Feel Good Friday: Days Like This

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What made me feel good this week? Well, I can tell you there have been more than 5 things.

Ahhhh….. Spring Break.

Emily has been home and I planned a ton of fun things for us to do…

We went to the mall.
We played outside – we played inside.
We swung on the swing set for 1 hour and 14 minutes.
We went to the dog park, not once, but twice.
We went on a treasure hunt.
We watched 2 Harry Potter Movies.

There was some crying.
There were some tantrums.

There were 48 rounds of simultaneous and in stereo “Hey Mommy?”

There was an unexpected trip to Urgent Care.

And then there was yesterday…

We happen to live 10 minutes away from our state’s zoo. We have a family membership and go there once a week usually early in the morning on a weekday to avoid the crowds.

This week The Family Farm opened up with all of the new baby animals. I thought it would be fun to go.

The zoo opens at 9AM, so we would leave at 9 AM.

Just. Like. Usual.

But, after our mega-week, the girls were in slow motion and to be quite honest, so was I. I was up late at the doctor with my mom the night before.

The plan was that now that Sarah was older we would NOT take the stroller as we have always done in past years.

I was semi-dreading this.

You see, The Farm is at the farthest point of the zoo and I knew there would be tired little legs and potentially some crying.

I also knew that if I took the stroller she would want to push it, not ride in it.

I weighed these options all week long and decided it was going to be a lose-lose situation any way I liked it.

We dragged ourselves out of the house at 10:15.

I opened the sun roof and put Emily in charge of the iPod and then something happened.

I got into my car yesterday morning and decided to drop the “defeatist attitude.”

It didn’t matter that after being open 1 hour, the lot was full and we had to park a million miles away.
It didn’t matter that we dressed too warm.
Or, that everybody in the State of Minnesota decided that they, too, would see baby pigs on that particular day.

It didn’t matter that my foot got stepped on 4 times or that we had to wait 15 minutes for lunch.

Do you know why these things didn’t matter?

I was with my girls. Plain and simple.

What could be better than spending the day with my 2 girls?

When it’s not always raining, there’ll be days like this
When there’s no one complaining, there’ll be days like this
When everything falls into place, like the flick of a switch
Oh my momma told me, there’ll be days like this.
– Van Morrison

Emily and I alternated carrying Sarah when she needed a rest.

We sang songs and skipped to make the walk more fun.

We waved to the bears and “talked” to the tiger.

We fed the goats and ran alongside the horses.

Sarah said it best:

“Hey Mommy? We are having TOO much fun!”

I am so glad I stopped focusing on all of the potentially “bad” stuff that could happen on our trip to the zoo. It ended up being the best day ever!

And that made me feel really “good.”

I hope that you have TOO much fun with your family this weekend as well. You can never have too many “Days Like This.”