Please, No Trophies for Mother’s Day

**Feel Good Friday is tomorrow!  I have a doozy of a Sarah Story, complete with pictures, that has been making me feel good all week! 
What will you write about?**

It is that time of year again. Mother’s Day followed by my birthday, in June, and it has already started…

I need new knobs on my bedroom closet doors and Tyler asks if that would be a good gift.

I would kind of like an iPad…

We need a new broom since our old one broke and Tyler asks if that would be a good gift.

I don’t know why, but I would kind of like an iPad…

There is a class coming up on “How to Properly Take Care of Your New Pool” and Tyler asked if that would be a good gift.

I will go if I can take my new iPad…

And No, a Bobblehead Trophy because I am the World Champion of Free Throws is not a good gift.

Unless it comes with an iPad.

The thing is… I am extremely hard to buy for if I do not ask for something in particular.

Hello! iPad!

So today, I did something really radical to save poor Tyler from his gift giving worries because an iPad would be too expensive.

No. It wouldn’t. Mr. Golf All Summer and you got a new TV and I am really sad about Emma.

What is it?

I have finally bit the bullet and am getting a complete blog design makeover and moving to WordPress!!

I am excited and nauseous all at the same time.

I would be less nauseous and more excited with an iPad.

I have chosen to work with Katie Lane at DreamUp Studios because I absolutely fell in love with her site.

Not only does she design WordPress blogs, she also does Blogger and other platforms, plus Website Design as well.  Basically, if you need it, she has the talent to design it and make it happen!  See for yourself:

In addition to loving her design work, how can you not love someone who, when I asked her a question, stayed up all night figuring it out!!

I woke up in the morning to find 2 emails she sent to me during the wee hours of the night.

And that is even before I officially signed on with her!

How awesome is that?!

So, Thank You Tyler and Katie…. Happy Mother’s Day to Me!!!

What do YOU want for Mother’s Day this year?

Is it an iPad?

PS. If you are still reading this teeny tiny writing, I will settle for a new coffee mug! Love you babe!!!


55 responses to “Please, No Trophies for Mother’s Day

  1. DysFUNctional Mom

    For Mother's Day, I want a break. Just a freaking break. I usually go to my mom's house and cook dinner for the whole family and this year I just don't think I'm going to do it. My birthday is also right after that. I can haz ME TIME??

  2. An iPad huh? I hope Tyler grants your request! So you are moving to WordPress huh? Good luck! Your blog is so nice and pretty here… what does WordPress have that is better? Just curious. Looking forward to your Sarah story for tomorrow's Feel Good Friday!

  3. Oh my goodness, I don't even know what I really want. Maybe a shiny new red grill? LOL. I've mentioned it in like a gazillion of posts and hubby still is asking me what I want. *sigh*

  4. It must be nice to have someone even ask! I don't think the men in my family are even aware that they should think about getting me something for Mother's Day (except for grief, of course)! I'm hoping this year will be the year! I love the fine print idea! Can I borrow that?

  5. I tink the perfect gift would be for the kids to clean my car…inside and out. Or a coffee mug…with a note inside that says "Go look and see how clean your car is!" A new Hydrangea bush for the garden would be nice also.Hopefully they'll start asking soon. I love the fine print idea too.

  6. An iPad?Lucky girl!I got a new guitar and amp for my birthday- and I don't even play. But, no worries- my husband does- so the $1400 dollars didn't go to complete waste…:{Hope all your birthday wishes and Mother's Day dreams come true!

  7. I want a Kindle ;)Love Katie's work, too! She is great. Good luck on the switch to WP. So, why the switch?

  8. My husband and I went to the apple store to look at used laptops for our graduating son. Hmmm, well actually I went along so I could touch an ipad. I became one with the display ipad. It told me it loved me and wanted to go home with me. Alas, for the exact price of my ipad we fixed the brakes and driver's seat belt on the kids' car instead. Tell me, do children really need to drive a car with rear brakes and a working seatbelt?

  9. Eternal Lizdom

    I haven't even thought about MOther's Day at this point… I feel like I'm getting my gift right now. My husband has been totally supportive as I have been taking oodles of time away from home to check out classes at a gym I might join…

  10. Wendy @RunningonMTT

    LOL at your suttle hints of you wanting an ipad!! Hope you get your wish! My birthday is the day after Mother's Day and our Anniversary is a week later….squeeze in M's bday on the 12th and well I pretty much screwed myself – he usually gets away with a 3 for one gift but I actually put the nix on that because I said that isn't fair. Anniversary, Father's Day and Bday do not coincide for him so he gets three special things why can't I?? Also, sometimes my bday gets meshed with M's because we are celebrating anyways so I get the Oh Happy bday….GRRR! Why did I get preg. in August??? LMAO! I think I need to write about this!Anyways, I have hinted that I'd like a hookup device so I can listen to my ipod in the car. When we were car shopping earlier this year (not by choice but the car died) We noticed that the newer models have a jack plug in but this was not a planned expense so we chose an older model which I love but it did not have this feature!Anyhoo – that is what I've been hinting for most for my bday and I have also hinted the Ipad but I don't think his biting.For Mother's Day – I'd just like a day for us – we see our families alot since we are close and being that we are celebrating M's bday on the 8th along with TZ's we will all be together the day before. So…I'd like a day for me, maybe a bike ride through our national park on the towpath? Just looking forward for a day for me because I'm a mom now too and we spend like an hour for me then head to the families where it seems I still have to do stuff being the MOM!Anniversary – a night away with Hubby.Ok – sorry to take up all your comment space but I guess I had lots to say! I think I need to write about this but with family eyes on the blog I pretty much can't dis them when I say I'd rather be alone huh?

  11. iPad! iPad! iPad!iPad! Be STRONG in your quest, girl, don't give up! My iPad and I are joined at the fingertips—in fact, I've only let my husband touch it maybe FIVE(?) times since I received it 4 weeks ago. It is the BOMB! Don't quit hinting—after all, Christmas is in 7 months and prices may drop. Just sayin'….I've been thinking of getting a blog re-design lately myself. I'll go check out Katie's place. Can't wait to see the Big Reveal! Hope you have a happy day!

  12. The Girl Next Door Grows Up

    Great comments!!!!!!!!!!!The thing is, I really don't want anything, really. Yes, I always love getting new coffee mugs, but an iPad intrigues me. So instead of wasting $$$ on something I won't use, we can put it toward the fab iPad!!!! Right?

  13. I'm told that my daughter has thought of an amazing gift for mother's day all on her own. I'm excited, nervous and sure it's not an iPad.

  14. Go buy one for yourself! Lol. My b-day is 2 days before mother's day this year. I want a tea party but I have no friends here to have one with. You think my husband will dress up in a bonnet and gloves for me?

  15. iPad rocks, I have to tell you. I cannot WAIT to hear about all of this. I am so ever lovin' frustrated with Blogger right now. Lately, I've been having a terrible time trying to comment on other Blogger blogs. I keep getting error messages. And nothing is more frustrating knowing the same thing is happening to folks who are taking the time to comment on my blog. Just now, every blogger blog I've tried to comment on is showing me error. It's been really bad lately. I know Dee at Redheaded Stepchild switched over to WordPress yesterday just because of this. I want all the details, the good, the bad, the ugly. Good luck, girl. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you.

  16. ipad me too me too.welcome to wordpress. its a nice time over here.

  17. Ode to Motherhood

    This made me laugh. I love that you're so subtle. I'm always dropping hints to my husband!:)I already have my Mother's Day gift – a new camera. I love it! Hope you get an Ipad!

  18. I've wanted to switch to Word press before but I am not good at the templates anymore… and I am getting lazy. Word press has those private post things I'd like those. I don't know if I am ready for an ipad. I kind of thin everything at Apple is over priced!

  19. My Mercurial Nature

    An iPad. Mothers Day and my birthday are just a few weeks apart, too…and like you, I'd like an iPad. The likelihood of actually getting this is slim…to possibly none. But I want it. BAD!

  20. 😉

  21. The Random Blogette

    Ooohhh an iPad sounds cool. I didn't think that they were that great until my boss showed me his and let me play around with it for a while. They are quite intriguing! I actually just want a mini camcorder from Radio Shack for $150. But I will probably just get a card. =( Nothing says thanks for bearing my kids like a card!I hope that you get an iPad! And welcome to wordpress!

  22. You know, I hear I-Pads make wonderful coasters for any coffee mugs you might get. It might be a lovely companion gift to the mug.

  23. An iPad would be an awesome gift, but the money just isn't there for that. I really don't expect anything for Mother's Day, afterall, I have heard that "I'm not his mother," and the little one is to young to even know anyways. Will swing over and check out her site as I really need a blog makeover.

  24. Mrs. Subliminal today, eh? :)I'm going to check her out! And – wow – you are going all out with a redesign AND move! Go you!I will need to do a redesign at some point, but I'm not the veteran like you. I'm sure that, as time goes by, I'll have a better idea for look/feel.

  25. Michelle Pixie

    I got a new tattoo that I have been wanting for years! The best Mother's Day gift this momma could ask for! =)

  26. Michelle Pixie

    Oh and I was going to say you will love it in wordpressland! Can't wait to see what she comes up with. 😉

  27. I'd settle for a phone call from the children I gave birth to, and raised… and that I never forget about and that I'm always there for immediately, if not sooner. Two of them do pretty good with staying in touch. The other two… not so well. Hubs, on the other hand, would get me anything I asked for. I just don't usually ask.

  28. I wonder if you would like and Ipad.

  29. Wait for the 3G iPad to come out…does it come out by then?For Mother's Day I want the wife to be happy.For Father's Day we always do something family oriented like going to the zoo or something

  30. I am so excited about your new blog design and switching to Word Press! I know I need to do that, but it makes me queasy to even think about it. Now as far as Mother's Day presents go I bought my own this year. And I LOOOVE it. My husband is thrilled because I got exactly what I wanted and he didn't have to shop or risk failing at the whole gift-giving thing. I think you should buy yourself an iPad. Really, you deserve it!

  31. WhisperingWriter

    Oo nice. I'm tempted to move to WordPress and get a whole new design. But change frightens me.I'd like a vacation for Mother's Day.

  32. Powdered Toast Man

    New blog design already? But I haven't even delved into this blog yet, this is my first visit. I thought that small print said IPOD the whole time..lolI found you through Asblackasobama's blog. I think Coffee pops are a great idea, you should jump on that b4 I steal it. I'm going to suck on a pickle pop now. Just The Cheese

  33. An iPad is a perfect Mother's Day/birthday/Christmas present! I think I want a momcation for just one day on Mother's Day. I think we are going to a baseball game instead:)

  34. We're totally from the same school of thought. But I'd settle for an iPhone! I'm really hoping my sweet husband surprises me with something that starts with an i.Unless it's influenza.

  35. Do you want an iPad??? That would be fabulous! You better not get a broom or knobs…haha! Good luck with your blog move 😉

  36. I would like to have a Kindle but I won't get anything – not even a card. I can hear your tiny violin playing for me. 🙂

  37. That's such a fun birthday treat to yourself!! But don't rule out the iPad option for the holidays, ok? You have 8 months to really work it.

  38. My birthday's in June too!I see why it's so difficult for people to buy for you… it's damned near impossible to know what you want…!

  39. First of all, what is the big deal about Word Press. I mean that non-offensively, even though it does sound kind of offensive. I see a lot of bloggers moving to Word Press, but I guess I don't understand why? What is better about it? Please enlighten me!Second, I want an iPad too. At first I didn't because I already have an iPod touch…but now I want one. There will be no iPad for this Mama either though, because I got my new bike instead:)

  40. Am I a total freak for being of the technologically addicted generation and have no desire to ever own am iPad? The people I nanny for about lost their pants when I told them I didn't see what the big deal was. I'm so old fashioned…But if you keep dropping your subtle hints, I bet you get one ;)Me? I want a vacation for my birthday in May.

  41. The Drama Mama

    I want a Wii and some bling for Mother's Day. Good luck on getting what you really want, and I can't wait to see your new blog design.

  42. Mommy on the Spot

    I have been debating to make the change to wordpress, but i am still unsure. What made you decide to do it?Mr. Golfs All Summer – totally get this! I think you should get the ipad, but a new blog design and coffee mug would be nice, too.I want the Sports Active upgrade package for the wii and a big, fat giftcard to starbucks.

  43. Personally, I'd be happy with my own laptop. I will never get one, but it would be nice. A MAC laptop would be even better to avoid viruses. I can't believe Mother's Day is already a week away!

  44. Meaning, I'm not too into the iPad idea. It just looks like a big iPod. Hee hee.

  45. I hope he gets the hint! I am lucky if hubs remembers it's even Mother's Day…. lovely!

  46. Ah ha! I see that Powdered Toast Man has found you! LOL Why is everybody making the move to WordPress…. Is it really better?I'm going to check out that design site…. I've been looking to spruce up my blog for a while now, but I haven't found the right design.

  47. I really don't want an iPad. I just want someone to clean my car!!!

  48. To your husband: GET THE GIRL AN IPAD!!! She deserves for many reasons, besides the obvious child birth one, but GET HER ONE!

  49. is this the part when I don't tell you that my hubby just got me an iPad???? OK I won't.

  50. You crack me up. I will be traveling to Japan and my husband talked about getting me an Ipad since I have to keep up with my blogging. Now he's changed his mind to a small laptop, less money etc. We are not MAC people either. The NYTimes mag sent me an online survey. I did it because 15 people who do it will win an Ipad. Put a good wish on it for me.I want to win myself and Ipad. Maybe you could too. And 13 more of us. XD

  51. Yeah! Congratulations on the move and on the new design. I can never seem to decide what I want my blog to look like. I'm afraid I would drive a designer CRAZY! 🙂

  52. Much More Than Mommy

    Good luck on the move, I'm sure it'll look great! I started on WP and moved TO Blogger. I think WP works best when you're already established, maybe not so much when you're starting out. This month marks my blog's 2nd birthday, and I didn't have any followers and often an average of 2 comments until I moved to Blogger!

  53. I want an iPad. ROFL I'll settle for a new jewelry box though.Can't wait to see your new design!!

  54. I would really LOVE an iPad. I personally think that Steve Jobs should just give everyone one and call it a day! LOL

  55. Pingback: The iPad Controversy of 2010 « The Girl Next Door Grows Up

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