No, Let ME Pay!

**Tomorrow is Feel Good Friday.  Which prompt will you choose?**

I am never too old to learn a lesson.

When I was little, my parents bought me stuff. Duh. They had to, I was little.

Then the minute I got a job, I reciprocated by buying them stuff or taking them out to dinner.

Once I got married and had a family, everything changed.

If I was out with my mom I would INSIST on buying lunch.

I CAN PAY! Let ME Pay!

Then if she wanted to buy me something I would get mad and say:

No, I can pay for it myself!

One day we were out shopping at Macy’s and I saw that the Christmas dishes that I collected had come out with a butter dish that I did not currently own. My mom snapped it up and said that she wanted to buy it for me.

Did I let her?

No. I said that I could buy it myself.

Then my mommy yelled at me.

In front of people.

It was SO embarrassing.

She grabbed the bag in my hand and said, “What is in this bag? It is a bear for Emily. You bought Emily this bear because you knew she would love it and it would make her happy. She is your daughter”

Then she continued…

“You are MY daughter and I want to buy YOU something because I know it will make YOU happy. Do you see how frustrated I am? I KNOW you can buy it, but I want to buy YOU something.”

She said even more to make her point, further embarrassing me…

“From this point on you will stop arguing with me and just let me buy you something or I will NEVER EVER try to buy you anything EVER again.”

What did I do?

I let her buy me the butter dish.

Then I took her to the Coach store.

How do YOU feel about your parents buying you stuff? Do you let them, or does your pride get in the way?


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