The Weekend Widow


Is anybody blogging today? 

I am. 

Tyler is playing in his Annual Memorial Weekend 4 Day Golf Marathon.

He started this thing 9 years ago with a couple of friends.  Now there are about 40 guys that participate.  As the men have gotten older, some do not play all 4 days, they do things with their families instead.

Not my husband.

Mine plays all 4 days and I am OK with that.

Mostly because I know how he lives to play golf and I can see his “Golf Guilt” when he gets home. 

I hate seeing his “Golf Guilt” because I know he is exhausted and he knows he is exhausted and we both know what he really needs is a good steak and a long nap, but he comes home to do “quality family stuff” with his family.

And that is really sweet.

When we were dating, his group of friends asked him if I wanted to play, knowing that I played golf.  So when Tyler said to me, “I would really like it if you played this weekend,” and we had only been dating 4 months, do you know what I said?

I said, “Okay.”


And then I started to gag and shake because that is what I do when I get nervous.

I shake uncontrollably.

So I stood on the 1st tee and shook and I proceeded to shake my way through the 5th tee box, but then I got into a groove.

By the 18th hole my little 4 some was cheering me on because I had, no exaggeration here, 6 birdies that day!

I also had about 6 double bogeys.

Can you say inconsistent?

Nonetheless, the “little woman” had done her boyfriend proud and I was the talk of the day, not to mention I took home $150 in cash. 

So they asked me to play the next day as well.

Well… I didn’t fare as well that day, but I did win The Long Drive.

Over about 32 men.

This did not go over so well.


There was Team Laura vs. Team Stupid Men Who Could Never Hit the Ball 320 Yards Who Were Just Jealous.

The next year I played just one day and I did okay again, still shaking my way around the course.  Remembering the Long Drive controversy of the previous year I made sure not to come close.

OK who am I kidding… I just didn’t hit the ball well that day.

And then I played last year…


Now here is a woman who pretty much plays one round a year since having a baby.  I am not that good anymore, but I do have what I like to call, “moments of brilliance.”


The course we played on was the course I worked at for 9 years.  It was a really great day.  I was back home, so to speak, and I was with Tyler having fun.

I made the mistake of sinking about a 20 foot putt winning the Long Putt of the day.

Hello $25.

But again, there was controversy.



Yes, really.  Apparently those who were not on Team Laura thought I had an unfair advantage since I had worked at the course.

So I told them to just get better.

No I totally didn’t, but I wanted to since the people in question, shot a 120 and I shot an 87.

So I am not playing this year.  I am blogging instead.

And this is why I am a Weekend Widow.


22 responses to “The Weekend Widow

  1. I don’t golf, and neither does Craig. The only “widow” I am ever is Tour de France. And I’m pretty happy about that. 🙂

    On the women’ empowerment front, I love that you kick some boy booty, and not just once. But over and over and over again. Stories like that make me smile. 🙂

  2. I am alone today… doing work, which is kinda evil! D’oh! The perils of working for an international company!!

  3. Wow what poor sports your husband plays with! I think I’d keep playing just to show/shut them up. But then you want it to remain fun for your husband and it sounds like you are willing to let golf go a little so…maybe a different weekend women’s only round would be more fun. Anyway, good to know there is golf after babies, I haven’t played in about 3 years for that reason and although I love the game, I am convinced I’ll be going back to square one because I was not that good in the first place. Glad to see I am not the only one blogging this weekend. Anyone else out tehre? Let me know and I’ll visit your blog as well.

  4. I’m at home with the kids today and my husband is at work. Just another day in the Notsoawesome house. 🙂

  5. Like Liz, I too am a Tour de France widow, but when I get my copy of Runner’s World magazine in the mail, then D. becomes a widower till I get it finished.

    Only fair in my book!

  6. LOL I can just see their faces, getting beat by a woman!

    Dh is a golfer- I am NOT.

    He tried to get me to learn for a while, but really, with 3 kids, how the heck would we both go anyway?

    I actually like the “golf guilt.” Dh had it from golfing yesterday, which meant that this morning, HE got up with our boys and let me sleep in!

  7. Well, good for you with the $25 win. And what a blessing to “allow” husband to spend 4 days with his buddies. Sad to hear he has golfer’s guilt, but that’s good for him, right? LOL And his buddies are all babies and just jealous that you play better than they do. Just enjoy your day and wait for Mr. Feeling Guilty to come home (my dog just had a seizure so I’ve been gone from posting my comment!).


  8. I am so jealous! Not only of Tyler’s 4 day golf weekend, but of your golf skills! I have tried and tried, but alas, I am still no good at golf…. I’m going to keep trying though….

  9. I feel your pain! My husband is a golf pro and I got golf clubs as a wedding present! My idea of a good round is sunny, 75 degrees, no one in front or behind me and I don’t lose any balls in the water! Anyway – sure enjoyed your post. Thanks for following me on and I look forward to following you too!

  10. No Golfers in our house and as far as being a “weekend widow” for other things no way!! I am blessed with my Husband being home on the weekends, and this our long 3 day weekend he is doing painting and caulking chores and even BBQ’ed our lunch today without being asked. Right now he is in the house flipping TV channels and playing his guitar at the same time. (almost wish he was playing golf because the competing noise is DRIVING ME CRAZY!!)

    Laura glad you are back full time and enjoy some peace and quiet away from the jealous folks on the golf course!!


  11. In my first marriage, I felt like a widow because my husband worked weekends and holidays. I never satisfactorily got a grip on it.

    My husband got a PlayStation in the late 90’s and I’ve been a gaming widow since. At the time I was getting a degree and thought, oh good more time for homework.

    It’s so sweet that you know what he needs when he comes home and that he wants to give to you all.

    I think if I am ever a real widow, I will pretend he is just in the other room gaming. XD

  12. Thank goodness mine doesn’t play golf anymore! I have been a baseball widow and, of course I still have to deal with the “Mistress!” (music Mistress, that is)

  13. You should be out there showing them how it’s done! I’m amazed with anyone that can make a birdie even once. My golf game (okay, I don’t have anything to call a golf game) is so pathetic!

  14. What? You should have totally went and rocked their socks off!

    I should take a lesson (or two) from you, I suck at golf. Maybe I could just be the beer bitch instead?

  15. Ahhh, they were just jealous!! You should’ve totally gone and showed them how to do it!!!

  16. Now that… is awesome. I wish my wife was as understanding as you when it comes to golf, but alas, it is a good thing she isn’t. And how cool are you to actually play?!

  17. Your game sounds alot like mine — consistantly inconsistant! I can do great one hole (and like you it’s usually the holes that COUNT) and then do horrible the next hole.

    But it’s something Hubby and I like to do together on 2 outings a year that I tag along! We do a 4 some with our good friends but any other outings we are the golf widows and that’s ok! About two times a year is all I can do for a paid outing.

    However, I do enjoy a day out with hubby for fun on a beautiful day. Note to self — get that on the calendar!

  18. That’s me on Labor Day weekend, as my husband and a group of his Dad-friends have a golf/beer/wiffleball/swimming/beer/bonfire weekend. He comes back after twentyfour hours of pure man-time, and seems to need a period of at least 30 minutes to communicate with myself and our two daughters. But I love him to have that time, he deserves it!

    I also totally relate to the golf-nerves thing: the most romantic gift my husband ever got me was a set of golf clubs. Why romantic? Because I didn’t play – yet. He said to me, “I thought if you learned to play, you could come play with me.” Not bad for seven years of marriage and a 6 year old and 4 year old! He may want to run away to the golf course sometimes, but it seems as though he wants to take me with him! But the nerves come in when I only allow him to drag me out in the afternoon, mid week, at the worst course in town. I don’t want anyone with any skill to see me! Last time we played, he teased me incessantly about the tiny old man who was walking so gingerly – yet we had to let him play through!

  19. I hate golf! If I play I insist on not keeping score. I also think that golf is better when women are involved especially cute young girls on beer carts!

  20. Well, it’s almost fantasy football season here, and GC becomes a football widow. Haha. I am totally obsessed with playing. Everyone knows when tht football screen is up, you best stay away. I know, I know. It’s sad isn’t it?

    I think it’s even though considering the rest of the year I am a weekend widow all the time. 😉

  21. They couldn’t handle you… you are just too awesome!

  22. “Golf guilt” – that is awesome!! I am familiar with this behavior pattern 🙂

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