Is It Gonna Kill You, or What?

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Four years ago my dad had a kidney transplant. He is doing great and is totally normal, but one of the side effects from a drug that he takes is Skin Cancer.

Every 6 months he goes in for a full body scan and if he ever spots anything he goes in ASAP.

Now, my dad is not a sun worshipping kind of a guy. Their whole house and yard is surrounded by huge Cottonwood trees and he meticulously puts on a sunscreen of about 80.

We kid. We joke. We laugh.

Here is a picture of my dad. See the teeny tiny opening on his legs between his shorts and socks?

Well, one day we were walking home from school with Emily and we get to our house where my mom was waiting in the driveway.

“Did he tell you about his cancer yet?” she asks

“WHAT?” I holler in horror at my dad.

We had just been together for about 45 minutes and one would think when I asked him how he was, he would have mentioned it.

US Weekly was his preferred topic of the day, as was a discussion of his rereading of War and Peace. What can I say? He has many interests.

“Well, is it going to kill you or what!!!!” I demanded to know.

“No. She burned it off and gave me some cream. It is not the ‘kill you’ kind.” He points to his leg, just below his knee.

“OK, now I can laugh.” And I did. I laughed like hell.

“You have got to be kidding me. You have got about 4 inches of skin showing and you get it there?!” More laughter ensued from his doting daughter. “Your shorts even cast a shadow on your leg!”

We all had a good chuckle over that.

It is now about a year and a half later and he has another spot. He will be fine. This time it is on top of his forehead. He was pretty much born with a baseball hat on so one would think the hat would have protected his delicate noggin.

All I can say is that I hope he likes the parasol I am getting him for Father’s Day.

It will match the dress Emily got for his birthday when she was 4 years old.

Yes, I did say “The Dress.”

I asked her what she wanted to get him for his birthday and her 4 year old mind thought he would look pretty in a dress.

I have never moved so fast in my life.  We raced to the store and purchased a beautiful flowered dress.

Now, if the humiliation from us making him put on the dress didn’t kill him, nothing will.

What a super grandpa!!

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