Feel Good Friday: Thanks Mom!

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Today I am going to write about something good that someone has done for me.

On Wednesday I wrote about a conversation my mom and I had about her and dad saying they are going to shoot themselves when they get really old.

Are they really?

Absolutely not.

She used humor to lighten up at potentially devastating situation for all of us.

Then I took that conversation, a conversation that I absolutely loathe having with her and I wrote about it.

Because honestly the bottom line is that they are getting older and I hate it with every fiber of my being.  I know that someday there will be a time when I will be unable to take care of them.  They know it too.

Instead of dwelling on it, we make light of it.  There is nothing else we can do unless we want to be miserable.

When I was 8 my dad was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis.

He went from lifting weights and playing tennis and going non-stop every hour of every day to screaming in pain just trying to get his socks on.

A lot of days we had to get them on for him.

Pretty depressing, eh?

Oddly enough, it was this disease that changed our family forever.

It was my mom who drove it into all of us the power of positive thinking and using humor to lighten up the very worst of situations.

He couldn’t get his socks on, but he could walk. He could go to work. He was alive.

It didn’t matter what life threw at our family, my mom was the first to point out the “good” and to make us laugh about it.

My dad’s arthritis changed so much, Johns Hopkins University has been doing a study on him for the past 25 years. His doctors are blown away by how his attitude has helped him do things he never should have been able to do.

So on this Feel Good Friday I want to take the opportunity to thank my mom for showing me the way.

For instilling in me, the power of a good attitude.

For showing me how humor makes everything better.

For telling me that dwelling on the bad, is a gigantic waste of time.

And those things make me FEEL GOOD.


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