Let’s Do Some Math!

**What are you going to write about for Feel Good Friday?**

What do you get when you take…?

2 Stupid Parents


1 Toddler with the Need for Speed and No Fear


A scooter of course!

‘Cause We Can Be Stupid Like This

Sarah’s cousin got a scooter for Christmas and Sarah was ALL over it. I laughed and said, “Not in a million years will she EVER have a scooter!”

My famous last words.

Last year she ran and fell, ran and fell, ran and fell.

It got to the point where I just didn’t want to go outside anymore. Her level of excitement just took over and she never looked out, never slowed down and she fell – a lot.

And that was just from walking and running!

Did you see the helmet and the elbow pads on the picture?

Well, the good thing about the scooter / helmet extravaganza is that she wears the helmet the ENTIRE time she is playing outside.

Because, YES, yes she can injure herself while chalking on the driveway. I have seen it with my own 2 eyes.

Even Emily questioned my parenting abilities when she screamed at the Toys R Us checkout, “MOTHER! Do you not know your child? She is CRAZY and she WILL fall on this!!!!”

Now before anybody rushes to call child services, remember she is a whole year older. She is almost 3.

So far she is being uber careful.

I am sure it has nothing to do with the fact that I might have mentioned how much pain and blood there would be if she falls.

She “understands” pain this year. She had enough of it last year.

Now what do you get when you take:

1 Super Cool Scooter with a Dora Helmet and Elbow Pad Combo


2 Boxes of Band-aids laying on your front step (just as a reminder of the “said” blood and pain)


43 warnings to be careful



And a little tan on my face, too!

I like math.


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