What Are You Trying to Tell Me??

My mind is boggled. Yes. Boggled.

Up until a week ago, our other dog Jack has been a raving lunatic puppy who only isn’t a raving lunatic when I put him into a “stay” command.

Sadly, he can’t be in a “stay” for 24 hours.

Otherwise, he is Trouble with a Capital “T”

His attitude changed the day after we found out, our other dog, Emma’s cancer had spread to her lungs. Suddenly, he is constantly by my side.

He sits and waits for me to come out of the bathroom. Kudos to him, though, everyone else just barges right in.

He has started lying on my feet when I get ready in the morning.

And… I can’t believe I am going to admit this to you, but…

He spooned me the other night in bed.

Yep, my 78 pound German Shepherd spooned me.

What the?

He always jumps onto the bed when I get in and I always let him stay until Tyler comes to bed.

He curls up at my feet.

That is the routine.

The other night he came up, laid down next to me and stretched out and put his HEAD on my PILLOW.

So, of course, the next day I called my mom for some advice as to what all of this means, and this is what Oh Wise Woman said:

“Well you know, Jack is getting older and he probably senses that Emma is worse.”

OK – that makes sense, but then she goes on…

“You know there are cats at nursing homes that don’t go near anyone. Then when someone is dying, they come to them and lay by them and love them.”


But, he is laying next to me?  So, I AM DYING???

Personally, I think that he totally knows that Emma is dying. He also knows that the two of us have a fairly rocky relationship to put it lightly.

He eats things and I get real mad.

He runs 90 MPH around the house and I get real mad.

He sits ON me when he wants to get petted and I get real mad.

You know? I pretty much look into his direction and I get real mad.

I totally think he is buttering me up for when Emma goes, and do you know what?

It’s working.

My Basement Blogging Buddies!

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