Go Ahead – Scratch and Sniff Me

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I was out the other day and I was wearing my new t-shirt. I got it at Kohls and it says:


I had to have that t-shirt.

Then there is a big picture of a Hot Fudge Sundae with a cherry on top.

It was as if the company who made this shirt knows me personally.

Getting back to my outing… A woman read my t-shirt and remarked that her daughter had the exact same one.

OK. I can read between the lines.

It wasn’t said in the nicest of ways. It was said in the “who do you think you are, wearing a t-shirt made for a teenager?” way.

Being a person who is SO not confrontational, I just smiled and said, “Yes, it is funny and it makes me smile.”

FYI – that is my way of saying, “You don’t make me smile, GO AWAY”

If she had been nicer I would have told her that the sundae is also scratch-and-sniff.

Yes, you can scratch-and-sniff me.

I smell like Cold Stone Creamery.

Can life get ANY better?


42 responses to “Go Ahead – Scratch and Sniff Me

  1. It's a great shirt, and what could be better than smelling like Coldstone? Nothing!

  2. I like your spunk! Wear it proudly!

  3. You go girl! Wear what you want and flaunt it! If it makes you happy then I say go for it!

  4. I love the shirt!! I hate women like that, that make digs but mask it as something else. Ugh.

  5. I love your shirt and also your secret come back dig at the snarky commentor! I too sometimes find myself in the 'teen' wear but sometimes that's my style. Although my daughter told me in no uncertan terms can I wear any AERO clothes. HMMMPH!!!! I do have some awesome yoga pants from there but thankfully the logo is a small A87 at the hip that gets covered up. They are my all time favs and I went back to get more and they were gone…um I realize why and the sales girl said well here is some….My reply, Yeah um I can't wear pants that have AERO written down the side in plain view, I have a tweenager who would just DIE!!!!! She said, understood!Happy Wednesday!

  6. Love the t-shirt. Screw the lady. I can't tell you how many looks I get from the mom set because I choose not to wear sweats and an oversized t as my look. My girlfriend is getting ready to move to Hershey, Pennsylvania. I will miss her dearly but I am glad for her. The air in Hershey smells of chocolate. I think she just might be moving to Heaven.

  7. I want that shirt!! I might be making a trip to Kohls!! That lady was just jealous she couldn't wear it….what a lame – o

  8. Why oh why don't computers have scratch and sniff capabilities?!? 🙂 And now I am hungry for Cold Stone.

  9. Katie @ Katie's Dailies

    Unfortunately (?), all the clothes I wear come from the juniors department simply because all the clothes in my age appropriate department all look too frumpy and something I wouldn't be caught dead in. It's kinda nice looking like a hip mom, y'know? And I totally rock the whole Chuck Taylor look! You go, girl, wear that t-shirt proudly! 😉

  10. She was just jealous because SHE couldn't still rock that shirt! That is one of my favorite terms- Hot Mess that's what I want 😉

  11. The Girl Next Door Grows Up

    Bathwater – that should be your profile statement! "I want a Hot Mess!"

  12. Mainland Streel

    Yay for cheerful t-shirts! I don't know why, but cute shirts just make everything feel better. :)And boooo to that lady! How rude!

  13. I have a few rude retorts stored up for this lady. Scratch and sniff this…"kind lady" (insert colorful language here). It's kind of like the comments "oh you look so tired." the non-compliment compliment/concern that always hurts more than helps.

  14. I'm going to buy that shit and flaunt my assets

  15. That's totally awesome that you're scratch n sniff! Craig got my a t-shirt this past Christmas from Target and it has a giant gingerbread cookie on the front. I admit; I've thought it was a tad "juvenile", but whatever.

  16. I have got to find a scratch and sniff shirt. That is awesome.

  17. The Girl Next Door Grows Up

    I will admit, I used to be The Queen of sweater sets, but one day I saw a fun t-shirt that made me smile and I haven't looked back or felt so happy!

  18. Oh Cold Stone Creamery! You just made my stomach grumble!!

  19. That is a great tshirt! What a downer that lady was! She's just jealous, it probably wouldn't come in a size to fit her!!! ha!

  20. That's awesome.

  21. Should have said… at least your daughter has good taste and a sense of humor… which is more than I can say for her mother.

  22. I am off to Kohl's. I have a $10 off coupon! yea! Hope they haven't sold out of that shirt! I'll let you know.I am a messy eater at tines, and I have had lots of shirts that you could scratch and sniff. Most of my shirts smell like paint, though.

  23. Beverly@Beverly's Back Porch

    I'm leaving now to find me that T-shirt. I can't wait to share the comments I'll get. Being that I'm a number of years older than you. I think I'll create a recipe and name it "Hot Mess" in your honor. If I'm not back by "Feel Good Friday" my article is scheduled to post. Wish me luck.

  24. LOL. People can be so kind sometimes ;)Love the shirt. Maybe I will get one for me!

  25. I love that shirt, and so what if her teenage daughter has the same shirt. You should have told her that she needed to tell her teenage daughter to stop dressing like you, that she needs to be young & live a little! Not that you're old or anything…okay, I'm inserting my foot into my mouth now.

  26. I have a t-shirt I LOVE with a piece of bacon talking to a sandwich saying "You'll find me in da' club." I laugh everytime I fold it from the dryer. My kids don't get it and I don't look Mommish in it. You rock.

  27. That's a cute shirt. She's just jealous.

  28. Okay I so need one of those! She just wishes she was cute enough to wear it. 😉

  29. Oooh… smelling like Cold Stone all day could be dangerous! It's a cute shirt- just because we're moms doesn't mean we have to rock mumus. I want one! =)

  30. That shirt is scratch and sniff!? I NEED!!!Whatever…that lady is just jealous of you.

  31. Oh crap I so need that shirt right now! I'd wear it! Seriously its scratch and sniff…haha!


    Best shirt ever! lol

  33. Rude-ish comments from perfect strangers are so unnecessary. Her loss though. She'll never get to scratch and sniff you!

  34. Uh-oh! Don't announce that too loudly…you'll be having all sorts of weirdos coming up and smelling you 😉

  35. Yes, it is funny and it makes me smile.

  36. I would probably try to eat my shirt. XD

  37. That is so cute! My hubs loves ice cream but we can't go there, it's too rich 😦 Makes our tummies hurt. We have a chain here in NJ called Maggie Moos. They have RED VELVET ice cream! Sooo good!

  38. Did she look old enough to have a daughter your age? You could have complimented her on how well she looked for her years…Okay, I wouldn't have either, but yuck! Some people!

  39. Much More Than Mommy

    Psh. I wonder what she would've said about my Sesame Street shirts. I also have a pink tee with green and white glittery writing that says NOT DESPERATE. Get it? I'm a housewife, but I'm not desperate? I crack myself up…

  40. Cute shirt. and to heck with the lady who gave you the negative vibe. Having a cute tee with a saying on it is better than all the boring solid color adult tees they sell. Adults can have fun too!

  41. Sounds like she could've used a shirt like that…talk about humorless!!!

  42. Mommy on the Spot

    What a hater! I love how you responded to her. Will remember next time I get a snippy comment from someone!

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