Tina is Rusting!

Do you remember the post I did about my mother when she decided to color her hair with streaks of red?

Well, the lady hasn’t stopped and she has found that food coloring works best.

Yes, she uses food coloring so she can swap out colors quickly.

She has had red bangs.

She has had blue bangs.

She has had purple bangs.

She even had green bangs, but not on St. Patrick’s Day because that would be too “expected” of course.

She has learned that when she goes out into public, people treat her differently with her colored bangs. Nobody quite knows if she is insane or cool.

I know what I think.

Also, she has learned she can’t go out in the rain or the color drips onto her face.

Make the laughter stop, please!

Then, the other day she popped over to show me this:

She was aghast that she is “rusting!”

Apparently, Tina put yellow in her bangs, but hadn’t completely washed out the red that was previously in her hair.


Emily and I are finding her predicament quite amusing. She has had every color of the rainbow on her head, but ORANGE she has a problem with? She thinks ORANGE is weird?

Then she proceeds to tell us how it is the perfect day to put lemon juice in her hair and sit outside to get some highlights.

I am not sure who jumped her first, me or Emily. I do know that we did not let her leave our house until we made mom pledge to not put lemon juice in her bangs.

She pinky swore that she wouldn’t.

But we also haven’t seen her in 3 days.


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