Extreme Sports

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Our family loves to play outside.

And when we are outside, we play with GUSTO, no matter what we are doing.

We don’t just chalk. We chalk the ENTIRE driveway making little roads and towns.

Tennis, soccer, basketball, Frisbee, trackball, Velcro ball – you name it we play it.

Heck… give us a bucket and a ping-pong ball and we are amused for hours. Who can get the ball into the bucket the most? The fastest? The farthest?

It just goes on and on…

Usually our games start with Emily and I playing a nice game of catch. Then Tyler comes out and it turns into “EXTREME Catch” where we have to throw the ball over the hedge or over the roof.

It is usually these “extreme” games that draw my parents out of their house to participate.

Then the games almost always end with someone getting smacked in the head, arm, leg, etc… an injury of some kind.

Hot fun in the summertime…

Because of our, let’s call it, “enthusiasm” over outside games, we are always on the hunt for something new to play.

Last year we bought a kind of tetherball / tennis game. You’ve got 2 paddles and a tennis ball on a rope hanging from a pole. Each person has to hit the ball HARD and the winner is the one who gets the ball and rope wound all around the pole.

Brilliant. This game is right up our ally.

Unfortunately, if one is not paying attention, one gets hit HARD.

We renamed the game “Death Ball” and even though we TOLD my parents how dangerous this game was, well, they just had to see for themselves.

Let’s just say skin gets thin and bruises easily when one gets older.

Last weekend Tyler found us a new toy…

“Wheel Ball”

I can’t even begin to describe this toy. It is so…. Well…. You will just have to see for yourself.

By the way, I do not have a voice made for audio and since this is our first vlog, it is pretty pathetic and mostly is outtakes! 

So without further adieu… I present: 
Wheel Ball – The Vlog (rated PG-13 for some language):

So, you have seen Wheel Ball – The Vlog. Can someone – anyone, please tell me the point of this toy????


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