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**Feel Good Friday is tomorrow!!! Yay! Choose your prompt, write a post and link up!**


You all left such lovely comments and emails for me and my family. We all have read them and your outpouring of support has really helped.


Monday was the worst day for obvious reasons, but every day it is getting better.

I made the slideshow last week when we knew that this was the end and we all viewed it before Monday. It really helped us to get through it. I knew I wouldn’t be able to do it after…

There is a definite emptiness in the house, but it is so beyond wonderful to have Jack, our German Shepherd, here. I know I make fun of him a lot, but he is such a great dog who has really gotten the shaft since Emma got sick.

He is my new shadow and yes, I even let him lay by my feet in the bathroom.

So now you know we pee together.

And we weeded the garden together until a bee flew at me and then we ran inside.

And I taught him to speak on command.

He has a lot to say… so I also taught him to be quiet.

I am trying to teach him the importance of crumbs on the floor.

So far a potato chip has been sitting next to him for 1 hour.

This is not good, my friends. Emma practically caught food and crumbs in mid-air. They didn’t even make it to the ground.


On Monday, Emily and I watched The September Issue about the making of Vogue magazine and all I can say is that I just spent a freaking year growing out my hair long again, but now am intrigued by Anna Wintour’s famous “do.”

Time on my hands is not a good thing.

Do you think if I got onto the floor and ate the chip with my tongue, Jack would see how it is done?

Should I get my hair cut?

I gotta go. Jack wants to talk again…

See you soon!

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