Take with {lots of} Food

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When I was sick, I was taking a prescription for Prednisone.  They told me in the office and at the pharmacy that these pills would most likely make me feel jittery, nervous and shaky.

I already drink a bucketful of coffee a day; how much more jittery can one person get?

The prescription label read:  Take with Food.

Now, I have read labels that say:

  • Take Before a Meal
  • Take with a Meal
  • Take After a Meal

When I take Motrin, I always take it with 2 saltines.  No more – no less.  Otherwise, I get an upset stomach.

So when the label says to “Take with Food”, I think, “A snack?  A donut?  A slice of toast?  A cracker?”


It certainly didn’t say to take with a meal.

Boy did I learn that lesson the hard way…

The first day I took the medicine with a yummy donut.  Mmmmm.  Good.

What wasn’t good, was the feeling that I was shaking on the inside to the point of going out of my mind. 

I couldn’t keep a straight thought. 

I couldn’t sit still.

I was HOT – HOT – HOT.

I couldn’t rest or nap.

To anyone who would listen I kept telling them that I thought I should stop taking the meds, hoping somebody would agree with me.

Nobody did.

The next day I had 2 slices of toast slathered with peanut butter before I took my pills.  I wish I could say that I had planned this, but I really just craved the peanut butter toast.

Oh. My. What a difference that made.  Suddenly I was calm.  Well… calm-ish.  I still felt those same things, but on a much lower level.

My dad takes Prednisone.  He takes 5 mg a day and is shaky.  I was taking 40 mg a day.  We bonded over our mutual hatred over the side effects.

I didn’t really get back to being calm until Friday – a day after my last pill.

I like being calm.

Calm is good.

So is taking your pills with {lots of} food.


30 responses to “Take with {lots of} Food

  1. I had to take Prednisone a couple of years ago, for a REALLY bad case of poison ivy. I was flying high as a kite for almost the entire time I was on it. But the poison ivy went away, so I was more than happy to live with the high. But it was certainly nice to be done with it too.

  2. That’s no good. Did you pack in the food over the holiday weekend? 🙂

    I’m grabbing your new button to swap out with your old one.

  3. Yuck – those pills sound blah! I’m glad you’re done taking them and letting the only thing that gives you jitters – be your coffee!
    I know what you mean about the labels on prescriptions – I always think “what exactly do they mean by that”

  4. I heard those pills increase your appetite…good thing you were on them for a short while. 🙂

  5. Prednisone is nasty stuff, I’m glad you didn’t have to be on it for long. Your poor dad!

  6. Glad you are on the mend and now off the meds…that is not fun to feel that way!

    Over time they do increase your appitite and make you fuller in the face – my brother was on it as a child and had chipmunk cheeks – we never teased him at the time…but now looking back at pics we have a good laugh.

    If I haven’t told you I love the new look and thanks for listing my blog in the best blogs list!!!

    I actually had to reinsert your blog in my follows since I wasn’t getting the feeds so thanks for that email. Although, it also coincided with you being sick so I thought you really weren’t posting much but when I didn’t see a FGF post I knew something was up. So I went back to my email and clicked on the link and now all is good in blog world again! I need my daily fix of you!

    And I added your new button to my blog! I really love this blog layout – how are you liking wordpress vs. blogger? I am so not a computer person so I like how easy blogger is but some things annoy me like everytime I post – when I view my post I have to resign in???? What gives? But besides those little inconveniences I really like it so I’ll stick with it but curious how you like this one!

  7. My dr put me on that crap…I took it for a week and then quit taking it. It made me feel like I was going crazy lol! I hated it!

  8. I am sneaking out of my self-imposed lockdown to say hi. So, Hiiii!

    And peanut butter toast sounds delicious right now!

    Glad you’re back to healthy. Isn’t being sick the worst? When I’m in the midst of being sick, I think I will never take my health for granted, again and then I take it for granted the minute I feel better.

    Okay, that’s all. It’s kind of lonely being on self-imposed isolation from the blogs. I miss everybody.

  9. ICK! I hate the shakes! The pain killers I was on after my surgery drove me BATTY!! I cut back on my coffee, didn’t have ANY diet Coke (which is a pretty big deal for me!) and really cut back on the sugar.

    And like you I kept telling everyone who would listen that I was going to suck it up and not take them anymore. Of course, I said that as I was lying down–as soon as I sat back up using those tummy muscles, I was reaching for those darned pills again.

    And Joann, WE MISS YOU TOO!!

  10. Oh wow!! for a pill to do that.. yikes!! glad you found out to eat more!

    We tried my son on Streterra this year, and it is hard on him. If he does not eat enough, his stomach hurts and sometimes he throws up. I tried different things for him to eat in the morning, but got to a point where I was not giving it to him. doctor was not happy but I don’t care! I would rather have him in school learning, then feeling sick, coming home (or not coming home becasue the teachers are not letting him… ggrrrrr!)

    But anyway, the doctor said try to get more sleep and eat a better breakdfast.. cereal and Straterra.. no no!! pb&j sandwhich and Straterra.. seems to be ok.

    By the way, I love peanut butter, the extra chunky kind!!

    Tina H

  11. Glad to hear you are feeling better. My doctor told me to have protein in the morning and I wouldn’t get coffee shakes. I already cut my coffee with decaf. Anyway it works. Sounds like the protein in the peanut butter was better for prednisone shakes too.
    Those feelings and physical reactions are so unsettling. Peace sistah.

  12. Yes, I like calm. Calm is my friend that I haven’t seen in awhile and I want calm back,lol.

    I am glad you are better and no more those pesky pills. They sure can do a number on you, don’t they?

  13. Had to resub to your blog to get the feeds. I should be good now!

    I never thought it would matter as to quantity. I just thought any old thing in there would do. Ya schooled me today.

  14. Medications! I don’t do well with any of them. Always some unusual side effect. Glad yours was only for a brief period of time. Long-term would stink!

  15. amazing how you usually end up needing medication FOR your medication 🙂

    hope you’re feeling great today!

  16. I have to say my mom took the “P” as we said it around my house. And it was known to be horrible on her body. I don’t know what I would do if I had to deal with the side effects of those pills especially since I start thinking I am dying if I drink 2 cups of coffee and get the jitters.

    Following you from Asblackasobama’s blog. =)

  17. I don’t usually have much problem with medications– that’s probably a bad thing considering some of the concoctions I will take once in a while.

    I’m still not seeing your posts in my following list. Is there a trick I am missing? I re-added you. Maybe I did it too soon.

  18. Yeah I have seen some weird directions on prescription pills. Some of them made me question if I really wanted to take the pills at all.

    I am glad that you are feeling better (and more calm).

  19. Laura, glad you learned a lesson with the meds. Can you please teach it to my stubborn sweetheart husband? He still dry swallows his every day meds and he also does not eat anything other than saltines with meds that say take with food!!! His asthma meds alone make him “goofy” because he is on an inhaled steroid every day than you add something like he takes when has bronchial infection and stay out of his way!!! Glad yours is now behind you and hope do not have to take anything like it again soon!

    I too feel for your father, worked in a docs office for years some years ago and lot of the elderly males were on Prednisone and they hated it!!


  20. ugh Prednisone. I hate it. Being newly diagnosed diabetic, and not having my diabetes under control, I refused to take it when it was prescribed for me to help with my feet. No thanks.

    Sorry you got the shakes. THat doesn’t sound like fun at all.

  21. you should of wrote this post when you were shaky. It would have been interesting. I want some PB toast now……mmmmmm

  22. Love the new look.

    Sorry you had some nasty side effects. I wouldn’t be a fan of that at all.

    And PB toast. Yummmmm.

  23. Wow that sounds scary! I’m jittery enough on my own…I’d hate to think what I’d be like on that stuff.

  24. The side effects of the meds sometimes make it questionable whether or not they’re even worth it.

    At least you’ve got an excuse for a six donut breakfast!

  25. OMG! I am on the “best blogs” list! Not only am I on the list, but I’m at the top! I think that means I’m Vice President of The Girl Next Door Grows Up:) Ok, it’s probably just because my blog starts with a number, but I’ll take what I can get!

  26. Ohh – sounds like a rough time! I just got over a UTI. I was on Bactrim. I hated the way it made me feel. So much better to be off of it (and feeling well!)

  27. I hate it when that happens!!! Glad you’re feeling better!

  28. I’ve been on steroids before (for short periods of time) and I enjoy the hyper feeling I get. I’m weird though.

  29. Apparently, a full meal is called for. I’ve never taken prednisone so I would have NO clue! I am glad you are back to your old self!

  30. Ick! I hate that feeling! Glad you are feeling better!

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