Single White Male Seeking…

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Tyler and I have a BFF who is actually not related to us. His name is Stan. For as long as I can remember, every single time I see Stan I ask, “Dating anyone yet?”

Occasionally the answer is yes, but mostly the answer is No.

I began my campaign to get Stan a date/friend/girlfriend/wife this Fall by suggesting that he try It worked for me and Tyler so what could it hurt, right?

He thought about and got back to me 2 weeks ago.

Stan is not computer savvy at all, so he asked me to look up Senior People Meet. It is supposed to be a site for older people looking for love.

We filled out the information, uploaded photos and did our 1st search to find him the love-of-his-life and let me tell you this:

If you are a 45-55 year old woman looking for love:

Please do NOT put up a photo of yourself in a bikini or swimsuit. You look like a Ho. No matter how great your body is at that age, I am fairly certain we could figure it out with clothes on.

Please do NOT strike a pose lying down on your sofa trying to look alluring. Again…Ho.

Please do NOT crop the photo so that 90% of the photo is your boobs… HO!

I have to say, I was horrified it was a trifle disappointing. These photos just don’t scream “long term commitment.”

Granted I am a girl. I do not look for women online on a regular basis, ok… EVER! So maybe this is what women do, but I was kind of thinking that the age bracket of 45-55 would be a bit more tasteful.

Poor Stan.

He sat looking over my shoulder, probably loving those pictures and I am just clicking through them one by one.

“Tramp! Ho! No! No! No!”

By the end of the night, I set him up with an email account and sent him on his way because even though Tyler and I WANT to just do it all for him and find him “the one”, sometimes you just have to let go and let them figure it out by themselves…

Hoes and all.

Lost Innocence

He tried Senior People Meet for 3 whole days before declaring the site to be a dud. He was back over at our house and, this time, Tyler and I set him up on

I have to say – this was a much better bunch of women.

I was winking at the ladies left and right. Stan was very excited.

In 6 days he had his first date. Then another after that, and then it was over.

Ahh…. Those Sunday to Thursday romances. Good times. Good times.

He was back over today and asked me to upload more photos, but this time he was a little more jaded. He had lost his online dating innocence.

One really nice looking woman that he had winked at, emailed him.

He sat in our living room debating what to do…

“EMAIL HER BACK” was what we kept telling him to do.

An hour later he was still debating.

At this point Tyler and I were getting a little punchy and decided to try a new tactic:

“If you email her back, we will take you to Cold Stone Creamery and get you a ‘Love It’ size with 3 toppings!” we told him.

We were both gasping for air, we were laughing so hard because this is the ultimate reward we use with Emily, our 10 year old.

Apparently it works with our 55 year ol
d friend, too, because he emailed her 20 minutes later.

Looks like somebody’s getting ice cream!


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