Feel Good Friday: Dressing to the Beat of Her Own Drummer

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I have to say one of the things I am very, very proud of, is that both of my girls really think for themselves.

However…. I really wish that, just once, I could have a Gap Kid dressed perfectly from head to toe.

This week I wanted Sarah to look like this at the grocery store:

Instead, she looked like this:

(She is crying because she hates getting her picture taken and that is, our cat, Sam!)

Yes, she wore her Scooter Helmet.

To the store.

Because, and I quote, “I love it and it is cute, Mommmmeeeee, and it protects my ears from the wind.”

How can you argue with that? I have taught her well.

I tend to pick my battles and have to say “No” a lot.

I will not fight this battle.

This time I said “Yes” through, albeit, gritted teeth.

It felt good to let her “express” herself.

She felt good wearing it.

And the people at the store felt good laughing at us.

Have a super weekend whatever you choose to wear on your head!!


70 responses to “Feel Good Friday: Dressing to the Beat of Her Own Drummer

  1. Beverly@Beverly's Back Porch

    I think Sarah looks adorable in her Scooter Hat. Please leave Sarah and I alone and let us dress the way we "Feel Good". How could you ever say "No" to that beautiful little face. Have a great week end.

  2. My daughter frequently dresses in things that make me shake my head. I figure as long as she's not dressed like some hoochie skank (she's 9), then I'm not gonna argue.

  3. Pretty darn good idea to wear a crash helmet in the store. Those places are dangerous. And she is absolutely adorable!!! Good for you, for picking your battles!

  4. She looks so darn cute, how could you say no?

  5. When I see weirdly dressed children I always assume either that they have a great mom, or that they must be out with their dad.Of course, I'm the lady with the little boys who like to wear weight lifting gloves. I only have one set so one glove for each boy.

  6. DysFUNctional Mom

    I love to see a kid who has obviously dressed him or herself when we're out and about. A few weeks ago I saw a little girl wearing a princess dress and rainboots. SO cute!

  7. She is too cute! And I love her rationale for wearing her helmet. Adorable.

  8. The people at the store felt "good" laughing "with" you … you have to admit that when our kids do this it's super funny/cute. I love when my kids do this … my son wore my husbands construction helmet recently on every errand we had to do … Village People songs were going through my head all day …YMCA … :)) The kids thought it was a riot to see me doing the dance.

  9. I love your kids!We used to call my middle daughter a Fruitcake because she liked to dress crazy- like a playtime slip with a ball cap and high tops. Lovely…Thanks for the feel good Friday!

  10. Sarah is being fun and an individual. Did she wear the helment the whole time or did she eventually take it off? Last week, Hayden brought his pom pom to Wal-Mart with us. He kept it with him the whole time… not as fun as a helment though.- Melissa

  11. I gave up arguing with my boys' dress sense years ago – what will be will be!

  12. Katie's Dailies

    I've had moments like that with our kids. Have to say they never wore the scooter helmets before, but hey! never know when a rogue cantaloupe might hit you in the head! Safety first, I say!Happy Friday AND weekend!

  13. I think you'll appreciate this story. My FIL works for Caterpillar, in their retail merchandising dept. He got some samples from a company who wanted to manufacture CAT construction worker dress up clothes/costumes. The samples they sent him were for USPS, Amtrk and UPS. She loves our local post office, and told me she wanted to wear her USPS costume. She did – shirt, pants and shoulder mail bag – and they LOVED it! They took her pic and printed it out for their back room!

  14. She's very cute and how can you argue with wanted a safe head?I'm come to terms with our stripes and plaids and occasional dress-up dresses that leave the house. Some day she'll be embarrassed of the way I dress. Payback.

  15. I think it is absolutely adorable when kids dress in their own way…it shows character. I especially love when little girls wear their tutus or princess dresses in public. They always look so proud of themselves. (Wouldn't it be great if we felt like that as adults?)

  16. My 4 year old wore his Super Why goggles out. I thought a lot of people would make comments, no body said a thing. To me, that just made it even more fun….I wonder what they must have been thinkin.Your daughters a sweetheart…Happy Friday.

  17. She dresses herself better than Grant dresses Miles (when I let him…which is rare). She is adorable! And I love her glasses, too.

  18. I LOVE that you went with the flow. You rock as a mom!

  19. Eternal Lizdom

    I have to say that my kids picking their own clothes- no matter, um, eclectic the outfit ends up- is one area that I really take pride in. I love their sense of accomplishment and that first bit of independence that comes with expressing their tastes. Going with the flow… great word choice from blueviolet.

  20. SO cute! Smart you for choosing your battles. Happy Friday!

  21. The Girl Next Door Grows Up

    Thank for all for the compliments of Sarah!I, too, go out of my way at stores to compliment little ones when I know they have dressed themselves! They are SO proud!!

  22. You are smart to let that one go! My son wore a pair of baby goggle sunglasses flapping off his nose at Walmart and Michaels a few days back…brought a smile to quite a few faces we encountered!

  23. Hi! I’m a new follower from Friday Follower, glad I found ya! Please follow me back. Thanks!

  24. My Mercurial Nature

    My Daughter has been dressing herself for months and chooses to wear some of the most ridiculous outfits. We've gone to the park, the grocers, etc with daughter in rainboots & tutus, or tiaras and princess gowns, or once her brothers football jersey (a dress on her). Definitely NOT a battle I choose to fight!

  25. From FF and wanted to say hi. Take a minute an check my blog out if you haven't already.I have lots of great giveaways going on, photography posts and posts about my life too.Thanks 🙂

  26. I hear tutus are all the rage now for little girls. I thought of you!

  27. Six Feet Under Blog

    Ha ha. Too funny. My daughter went through a phase like that but she wanted to wear the same outfit every day!

  28. The Random Blogette

    She is so adorable! My daughter and I fight about clothes all of the time, even though I giver her several choices. (She's only 4!) I have also learned though that you need to choose your battles. I did let her go to the store the other day in multi-colored polka dot pants and a red and pink striped shirt. I just gave in. I would rather have her in a good mood at the store than all pissy!

  29. Awesome cute pics! I love it! Great post.

  30. Definitely not worth the battle but also definitely worth the fun. She looks like one of the Rugrats.

  31. lol..what a cutie! Coming through from Friday Follow..I'm a new follower..Happy Friday!

  32. Busy Working Mama

    Aww, she's adorable. You have taughter her well!Happy Friday Follow! Stopping by and following your blog now. I'm also following you on twitter. I'm at:http://www.busyworkingmama.blogspot.com/http://twitter.com/busyworkingmama

  33. Awwwwwww, she is adorable. Definetly nothing wrong with wearing a crash helmet to the store. They always look so proud when they dress themselves. Em hasn't started this yet, but I'm looking forward to the purple tutu's, crowns, etc.

  34. Hey lady, I've been a bit of a slacker on my Followings lately…I am here to catch up this weekend!Happy Friday!

  35. Good for you for letting her be herself. I have been out to diner with supergirl, to the library with a bride, to the supermarket with an i don't know what but she was wearing striped tights, a polka dot shirt, a cover-up usually worn for the poolside and her high tops. It used to drive me nuts but now I go with it. It is not a reflection on me as I am sure people know that no one in their right mind would dress a kid up like that so it must be that I am such a great mom that I let her express herself however she deems fit. As long as it is weather and age appropriate I let her go to town.

  36. The Girl Next Door Grows Up

    I had a plaid dress when I was little and in photos you see me in it with everything! With sandals, with turtlenecks! I guess I was quite the "self-dresser" as well!

  37. I have no children…yet. But I have a girl I used to watch that would throw a fit whenever her paretns tried to pick out her clothes, so they stopped. They let her pick them out and as long as they were weather appropriate she got to where them. She looked a little strange…a lot but it was fun to see her express herself.

  38. I love to see how little girls start developing their own personality as the start to grow up! Great post!! Following from FF.

  39. Molly @ Walking Through Life

    LOL, she sure is a cutie! I am proud to say that my kids are the same way. They are older now, 9 and 12, but because I've always let them dress themselves from day one…they don't care what others think about what they wear. It's always been EXTREMELY important to me that I let them be themselves and not who I want them to be. So winter boots and gloves to the store in the summer? OK! Mis-matched clothes and socks and shoes to school? Fine by me! If they feel great in what they're wearing then I'm pretty darn happy 🙂 The day will come when they WILL care about others' opinions. My hopes are that when that day comes, they will be able to stay true to themselves.

  40. The Girl Next Door Grows Up

    My oldest is 10 and she still has her own way and never gives a hoot what other kids think. The cool part is that I see other kids dressing more like her!!! Now that is way cool!

  41. She's so sweet and styling in her scooter helmet. Gotta protect those ears, mom.

  42. She is absolutely adorable, even with the helmet! I love her glasses too, so cute!

  43. Ah, Sara! You are a girl after my own heart!When my granddaughter Grace was Sara's age, she dressed like Sara. No one ever told her she had to change her clothes before we all went out to dinner. Wherever we went, Grace always saw someone that she knew, and they would always say hi to her.Grace is almost 16 now, and she has pretty much conformed her dress to clothes that other teenagers wear. She is still creative, though!That's what's important.

  44. C'mon…haven't you heard? Those are the days you tell everyone her father dressed her! hee hee! We've gone to the grocery store in our share of ballerina ninja outfits! I may have to dig up that picture and post that one!

  45. The Girl Next Door Grows Up

    DysFUNctional Mom and Cindy!!!There is absolutely no way to contact you! Both of you have the "No Reply Comment" turned on, plus there is no link to your blogs!!!!

  46. One daughters scooter helmet = One mother's hot mess t-shirt. 🙂

  47. Michelle Pixie

    Can I just say I love this! I love that you let her go to the store in her helmet. =)My motto with my kids is save the no's for the big stuff. You are doing a good job Momma!And Sarah omigosh do they get any cuter!!

  48. Oh. My. Goodness. I want her! Oh, she's so cute! And I totally love quirky kids! JT (one of the boys I take care of) wore scientist goggles to the park and I loved it. He looked so cute! More power to her 🙂 You seem like such a good mother, I hope you're proud of yourself!

  49. Aha, so she comes by it honestly. One of my favorite things about my daughter is that she has her own sense of style and had it since she was your daughter's age.I love my daughter's sense of style, yet it is nothing I would ever pick.They let us know they are not a clone of us, but they are their own little selves. XDHope all of you are very well.

  50. Sending prayers for all of you. Does your mother happen to have the Little Lulu comic where it snows as high as the rooftops and Lulu tunnels through it? That is my all time favorite.

  51. So late to the party. I am sorry. My girls definitely have an enormous sense of themselves, each of them very different. But, the one thing they had in common at your beautiful daughter's age, and she is just that, a stunner, was their love of pink and tutus. Each of them spent a good couple of years in their tutus. They went everywhere in them. I didn't care. They felt beautiful and isn't that what's important?

  52. Mommy on the Spot

    I think it is way cooler that you encourage your daughters to be themselves than look like a Gap ad. That is awesome!Have a great weekend!

  53. She is so adorable!

  54. Rod's mum came to stay with us several years ago. She was in her 90's at the time, and didn't feel that conformity was essential to her life. One day, Rod told her he was going to the grocery store. She wanted to go with him. Her hair was uncombed and she had on a brightly colored duster over her gown. He didn't have the heart to tell her she couldn't go and he didn't have the guts to tell her to change her clothes and comb her hair. I was not around to intervene. They went. They ran into one of Rod's friends. He came home completely humiliated. Too bad, I told him. You should have consulted with me.

  55. My mom always let me dress myself! She said unless I wasn't dressed warmly, she let me make these choices for myself. I was gothic in HS with crazy hair styles and she still didn't judge me 🙂FourthGradeNothing.com

  56. Powdered Toast Man

    that's cute. I can't wait to have my own kids. Your cat should have a matching helmet.

  57. Mom of the Perpetually Grounded

    That is precious and You are a great mom! I think your blog is terrific and I have an award for you at mine. It is one you already have so you don't have to do it again if you don't want to but I wanted to include you because you are so Awesome!

  58. she's just adorable!! my daughter's favorite word is "no" and that's mine,too.Patience,patience…I need a lot of that.

  59. If I'd seen you at the store I would have been laughing with you, too. She is too cute and I totally agree that you have to pick your battles.

  60. I LOVE these photos! My daughter is all about choosing her clothes these days. She also has the craziest hair (if you've seen pics on my blog, you know what I mean). She can leave the house with her straightened hair and a barrett or rubber band. Give it two hours and she's pulled it all out and the wild hair takes over!

  61. She looks adorable and I need something to protect my ears from the wind too. My daughter has taken fashion to a new level. She wears stripes with plaid and I am pretty sure she is color blind though the doctor tells me she is not.

  62. How can you POSSIBLY mess with that? She looks adorable and really, she's right, it does protect her from the wind, right?

  63. The Drama Mama

    Oh man. THat is SO hard to do too. I give you tons of kudos for letting them dress themselves 100% and going out in public that way. I let Scooby pick his clothes, but I try to convince him of other pants or something when he is so un(color)coordinated it makes my eyes cross, LOL. She is so incredibly cute though, with such good reasoning behind it, too.

  64. Much More Than Mommy

    You rock and she's precious! I want to do this too — to an extent. My mom let me dress myself for a little too long, and I wasn't the best dresser and got picked on a bit for it. It may be why I pick out my girls' clothes every. single. stinking. day.

  65. Hey, she was safe from falling crackers at least? She is ADORABLE!!! I just know if I had had a girl she would have dressed like this too!

  66. I'm all for letting children express themselves – Mia has been out with me sporting some rather unusual (to the say the least) outfits!


    Oh no! The photos are gone…. I'm going to assume that they're very cute though…. lolMy son is a bit of a clumsy boy, and he walks a bit like Jack Sparrow…. I think I'm going to recommend that he wears a helmet more often….


    Also…. I have to give credit to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie…. They've always let their children be who they are and who they want to be…. You always see Pax with a mohawk or Shiloh carrying a plastic sword around…. lol

  69. Hey there. Just stumbled upon your blog through "moms bloggers club". I really like your blog a lot. I am a SAHM of a 21 month old daughter so I can relate to many of your posts. I will continue to check back and look forward to new posts. By the way, I read a few posts ahead and I am sorry to hear about your family pet. I didn't watch the movie but was touched by your post. I got my dog for my 13 birthday. Took pictures with her, she was the best dog ever. She got hit by a car a few years ago. She was 11 years old (a labrador retriever). I know how you are feeling. It is a sad time.http://reflectionsofanavywife.blogspot.com/

  70. Jeanette Huston

    Following you from friday follow.http://www.mommyblessingsinsmallbundles.com/Jeanette Huston

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