Ice Ice Baby

Somewhere around the age of 26 I twisted my knee while climbing the stairs in my beautiful high heels at work.

No biggie. I walked it off.

As each year passes I find it harder and harder to walk it off.

Friday I twisted my knee 4 times.

Two of those times I was just walking to get a glass of water.

It is like my body goes one way and my knee goes the other way and I just fall to the ground.

Funny for Tyler; not so funny for Me.

What this means is that I am healing my knee today. It is very shaky and I am moving slower around the house getting chores done.

And that means less time to blog since I really like a neat house.

Plus, I haven’t been around reading your blogs this weekend and I love reading your blogs!

One thing I am going to try to work on is my Comment Love Letter hosted by Kerri at Kerri’s Klutter.

Kerri’s Clutter

Please stop by her site and write your own letter. She does it every Tuesday and it is a lot of fun to read! What will your letter say?

I hope everybody had a wonderful weekend with their family!

See you tomorrow.

* comments off *


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