My Gut Feeling

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Sarah, Tyler and I were out and about. It was time to eat dinner and Tyler suggested we eat at, let’s call it, “Dangerzone.”

I hadn’t eaten there for years. Actually I was having a hard time remembering if the last time I ate there, was with Tyler, or someone else.

I made that mistake once.

I went into a long story about how much we enjoyed a restaurant and when I asked Tyler if he remembered, he replied, “That wasn’t me.”


“Hey look a new Best Buy!” I said. Luckily he is easily distracted.

So this time, I just nicely said, “I am really hungry. Maybe we should go somewhere else.” I had a gut feeling this just wouldn’t be my ideal meal.

But he persisted, “Don’t you remember, we went there after golf. You loved the salad!”

So we went to Dangerzone.

At the beginning of the meal, I had a faint memory. “We were here and were newly dating, right?”

“I think so. Yes. Yes, we were just starting to date” he replied.

I got my salad, followed by Chicken Marsala which I vaguely remembered ordering the previous time.

10 minutes later every detail of our last dining experience at this restaurant became all too clear.

I felt like I was going to explode. My stomach began to cramp up and I wanted out of that restaurant immediately!!!

Tyler knew something was up and I told him I would explain later.

We got to the car and I burst out laughing:

Me: I remember eating at Dangerzone now and I know why I said I loved the salad so much.

Tyler: Why?

Me: Because I ordered the Marsala the last time too and got shooting pains in me. I stopped eating and wanted to get home to the bathroom, but I wasn’t about to tell you that!

I raved about the salad and said it filled me up and that is why I did not finish my plate. I was WAY too polite to tell my new love that dinner would be coming out of me soon.

Tyler: I kind of wish you didn’t tell me that now.

Me: Want to go to Best Buy?


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