A Loophole

Sarah is 2 ½ and she is NOT potty trained.

I figure eventually I will give her a pair of underwear and her lunch and backpack and say,

“Good Luck on your first day of school, Honey. Don’t pee your pants or you won’t make any friends.”

Seriously though, she is awesome at going potty until she says:

“I don’t feeeel like it anymore.”

And then she kicks and screams and I am physically unable to get her on the potty. So you know what? I don’t feeeeel like it anymore either.

So we waited a bit.

Now she puts on underwear. Go big or go home I figure.

But here’s the deal:

She gets all excited and we skip our way to the bathroom and she hops on the seat and do you know what she does?

She talks.

And talks.

And talks.

And then she will say:

“I AMMMMM focusing, Mommeeeee!”

And she talks some more.

Then she says she is done and she skips down the hall…

And stands by the coffee table…

And she PEES on the FLOOR.

Astounding isn’t it?

Do you KNOW what she is doing?

This is total payback for all of the hundreds of times I have asked for privacy in the bathroom when she barges in and wants to talk.

In her little 2 year old mind, she has found a loophole.

I have to come with her to the potty. Therefore, I have to sit and talk for as long as it takes.

Now, apparently it doesn’t matter that we talk from 5:30 in the morning until 7:00 at night. Spiders are this week’s topic of choice.

Apparently “deep conversations” on the potty are a MUST in her world.

I can totally SEE her holding the pee in, so what she is doing is just calculating.

Ha! But I am older and even more calculating…

At dinner, the minute I ask about Emily’s day at school Sarah chimes in, “I have to go potty.”

Me: No you don’t.

Sarah: I do! I do have to go potty!!

I have to give her props though; the kid can totally hold her pee in.

After a bit, I will take her to the bathroom, but by this time she really has to go and has no time for the chit-chat.

Don’t mess with me kid. I am the inventor of the loophole.


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