Things That Come Out of my Mouth…and Shouldn’t

I am sure it is just a phase.

Like all quirky little things with kids, I am sure this particular phase will be gone by next week.

Sarah wears crocs. I started this trend last summer when I was out alone at the garden store and saw a display geared to tug at my heart.

Crocs for Toddlers. Teeny, weenie little shoes in bright colors.

Well, she had to have a pair.

She loved these shoes SO much, she wore them with her jammies at 5:30 in the morning when she woke up… for 3 months straight.

Then we discovered the outlet store where we could buy a color to match every single outfit she had for the low, low price of $5 a pair!

Over the past few months she has accumulated Green, Red, Blue, Purple, Hot Pink and Brown crocs.

Since it is winter she has only been wearing these shoes in the house. The dogs live in the house and the dogs continually shed their fur.

Sarah is aghast each and every time she finds a dog hair on one of her shoes.

“Get it off!” She will yell to anyone who will listen. So we blow the hair off.

No biggie.

Starting 2 weeks ago, she would bring us a shoe and ask us to “cool” it or “warm” it up for her.


We would chuckle and smile and then we would “blow” into her shoe. It takes but a moment and I have learned over the years to pick my battles. This is one battle she can win.

Now, there are “things that I think in my head”. Then there are the “things that I mutter under my breath.”

I need to learn how to keep these things in my head.

One day I was blowing into her shoes one after the other. Apparently on this particular day I could not get her shoe to the desired “coldness.”

In hindsight I really should have kept “what I thought in my headapart from “what came out of my mouth.”


One response to “Things That Come Out of my Mouth…and Shouldn’t

  1. Oh TOO FUNNY. Glad my boo boo cannot read and see this….

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