Feel Good Friday: At Least I Amuse Myself!

Want to join in for Feel Good Friday?  Choose your prompt and feel good!

Today I am choosing to write about something that I am doing to make other people feel good even though they are starting to hate it! What can I say? I’m a giver.

A SUPER HUGE THANK YOU to Naomi from Organic Motherhood with Cool Whip for doing a post a while back on a toy that her kids received.

The nanosecond I read about it I knew I had to have it pronto. In my head I imagined all of the joy and fun I would have with it. Heck, this toy made me feel good and I didn’t even have it yet.

What is it?

A Sound Machine. These are NOT white noises my friends.

I purchased this through Amazon

It came in the mail on Tuesday and I was bouncing up and down. I could not wait for Emily to get home from school.

Me: How’d you do on your test?

Emily: Great, I got an A.

The Sound Machine gives a round of Applause.

Tyler comes home from work and starts to tell me about his day and then gets distracted.

The Sound Machine gives a drum roll please…

I walk into Emily’s room and it looked like a tornado hit it. What do I do? Do I get all mad and yell? No.

The Sound Machine emits a blood curdling scream!

The Sound Machine may have gotten taken away from me… but I found it – HOORAY!

Tyler looked mighty sharp on his way to work on Thursday.

The Sound Machine gave him a wolf whistle.

By now, nobody is finding this toy as amusing as I am and I must admit, it makes it even more fun.

Are you like me? Do you ever do things simply to amuse yourself?


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