Feel Good Friday: 3 Hyphenated Words

**Today is Feel Good Friday! Learn how you can join in and feel good!**

On Monday, before we were to put our dog, Emma, to sleep, Emily made one small request:

“Can I keep a piece of Emma’s fur?” she asked.

I thought about it and figured it was no different than keeping a lock of baby hair, so I said yes.

Then I had an idea.

We were going to go to:


Each girl was going to Build-a-Puppy and put a piece of Emma’s fur inside it so that they would have something to hug and love when they missed her.

Personally, I thought the idea was brilliant, but my ideas don’t always work out in reality as good as they do in my head.

After the vet appointment and crying, lunch and crying, naptime and crying – all of our tears were shed and we headed to the Mall of America.

I have to say, we were quite the somber group as we walked into the store.

I told the girls that they could each pick out a puppy and do you know what they did?

They each picked out a puppy.

Nobody asked for anything else. Not even the super cute bunny with flowers on it that kept calling my name.

Part of me was hoping somebody would beg for that bunny since of any days to beg for something extra, THAT was going to be the day I was going to say YES!

But, they didn’t ask.

They clutched their un-stuffed dogs and went to the fluffing machine.

The absolute most friendliest woman in the entire world came over to help us. She saw me take out 2 plastic bags out of my purse.

She asked if we had something extra we wanted to stuff inside our dogs and everyone kind of muttered and nodded, not sure what she would think if we told her how our day was going and what we were stuffing into the dogs.

We stuffed and fluffed.

We fluffed and stuffed.

When the girls were asked by the nice woman what the dogs’ names were, both girls said in unison, “EMMA.”

Emily and Sarah clutched their “Emma” dogs and had such HUGE smiles on their faces.

It was like someone flipped a switch on my kids and they were happy.

They hugged and kissed those dogs to death.


In the 4 days since, Emily has held her dog every minute she is home. Knowing that a tiny, little piece of Emma is in her stuffed puppy has made all of the difference.

Sarah keeps showing her dog to Jack, our other dog, and tells him this:

“Emma is up in the clouds, but she is also here in my Emma puppy. See!” and then she shoves the puppy into Jack’s face.

How can I not feel good about that? My plan turned out even better than expected.  It made everyone feel good.

Not to mention, when I get sad, I might just give th
ose dogs a hug too.


This week I had a bunch of posts scheduled to run about my mom in honor of Mother’s Day. These posts will run next week beginning on Monday and ending on Friday with a vlog with just the two of us!

I hope all of you have a delightful Mother’s Day with your family. I know I will!


57 responses to “Feel Good Friday: 3 Hyphenated Words

  1. Crying again. What a sweet and wonderful idea. Build A Bear is good for so many things!! I hope your hearts are beginning to mend a little tiny bit. Oh, crying again.~Mimi

  2. Much More Than Mommy

    That was a wonderful idea, and I'm so glad it worked out better than you expected!! ❤

  3. What a wonderful, memorable keepsake! I've been thinking about you, bunches!

  4. I am completely and totally cynical and that just choked me up. You are both a genius and a damn good mom. Well done!

  5. That is the most wonderful idea I've ever heard of for dealing with the loss of a pet. You're a great mom!

  6. DysFUNctional Mom

    That is seriously the most wonderful and sweet thing I've ever heard of. I LOVE IT!For Mother's Day you should go make yourself an Emma dog.xoxoxo

  7. That was a wonderful idea and SO sweet!Reading about how Sarah tells Jack about Emma is heart-warming!That was definitely a good idea!We had Abby creamated and I keep some of her ashes and her old collar on my dresser (we spread the rest of her ashes in her favorite spot).It's good to keep their memories alive.

  8. Beverly@Beverly's Back Porch

    I still have not been able to read your post on Emma passing. Unless you have lost a pet no one knows the heartbreak you and your family are going through. This is the most beautiful idea I have ever heard. You are a wonderful Mom. Happy Mother's Day to you and all the Mom's that are reading this.

  9. What a great idea! I'm sure that is a memory your girls will have forever. I hope you and your Mom have a wonderful Mother's Day!!

  10. Susan Tipton

    Wow, that was brilliant. I've been hoping your family had a good week. Glad you are back:)

  11. What a wonderful idea that was. I have Buttons collar and I have pictures tucked here and there around the house. Little things….sometimes turn out to be the BIG THINGS.Have a wonderful Mothers Day weekend.

  12. So sweet! I'm glad you found something to help ease the pain.I hope you don't mind that I posted my dog video on the link up. It's just that I love my dogs so much. I really feel your sadness.

  13. Eternal Lizdom

    Such a beautiful idea and I am absolutely bawling- can't see through my tears right now. When we put Ginger down, it was an urgent, middle of the night situation. I remember being so focused on her ears. I loved her soft, silky ears. I kept wishing I could take one with me. Ginger didn't have the right kind of fur to be able to put it in a Build A Bear… but I wish I would have thought of such a thing as a way to remember her.I do have a small status- ceramic. My husband bought it for me a couple of years before she died and I painted it to look like her. I have one of my little poodle, too. I cherish those.

  14. Joann Mannix

    So very sweet. I am just crying my eyes out as my 3 dogs lie here at my feet. It was just such a beautiful idea. Sarah's explanation to Jack just about killed me. I'm so glad you all are finding your way through this grief. Oh, and I meant to tell you, when you wrote yesterday that Jack even goes into the bathroom with you? I have a water closet where my toilet area has its own door. the room is very small. Well, all 3 dogs like to come in there with me. If I shut them out, they scratch at the door and woof. The kids are finally old enough to leave me alone, it's just the dogs now who have to be with me every second of the day.So excited about the new look! Can't wait!

  15. Katie's Dailies

    YOU ARE A GREAT MOMMA!! You even made ME want to venture back into Build-a-Bear. Hope you're over the worst of it now. I'm sure your two girls will keep those puppies with them the rest of their lives.Happy Mother's Day!

  16. Girl, I gotta tell you….BRILLIANT!!! ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!!! We are moving in three weeks and just found out that we have to find a temporary home for our two cats for a whole year. They are fat, lazy, de-clawed and absolutely a part of the family. We are devastated! I will definitely take your idea and modify it, since they are not passing away and it wouldn't be good to take their hair, if you know what I mean! Great job, Mom…that's def. a feel good!

  17. The Girl Next Door Grows Up

    Thank you all so much!Building those puppies made all of the difference in the entire world and that makes me so happy!

  18. Well you made me tear up again. That was a most excellent idea that you came up with. I think that those two stuffed pups will be with your girls for a very very very long time. Sending you all some .

  19. The Girl Next Door Grows Up

    No More Crying!!!! We are happy!!! 🙂

  20. Sniffle! That was such a sweet idea…you are a genius! I'll bet your girls will cherish their stuffed puppies forever. 🙂 Glad to hear your family is starting to recover from your loss. Take care and I can't wait for the upcoming vlog!

  21. Friggin' brilliant mom. I hope they spoil you with hugs and kisses (and ipads) come Sunday.

  22. For a moment the way it was written I thought your idea wasn't going to work. That was a brilliant idea! I would have cursed that person forever if some had ruined that moment.

  23. Such a WONDERFULLY LOVELY idea. So simple, but so helpful to you all.Peace!

  24. First off like everyone else even though you made me smile because such a beautiful tribute to Emma was a completely brilliant idea, you of course also made me cry. To lose a member of your family is always traumatic and when it is a loving pet of many years it can be even more devastating than the loss of a human. (to some of us anyway)I am so glad it worked out well and Build A Bear for you will now have a totally different meaning, Well Done Mom!!!!jackie b central texas

  25. My Mercurial Nature

    Oh man, I'm sorry…but once again I'm crying! Really, that was a brilliant idea and I'm going to file it away for future use.

  26. What a wonderful story, and a great way for your kids to express their grief.

  27. What a sweet story and I am so sorry to hear about Emma.

  28. The Drama Mama

    This is an absolutely beautiful post. It was a brilliant idea too. I'm happy to read that yall are smiling again.

  29. Aww! I am excited to take Miles to the BAB at the MOA sometime, too. Glad it brought some smiles 😉 Been thinking about you guys this week. Happy Mother's Day!!!

  30. If something should happen to my while I am on my trip, I want to be reincarnated as one of your children! If every mother was as loving and caring as you are, the world would be a much happier place.Like Joann, I, too, have company in the bathroom, and so does Rod. One day, Precious curled up and went to sleep in his boxers.

  31. That is really amazing. What a great way to help your kids (and yourself) deal with their grief. And I say hug those little puppies all you need!Oh, and I would definitely eat the potato chip off the floor… it will be well worth it when you are not vacuuming after every meal!

  32. That is just a fantastic idea. Moms know just the right thing to do to make things better. Now where are the pictures of the reincarnated Emmas?

  33. What a wonderful idea! I am so glad that everyone can smile again. I think you should have an Emma dog to:) Have a wonderful Mother's Day!

  34. LOVE it! We did this with the pacifier of our oldest, but that is not nearly as tender as your sweet story.

  35. What a wonderful mom you are! That was a brilliant idea! I have tears in my eyes because I am so happy that the girls (and you) will have a piece of your treasured friend with you forever. Love this!http://reflectionsofanavywife.blogspot.com/

  36. So now I'm crying all over again!!! I'm glad you and your girls have found your peace.

  37. Still On The Verge

    I am your newest follower from Follow Friday. What a beautiful story. I am so sorry for your families loss.Lydia

  38. This is a beautiful post! It brought tears to my eyes. That was such an amazing idea, and it sounds like it worked out way better than you could ever have expected. Way to go!!I am so sorry for your loss. Hugs to you all!

  39. This is one idea that is brilliant. I think that's what happens when you are letting love lead and of course, you are brilliant too. I'm so glad for your sharing and all your healing and loving. thanks.

  40. Leslie Greenwood

    Wow, that is one of the best ideas I've heard of to help little kids deal with the death of a pet! Amazing!! And I'm so sorry for the loss of your childrens' dear friend. I'm your newest follower, as of about 5 minutes ago. I've actually been reading your blog here and there as my friend Melissa (from "My Life and How It's Going") links to it. She's been doing the Feel Good Friday, so today I decided to participate too: http://greenwoodfamilynews.blogspot.com/2010/05/feel-good-friday – I linked back to you, I wasn't sure where to get "Mr.Linky's Magical Widgets", so I copied the buttons and linked them back to you myself. 😉

  41. Mommy on the Spot

    What a beautiful idea! Your girls are going to cherish that memory forever. You are an awesome mom!

  42. I would have had to get myself one! We took our niece there once and I couldn't make it through that visit without making myself a stuffed Hello Kitty. She ended up with a transvestite frosty the snowman named Brandy but that's a whole other story….

  43. Cielo Azul Jewelry

    Hello! Happy FF=0) I'm a new follower and hope you will follow me too!HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!xoxo,Carolhttp://www.cieloazuljewelry.blogspot.com

  44. How wonderful! Thank you for sharing! I'm glad that your idea worked out even better than you had hoped. I hope you get lots of squeezes in on those dogs, too, but even more on your precious daughters.Looking forward to reading about your mom!

  45. That's a brilliant idea!

  46. Miel Abeille

    Visiting from SITS. Your idea was brilliant! I will be visiting you often. 🙂

  47. What a wonderful momento for your children!A SITS friend

  48. What a brilliant idea!!! I would never have thought of that. Sarah and Emily are lucky little girls.I had to smile at your reference to Mall of America. We visited once, and the memory we took away might not make sense to you. A woman had left her handbag on a bench outside the mall. We were shocked to see people pass by. Further shocked when, on turning it in, we were told, "Yeh, that happens all the time." It's unheard of to us; it would have been gone in less than a blink of the eye at any mall in our vicinity. Or the wallet would have been snatched while the woman was still wearing it. Hope things are still the same there. That memory always makes us smile!

  49. This is absolutely the most brilliant idea I have ever heard of! I'm so happy that the girls have smiles on their faces now. Emma is going to be with them forever!

  50. You are such a wonderful mom and that was such a meaningful, special way of holding on to Emma. Loved this!

  51. What a beautiful story. Just swinging by to wish you a Happy Mother's Day!


    This is the most amazing idea! Now they'll always have a little piece of Emma! My 'Feeling Good Friday' moment? We were sitting on the couch and my wife was holding our 6-month old daughter…. I got up to go into the kitchen, and she started crying…. She's always loved daddy, but this is the first time that she's been sad that I left her general vicinity…. It melted my heart….


    Happy mother's day!

  54. Awww, that was a wonderful idea! I found my way here from your comment on June's blog. I'll be back to read more. Love what I see so far.arlene

  55. That is the sweetest thing I've heard. What a great idea! I'm tucking this one away in the parenting files!

  56. I'm so sorry about your dog. It's so hard losing a member of the family like that. Your idea was a brilliant way to keep her close and to help you and your family process that sorrow. Wishing you much healing.

  57. Wow, what a moving post. I am so sorry for your loss of Emma. She sounds like a great dog. I have only lost one dog and a cat before that but it is hard because they are a part of the family. I have two dogs now, but one of them is getting up in age. The younger one dominates him but loves him to bits and I'm worried how his eventual passing will affect her.I love your idea of Build-A-Puppy. That is just such a great and loving idea and great for your daughters and even you. I'm reading this post at work and it brought tears to my eyes. It's very moving.

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