despite my protests that it is MY OFFICE!

And if you want to get really technical – there are 5 shelves of children’s books, a closet full of toys and stuffed animals and another desk behind me for Emily who thinks I am being really “mean” when I made the following pronouncement:

“This is MY desk. These are MY pens and MY post-it notes. Nobody touches MY desk or steals MY things anymore!!”

So my mother comes over the other day to see the finished product. She is sitting at MY desk and I am telling her how happy I am that people will not be stealing MY things anymore when she spots MY brand new stack of post-its.

She pockets a stack of them and says:

“You’re not going to use all of these are you?”

And she was being totally serious.

Welcome to My Little Corner of the Room….

What can I say? I’ve got a soft heart.

…but between you and me, we will keep calling it My Office.

And one of these days I am going down to My Office, close My Door and just take post-it after post-it and throw them in the garbage… because they are MINE!


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