Oh Those Fights

Are You Ready for a Rumble?

When Emily was a baby, my mom and I would have lunch and shop together once a week. It was so nice to just get out of the house and hang out.

One Christmas season in particular we were out shopping and we had decided to separate since we were buying each other’s gifts.

We divided up the mall into 2 halves so that we wouldn’t meet and spoil the surprise.

Apparently, we forgot which half was whose.

I pushed the stroller into B. Dalton Books and saw my mom who should not have been there.

“You horrible woman! What are you doing in this store?” I exclaimed loudly.

She said something nasty in return, but we were just being funny, or so we thought.

Two employees of the store came over to us and asked us to “Take it outside.” As they so nicely put it, at which point both of us burst out laughing! We were in tears laughing so hard and we couldn’t get it out how we were just being funny so we just hugged each other to show them all was good.

When we finally could speak, we had them in tears from laughing too.

He Was Right… Once

When mom and dad would fight I would listen. I always would think about who was right and who was wrong and 99.9% of the time I thought my mom was right.

One day they had had a fight and mom and I were on our way to play racquetball. We were in the car and she was ranting a bit. I listened to her, but then said, “Actually, I think dad is right this time.”

She looked at me in horror and said, “That is IT! I am turning the car around and we are going home!”

She didn’t turn the car around. We ended up playing. I think she even let me win.

She apologized to him when we got home.

But I will always remember that one time when dad was right.

The Perfect Mother – Daughter Relationship

All of my friends thought my mom and I had the perfect relationship and we really did. I really respected her and we did not have much trouble during my teen years.

Because of that, my friends really respected my parents as well and everyone loved them, but when we would fight… oh… man… it was loud!

We were in one such fight one night when my friend Brian called. I answered the phone and proceeded to tell him what was going on and how I was right and she was wrong when he asked me to put my mom on the phone.

Then mom told him her side of the story.

Then he asked to be kept on speakerphone because as he said, “This is priceless! You two really do fight!”

Brian has since passed away, but for the next 10 years he always reminded me of that famous mother-daughter “precious moment.”


35 responses to “Oh Those Fights

  1. Awwww! You have such sweet horrible memories! ha! I aspire to be just like your mom! And I've got a good start, actually. Because I am ALWAYS right! 🙂 Enjoyed your flashbacks!

  2. Dysfunctional Mom

    You are so lucky to have that kind of relationship with your mother! I hope I can have that with my girls. Your mom sounds great!

  3. Wish my fights with my kids turned out so well! Even if I'm not always r…ri…right, I'm always mom.

  4. The Chicken's Consigliere

    Hey GND. Just wondering if your dad was awfully surprised to find out he was right. I mean one time in 30 something years. That has to be a shocker, right?

  5. These stories and memories ROCK!!! My mom is also usually right – in fact, I can't think of a time when she has been wrong. Although I know there are rare instances.

  6. Your dad will probably always remember that one time he was right too! It's so rare for the men 😉

  7. I am completely jealous of your memory recall…really, really am!Great stories.

  8. Eternal Lizdom

    I love hearing about really great mother-daughter relationships! Mine was pretty rocky for a few years but my mom is one of my best friends now!

  9. I love the bookstore scrap! That is priceless. My husband knows I am always right, too. He's great at the phrase, You're right. I'm sorry." Ha-Ha. It's so wonderful to have such a fabulous relationship with your folks. I've really enjoyed your mom stories this week. Can't wait for the vlog!

  10. thanks for sharing more of your memories with us 🙂 Sounds like you and your mom have a real special relationship like I have with mine.

  11. The Girl Next Door Grows Up

    Chicken! You are too funny. My parents and I always laugh about that one fight. It is the only one I remember…well… maybe not the only one, but the most memorable one for sure!

  12. That "fight" in B. Dalton is hysterical! My mom and I still do things like that. Fortunately people usually know we're laughing. Not so good at keeping a straight face!

  13. I'm commenting again because I'm not a "top commentator"…does this count as 2? Because, really, my feelings are hurt…

  14. Leslie Greenwood

    Aww, I love those stories! My mom is so precious to me too. (and yeah, I usually thought she was always right!)

  15. Joey @ Big Teeth and Clouds

    That had to have been a memorable day getting kicked out of the book store. I love that you respected your mom during the teen years. It gives me so much hope!

  16. Ode to Motherhood

    I don't think I've ever had fights like this with my parents! Too funny!!!

  17. Cielo Azul Jewelry

    OMGoodness!!! The book store story is so funny=0)Have a great day, xoxo,Carol

  18. Cielo Azul Jewelry

    OMGoodness, that it too funny=0)Have a great day,xoxo,Carol

  19. jbvadeboncoeur.info

    I was wrong once too.XD

  20. I can not believe you fought with your mom while your friend was on speaker phone. My friend Alexis and I are like that we go shopping together and will banter back and forth in such a way that people will always say how cute a couple we are, then we inform them that is because we are not a couple.

  21. Katie's Dailies

    That bookstore scrap made me laugh: I had just gotten home from the grocery store this morning and was lugging in all those bags, when my mom drives up,sees what I'm doing and starts laughing her head off. She proceeds to root around in her car for something, finally finds it and gets out of her car with a HAIRBRUSH and begins to "spank" me with it for carrying in my groceries! We were quite the sight in my driveway, dodging and "spanking" and laughing like lunatics! Go Moms!!

  22. Getting thrown out of the store is sooooo funny! And it's so great ot hear that you and your mom were so close despite all the torturing she did to you!

  23. Although I didn't have that kind of relationship with my own mom, I do believe I've got it with my daughter! I love hearing about you and your mom!

  24. You seriously have THE BEST mom stories!! I can't believe the B Dalton people thought you were really fighting! Does B Dalton even exist anymore? I don't think they do. Probably because they have ZERO sense of humor.

  25. The Drama Mama

    I love that you and your mom are so close! These are great stories.

  26. Your comments about your parents and friends confim my belief that a large part of respect is contagious.

  27. Ok, seriously…I have to know! What was your Dad "right" about? P.S. I'm still on the edge of my seat waiting for the vlog:)

  28. Hey! I have a blog award for you! I love reading your blog and feel you deserve it! Stop by my blog, read my post and find your name to find out which award you've won 🙂 Congratulations!http://reflectionsofanavywife.blogspot.com/

  29. "Take it outside!" LOL!!! I think there's still a B. Dalton's in my hometown, actually. 🙂

  30. What a great relationship. Not everyone can call their mother horrible and get a hug out of it. I too would listen to my parents "Fight". All my growing years I thought they were really fighting. Finally, my senior year I had had it and so I interrupted them and told them to just stop it! They looked at each other and just laughed. Gotta love those kind of relationships!!

  31. LOVE this! I mean, seriously, absolutely LOVE this! My mom and I have are tiffs and they get heated, but she seriously is my best friend. The relationship you described with your mom sounds very familiar. I hope you and Sarah and Emily are able to be as lucky!!!Also, loved your comment on Bloggin 2 Noggin 😉 I love you too! Have a wonderful weekend!!!

  32. Mom of the Perpetually Grounded

    I love the bookstore story! This kind of relationship is priceless and you two are Terrific 🙂


    I wish I had the relationship with my parents that you do with yours….I now hope that I can have a great relationship with my kids….

  34. Beautiful new site!
    Still waiting on the lady who agreed to do mine months ago.

    Hope you feel better!

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