Feel Good Friday: Inspiration

Start the weekend off right with Feel Good Friday!

Our living room is red, the dining room/entry is a rag rolled yellow/gold, the bathroom is periwinkle, our bedroom is hunter green and the girls’ rooms are various shades of girl.

I like color and I like to be bold.

My new office space is white. All white. White ceiling, white walls, white desk, white cabinets with dark wood bookshelves and floor and a beige sofa.

A fresh, clean space.

When I told the fam that I wanted white, their heads spun around in alien style and their eyes popped out of their heads.

“Why?” was all they could sputter out in disgust and dismay.

I told them that I plan to accent the space with color and things that make me feel good.

One of the things I want to put in this room is Wall Words. I had seen it in a magazine and thought it was oh so cool. (And no, this is not a paid advertisement. I just like it.)

Basically you can take any word or phrase in any font or color and they will turn it into a sticker for you to put on your walls. It looks like a stencil, but not as permanent.

I like the thought of putting something inspiring on the wall to read, but I am having a very hard time making a decision.

There are so many great quotes that I love, but there is one phrase from a song that always, no matter what, picks me up and makes me feel good.

It is from the Indigo Girls. I will always be thankful for an old boyfriend, whose name eludes me, for getting me into the Indigo Girls.

The song is Pendulum Swinger and the specific lyric is:

“You can’t keep a spirit down
that wants to get up again”

For me, this phrase speaks volumes and always picks me up if I am down and makes me feel good, or reaffirms my already happy spirit.

If you had to put a word or phrase on your wall to inspire you and make you feel good, what would YOU put?

Do you have any suggestions for ME?


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