Me, Mom, Mother’s Day and a VLOG, OH MY!

In honor of Mother’s Day this past weekend, I have decided to devote this entire week of posts to my mother.

I called her last week and told her the news that I was writing about her and I asked her what some of her favorite memories of just the two of us were. We were both stumped.


Because there is just so much to choose from that’s why!

The Mother’s Day Card

I can buy my mom an iPod. I can buy her flowers. I can get her a gift card, but if I have not given her a Greeting Card for Mother’s Day – LOOK OUT!

That is all she wants. A nice card.

I forgot one year. One year I sent flowers and gave her some lavish gift, but I didn’t hear the end of it until I got her a card.

I walked over to her house and knocked on the door 3 days late with a card in hand and when she opened the door and I threw it at her.

“There. There’s your card. Are you happy now?”

Have you ever thrown a card at your mom?

As for this Mother’s Day…

I can tell you she is not getting a Kindle, Nook or an iPad. That was my plan until she came over 2 weeks ago and told me point blank not to. I guess she knows me pretty well, eh?

We know she is getting a card, but it will be a funny card, or 3 funny cards since I can never choose just one.

I stopped doing cards that are sentimental a long time ago. I hate crying and for some reason even choosing a heartfelt card that tells my mom how much I love her, is just too much to bear.

She knows. I know. We love. We laugh. We do not cry.

Want to know what we are doing in honor of Mother’s Day?

We are doing a VLOG! Just the two of us!!!

It will be posted this Friday for Feel Good Friday because I just know it is going to make our entire week to be together while filming the vlog.

What should we talk about?  We want to hear YOUR ideas so please send us some questions!!!!!!!!!!!


37 responses to “Me, Mom, Mother’s Day and a VLOG, OH MY!

  1. I can't think of any questions! I just think its wonderful you get on so well with your mother.

  2. Maybe you could say what you each like about each other the most and dislike: like favorite quality/characteristic and the characteristic/quality that could use some improvement. That could be interesting…I am pumped about the vlog! It will be awesome I am sure!

  3. Most embarrassing moments caused by the other? My mom loves cards too. She sometimes mails 2 or 3 each for the boys…and they are always full of stickers!!

  4. Beverly@ Beverly' Back Porch

    Good Heavens, she sounds like my mother. Maybe each share something really funny that happened while you were together. What you did together when you were growing up that was fun. An incident that you used your dad to work mom into your way of thinking or to get your way.There are so many things. This is going to be funny,

  5. How fun. Hmmmm, what to ask? How about-Did you go through the annoying college age where children often assume their parents don't know anything about the real world; and then, how did your mother keep from pinching your head off during that stage?

  6. The Girl Next Door Grows Up

    Thank you! It will be fun especially since I haven't seen her since…. last Wednesday. She has had a cold and I haven't even gotten a chance to give her her gift or card yet!

  7. Eternal Lizdom

    How fun!! I can't wait!I like the embarassing moments idea.Um… if you had to choose a song to dedicate to your mom on Casey Casem's America's Top 40 (long distance dedication), what song would you choose? Sing a little for us! And same question to mom, of course- a long distance dedication to your daughter?

  8. The Girl Next Door Grows Up

    Oh MY – you do not want to hear Tina sing!!!! Hee hee – this will be a fun one!

  9. Aw, it sounds like you guys have such a great rapport. I can't wait to see the Vlog. I probably haven't gotten my mom a card since I made one out of construction paper in elementary school. My mother and I don't have the best relationship, too many other underlying emotions to be able to sum up in one of Hallmark's best. I love getting them from my kids though, especially when they're little. The simplicity and the obvious love that goes in to them just kills me. I will hope, like your mom, to still receive them when they're all grown up.

  10. This is too much fun! It cracks me up that your mom insists on a card. Can not WAIT to see the vlog!

  11. I CAN'T WAIT to "meet" Tina! And I'm curious to see what color her bangs are! 🙂

  12. hahaha. You threw the card at her…too funny! I look forward to your vlog and your week of posts about your mom! How fun!I also wanted to let you know that I am now an official follower of your blog! :)

  13. Mom of the Perpetually Grounded

    I bet she has a special box full of those cards somewhere:)I really cannot wait till Friday!

  14. Katie's Dailies

    At least you gave your mom a card—I totally forgot to get my mom ANYthing this week! How lame is that? I did remember to call her though and we had a fun time laughing together. Hope you had a happy day yesterday!

  15. I think there should be some serious discussion about the use of food coloring for hair dye! 😉

  16. Leslie Greenwood

    Can't wait to see the vlog! I admit, I didn't even talk to my mom yesterday. She had plans and was out and about, so I'm taking her out to dinner Thursday for Mother's Day. 🙂 (No card either…)

  17. Hmm, let's see I want you to talk about one good and not so good quality you inherited from her and then talk about one good and one not so good quality you did NOT inherit from her.

  18. I'm impressed you both will be vlogging! My mom and I can't string together a single coherent sentence when we're in the same room – let alone when video is involved!

  19. The Drama Mama

    I want to know which mom quality of hers you find yourself doing a lot. Which quality of your mom qualities she wishes she had possessed? What attribute do you most admire in your mom? Which attribute does she most admire in you? and I want to know what she thinks about you blogging about her. Your family is a hoot!!I hope you managed to have a great Mom's Day. You deserved it.

  20. Sing a song together…something fun, of course!Arm wrestle! You should dye your hair the same color as hers for the post! I can hardly wait to see what you come up with!That's funny that you threw the card at her…very sentimental 😉 …it's probably her favorite card now, isn't it?


    What do you like/admire most about each other?How are you alike and different?If you could have one wish for each other, (each of you get one), what would it be? XD Happy mother's day to both of you.

  22. I can't wait!

  23. Such a great idea! My mom would never in a million years vLog with me.

  24. So looking forward to the vlog!!! My mom would never appear on camera for something like that…at least not without some kind of hair salon marathon appointment beforehand. Can't wait to see it! 🙂

  25. Ode to Motherhood

    How did she react when you threw the card at her? My mom would have flipped out! I think that's sweet you'll be doing a VLOG with her. Can't wait!!!

  26. So sorry I'm late to the party, girl. I've got a dog story later that will just have you laughing and crying for me and yes it involves dog pee. We are huge card people in my family. Our biggest part of the gift is the card and the funnier, the better. I love that you threw a card at your mom!I want to know both of yours, most embarrassing story about the other and what's the good and the bad about living next door to each other. I've gotta run. I'll send you an email later. I hope the blog design is going great. Oh, and by the way, BBP is slow today. That is not indicative of our usual crazy over there, so keep on coming back.

  27. Sarah at The Stroller Ballet

    I really like getting and sending cards, too. And I'm really looking forward to that vlog!! Love seeing people actually in person (video).

  28. Woo-hoo! I can't wait for your vlog!! I would like your Mom to discuss her hair color, and possibly swear. Is that possible?Hope you had a great Mother's Day!

  29. Could she flip you off again? That was hilarious! lol

  30. Much More Than Mommy

    What a great idea! … I can't think of a question. Oh wait — have you always been as close as you are now?

  31. A vlog! Yea!

  32. I'm like your mom, I demand cards on holidays but from hubs. I'm obsessed with it. I don't care what gifts I get, as long as there's a card and he writes something sweet inside it.I wish I had devoted a week to my mom in my blog. What a great idea!

  33. Maybe you can do a cooking vlog whilst singing Madonna tunes? No….??? Then I'm out of ideas!

  34. I can't wait to see your vlog! Nope I can say that I have never thrown a card at my mom…but at the husband yes!!


    I CAN NOT WAIT!!!!! How about mom and daughter playing catch with the wheel toy? lolJump rope contest? Free throw contest? Yes, a challenge for the free throw crown….


    Hair tips from Momma GNDGU?

  37. Wendy @RunningonMTT

    Ah man — I hate that my busy week kept me away from the computer so I'm just getting to these because I saw you FGF post today HILARIOUS!I think this should be a monthly thing ( I forgot to post that on the original post earlier) You too def. have something going! I do not usually watch vlogs only because I am too busy but def. caught this one and will tune in again!!!!

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