A Love Letter By You and For You!

Today I am participating in Kerri’s Klutter Comment Love Letter meme.

I thought this would be a FUN family activity to do with my 10 year old, Emily, and let me tell you – we really did have a blast. Even Tyler got in on it!

I swear I have the absolute BEST commenters of any blog so Thank You very much!

Stop by Kerri’s site to participate or to read some other letters…

Can you find YOUR comment???

Kerri’s Clutter

Dear The Girl Next Door Grows Up,

LOL! I laughed out loud at the crocs in the fridge… Good thinking! I’m going to have to do that. And may I say …”Wow, your frig is really clean!!” I’m glad I’m not the only one who is Type A enough to have an organized frig. Bread in the fridge? Does that help? I’ve never seen that.

When she’s 20 and everyone wonders why she keeps her shoes in the refrigerator, at least she’ll have this to reference.

You’re a good mom!!!! I think you and I were separated at birth.

Would you like crocs with your sandwich today? I have things that I “say on the inside.” A lot of things. Oh, cream cheese! I so want a bagel right now! What would Martha Stewart think of that? Lol.

I’m off to put some of my shoes in the oven… You should make the sequel to ‘Pants on the Ground’!

Crocs in the fridge,
Crocs in the fridge,
Makin’ your shoes cool
With your Crocs in the fridge….

And, what happened to Tyler? Did he suddenly become mute on Sundays? I will mourn Tyler’s death – I’ll have Hayden draw him a picture with his markers. Oh…he had it coming!!! 😉

Way to go – you take charge mama! At our house we’re never done playing until someone gets hurt. That’s actually quite brilliant!! I would’ve never thought to do that!

Tyler must have had a death wish! Don’t worry…no sane judge would send you to prison…it was self defense 😉 Eat lots of chocolate.

Thanks for making me spit on my computer screen. I knew he was dead, I just knew it. WoW! Well, when you do it, you do it BIG! That inspires me. I’ve got to do that.

What a fabulous idea! Are you part redneck? 🙂

I was intensely entertained by this vlog. I really gotta get out more…. Wait. Did you say shit? I was laughing so hard the kids ran in to see if I was OK. I think you pissed off your neighbor btw… I almost peed my pants. Did your neighbor flip you off???

Ohhh, that’s just sooo mean, yet somehow makes me laugh. Damn I must be getting old. April 1, 1993…how do you remember what you did when you were two years old?

Funny! Say hi to mom! Tell her she looked like a movie star on your vlog! I’m going to email you later. Thank you from my heart of hearts. You helped me so much. XXXXOOOO

No… THANK YOU my dear readers.
You make me SMILE every day!


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