{ ROAR }

Do You KNOW Feel Good Friday is tomorrow?  I almost forgot! 
Which prompt will YOU write about?
     (Jack 8 weeks old.)

I have talked about our 18 month German Shepherd Jack before.

Isn’t he cute?

Since Emma’s amputation, he has started to bark when he goes outside. He circles the yard and barks before Emma steps out as if he is making sure it is ok for her.

Isn’t that sweet?

He also started to be my BFF after we got the news that Emma is dying.

Isn’t he loving?

Last week, when I opened all of the windows to let the delightful breeze into the house, I learned he is afraid of the wind.

Isn’t that funny?

He won’t go outside unless I walk him to our yard myself and put him into a “stay” command so I can race back inside.

Isn’t that bizarre?

Have I ever told you that he won 2 blue ribbons for being the most awesome at his dog classes?

Isn’t he smart?

Before Emma’s amputation we used to go to the dog park with both dogs and he would run around and play while always coming back to us to make sure we were ok.

Isn’t that loyal?

Have I told you that when we took him to the dog park last week he tried to kill other dogs?

Isn’t that absolutely CRAZY????

Last week we took the dogs to the dog park so that Emma could have some fun before she gets really sick and dies. We hadn’t been there since November.

It is a beautiful and huge park. There is a walking trail surrounded by trees that open up to a HUGE field and pond for the dogs to run and swim.

We are all so happy, walking along. Jack is circling us.

He runs way ahead of us and looks around and then he runs way behind us and looks around all the while peeing on every tree he can find.

Isn’t that protective?

We come to the opening where the field is and everyone looks at us and then you kind of hear a collective gasp when people see Emma and her 3 legs and then there is a silence.

It’s ok. We are used to that.

Emma runs to the first stranger and leans up next to them to get petted and, might I add, she really “works” her pathetic-ness.

Jack doesn’t really know what to do since we are all dispersing.

Sarah runs to the pavilion and picnic tables and Tyler chases her.

Emily and I just watch the chaos.

Isn’t this a great day?

Now Sarah, being 2 years old and constantly sticky, lures dogs to her in a crazy way which is why she loves the dog park.

She gets a lot of attention from the dogs.

This used to be okay with Jack.

On this day – notsomuch.

Sarah is playing and then she falls hard.

And then I scream.

Then a black lab comes over to lick her and OUT OF NOWHERE comes Jack and this is what you hear:

I wish I were kidding. That is the sound he made.

He bared his teeth and LUNGED at this dog.

Isn’t that viscous?

Sarah is crying.

Jack is ready to kill.

I yell at the top of my lungs:


Then a burst of wind comes up and Killer Jack nosedives under the picnic table cowering.

I kid you not.

We decide it is time to leave.

Isn’t the silence deafening?

One wonders if the people are thinking that he chewed Emma’s leg off.

You might think that Jack’s behavior would deter us from going back, but it did not.

We went back the very next day.

Only on that day he came ready to rumble and just lunged and roared at the first dog he saw.

Isn’t that scary?

He is now re-enrolled in dog class.

Isn’t that called lunch?


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