Tyler Talks: Your Questions Answered

** For any new readers, today’s post is written by Tyler, The Girl’s Husband.

Thank you for the questions that you asked me last Sunday about my wife, The Girl.  First a few side notes before I answer your questions:

**Today The Girl will ask me at least 15 times, “So what time is really?”

“THE TIME ON THE CLOCK IS THE TIME!”  It drives me nuts!

**The TV?

I did buy a TV. I bought a used one I found on Craigslist. It was a deal. It is bigger than the one we have.

A temporary solution until the price of the one I want comes down.

Your Questions – Answered:

Susan Fobes asked:
Why don’t you comment on her lament at not having anything that is all her own-like her own office space?

We all now have our own spaces to call our own. The Girl and I will have all the space we need in 16-40 years when the girls move out.

Alyssa asked:
So, tell us, what’s the worst thing the girl has ever done to you? Or…what’s the worst meal she ever made??? Or…what do you really think of her new jeans???

The Girl has never really done anything horrible to me.

There have been a couple really bad meals when she tries something new, but we swore we would not speak of them again. Honestly I could not tell you what they were.

She is actually a really great cook and she bakes something every week!!  Today is chocolate covered cheesecake!  The bad thing is, I am the one who eats most of everything she makes!!

Love the jeans! But they look even better on the floor.

Eternal Lizdom asked:
What does she love most about you?

We would have to ask her. I think it is my sense of humor. I always tell her “You are cute, and I am funny”.

Yankee Girl asked:
How did YOU feel after that first date? What were your first thoughts and reactions?

I felt really fortunate she wasn’t a crazy lady. I have since found out I was a little wrong.

Jessica asked:
So is The Girl Next Door like a real “Girls Next Door?”

Depends on your interpretation. Definitely not the naughty girl next door.  She didn’t even know that was a TV show when she thought of her blog name and, man, does she regret that!

Thank you all for your questions.  I will learn how to do the linking to your blogs for next week.

What else do you want to know about my wife,The Girl??

See you next Sunday!  – Tyler


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