Tyler is Getting His TV!!

** I am writing about something good someone did for me for Feel Good Friday.  What will you write about?  See you tomorrow!!**

He has to have it people.

I know I caved. I love him – what can I say?

Plus we are all going to die a painful death in 2012 anyway, so at least he will have some time to enjoy it.

We saw 2012 this weekend and I told him that the next day we were going to go to Best Buy and get him his Dream TV.

You should have SEEN the look of JOY on that man’s face!

And then I laughed like hell and told him I was kidding because we are totally NOT going to die.

Then I told him that after he builds us an ark – so that we can survive the tidal waves – then he can buy a new TV.

He just was not finding me amusing at all.

Have you heard the little ole rumor that we are all going to die in 2012?

Do you believe it?

I don’t.

Most importantly, would you want to know?

Part of me would want to know, and part wouldn’t.

I would want to know so that I could pull Emily out of school and we could all just play and play.

Tyler didn’t believe and now he does.

He keeps calling me from Best Buy.


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