Meet George

I have a name, I am a person.

Our dogs have names.

Sarah’s stuffed animals have names. It is much easier to say, “Where is Dude?” rather than, “Sarah, where is the big, green turtle we got at Build-a-Bear?”

Other than that, we do not name things around here.

Well, except for George.

He is our scissors.

It started innocently enough 3 years ago. Tyler went to the store to get supplies. I asked him to pick me up some scissors.

“Get the orange handled ones.” I asked.

I had brought our current scissors outside to cut some flowers and they might have broken.

The green handled scissors, our spare pair, had been stolen by Emily who used them to cut Barbie hair.

We were eternally losing and abusing our scissors.

Tyler came home with his bag of loot and I unpacked everything including my new pair of handy-dandy titanium scissors.

“Hey Hon?” I asked “these scissors are titanium. My golf clubs are titanium. What the? Where are my orange handled scissors?”

Tyler told me to try them and I did. They cut stuff, so I was happy.

I placed them in the drawer and continued to unpack the rest of the stuff.

Then I came to the receipt.

“$25.00 for SCISSORS? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?” I yelped.

Now, Tyler did not know they cost that much. He thought they were $10 like the rest of them hanging on the rack.

This was the moment George was born.

I called everyone into the kitchen.

“Do you see these scissors? They are very expensive. Since they are SO expensive I am calling them George.

George will not be used to cut twigs or branches because we are too lazy to find the clippers.

George will not cut Barbie hair.

George lives in the junk drawer and he will always come back to the junk drawer.

Do I make myself clear?”

Apparently I did make myself clear because from that moment on, George was treated like a King.

Not only did his name catch on, but he was respected and not abused like all of the other, lesser scissors.

Seriously, it was crazy how we all revered George.

To this day, George lives happily in the junk drawer.

Do you think that if I hadn’t given him a name, he would have been treated with the same respect?

I honestly don’t.


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