Jack: Finding His Inner Cat


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Lately, around the house, this is what you hear from all of us, including Sarah:

“Awww…Poor Jack.”

After we put Emma, our other dog, to sleep a month ago, we all made it our number one priority to inundate Jack with love and attention, not really knowing how he would react once his best friend was gone.

In the beginning, our not quite 2 year old, 80 lb. German Shepherd, seemed a bit lost.  And pathetic. 

We thought he might be a little depressed even.

Yes, I loved him more and yes, I played with him more.

I did succeed at teaching him to speak.

I have failed miserably at teaching him to eat any crumb or piece of food that has fallen on the floor.

Not for lack of trying.

While I was sick, I had a lot more time to just sit back and study him and this is what I have determined.

When Emma was here…

  • Emma loved to play and eat bones…so Jack played and ate bones.
  • Emma loved and lived to be petted and give great, big wet kisses to us all…so Jack loved to be petted and give great big wet kisses.
  • Emma was the premier watchdog and would bark at any person that laid a foot on our property…so Jack was a premier watchdog and would bark at any person that laid a foot on our property.


Emma was the Alpha Dog – The Leader of Jack


Now after watching and observing, I have made a conclusion about Jack’s patheticness:

He isn’t being pathetic at all… he is following a new leader of the pack:

Our cat, Sam.

Yes, it is true; Jack has taken on Cat Characteristics. 


  • Sam gives teeny, tiny kisses…now Jack gives teeny tiny kisses barely sticking his tongue out.
  • Sam walks by me and rubs his body against my leg…now Jack walks by me and rubs his body against my leg.

Keep in mind that he is an 80 pound, not so graceful dog.  The rubbing is more like slamming and it knocks me over, all because he thinks he is a cat.

  •  Sam sleeps ALL morning long in a ray of sunshine…now Jack sleeps all morning long in a ray of sunshine.
  •  Sam sleeps ALL afternoon long on the chair next to my computer…now Jack sleeps ALL afternoon long under the chair next to my computer.
  •  Sam, an indoor cat, cowers by an open door not wanting to go outside, scared of bugs and wind…Jack cowers by an open door not wanting to go outside, scared of bugs and wind.

 The only word that seems to spark some memory that he is, in fact, a dog is the word…



 Then he springs back to life.

At mealtime Jack eats his food until Sam walks up to him…then Jacks backs away from his dish and lies down while Sam attempts to eat the dog food.

 The next logical step would be Jack learning to purr.

 I suppose it could be worse. 

 Jack could be high strung, run around all day, drink coffee 12 hours straight and start a blog.

 Maybe I should start taking some cues from our cat too?  It seems like a pretty good life.


42 responses to “Jack: Finding His Inner Cat

  1. Some are born to lead… others are born to imitate cats. It’s a good thing you don’t have a hamster.

  2. Ahh…Jack is awesome. With you love he bounced back…like a cat with nine lives!

  3. That last bit about starting a blog had me laughing out loud!

    And Jack sounds a lot like our Langley when she was a puppy. When we brought her home from the breeders, we still had my 1,000 year old cat. Neko hated Langley at first sight, but Langley idolized her (just proves how little she has in the brain compartment) and did EVERYTHING that Neko did, even backing up into a corner and sitting on her hind legs and bat at us like a cat with a ball of string.

    Neko was finally put down 4 years ago, and Langey has finally remembered that she’s actually a DOG. But every now and then I’ll catch her purring in her sleep…

  4. My giant lab would want to sit on my lap like a cat and rub his head against my shoulder. I thought about giving him milk to lap up afterwards.

  5. That is too cute and adorable! I’m glad he’s finding companionship and comfort with the cat. 🙂

  6. Sssshhh, just sneaking out of the hole to say hi. I have one of those non crumb eating dogs. Sheesh. Don’t they understand part of their dog role is to be my vacuum?

    Oh, and the word Ball in our house has to be spelled out or else its crazy town in here.

    And I am soooo looking forward to the day that these girls calm down enough to sleep the afternoon away. That will be one fine day.

    Okay, crawling back into the hole.

  7. Ahhh I wish I could have the life of my cats!

    I’m glad that Jack and Sam can be good friends though. Even if he is learning some odd habits from him.

  8. When Jack starts acting entitled, you are in deep doodoo.

  9. First, thank you so much for your compliment on my blog–both the site and the post!! I did start blogging a little over a week ago, but I am addicted!!! I hope you keep checking back for updates…and as a more seasoned blogger, any input, advice, suggestions you have are always appreciated!

    Second, I LOVE this post!!! I don’t know if you read my blog titled “In my next life….” but you should! It’s along the same lines as this one, and I think you would enjoy it!

    I look forward to being a repeat visitor (think “stalker) on your site to see what you are up to next!!


  10. I almost fell over when I saw this. Our Akita has been laying around acting like the world has come to an end since our older, so Alpha, golden passed. He won’t even go out in the yard by himself. He lays around in the same position. And his only consolation is his “kitty”. Except in this case the cat thinks he’s a dog!

  11. Now that would be funny if he did start purring.

  12. OMG I almost fell over laughing. Too funny that your dog now thinks he is a cat.


  13. I totally respect that he thinks he’s a cat. I kinda do too.

  14. Awwww, this is funny and sweet! And I agree — cats have THE LIFE!

  15. I had a dog that thought he was a cat. His name was Blackie. He ate cat food and came when I called “Here, Kitty, Kitty”. For reals.

  16. Does Sam run at you full speed and jump in your lap?? If so, you better duck and cover when Jack starts that.

    I have the direct oppopsite. I have a cat that thinks he is a dog. He fetches. He sits when you tell him, and he shakes.

    Thanks for the tips on how to get your updates.

  17. My Chihuahua thinks he is a Pit Bull so Jack could be worse!! Actually you lucked out because without Sam the poor pup may not have coped as well and you are correct in your assessment that because of his easy going personality Jack takes cues from whomever he considers his Alpha. I love the fact that the two have each other as companions and get along. I remember when we got my 1/2 Golden Retriever and 1/2 Irish Setter when she was 6 weeks old. Our at the time female Chihuahua, who even fully grown was half her size, took her under her care and taught Sugar how to go up and down the concrete steps at our front porch to get in the house. After Sugar grew up, and her foster mother was long gone, Dad got my Mom a Daschund Puppy and she became his “mentor and mama” and taught him how to go up and down those same steps. I have always loved watching animals interact, humans who do not have and do not like pets have no idea what they are missing!!!


  18. jack sounds like he’s a follower, eh? even if it means going feline.

  19. Sounds like my dog. lol

  20. May I PLEASE come watch TV with Jack?

  21. I don’t know. The life he’s living is looking mighty good to me!

  22. Imagine if he didn’t have the cat, he’d be following you around and probably end up starting a blog!

  23. My sons dog that got totally into my heart, used to pounce on groundhogs and toss them in the air. My son explained to me that he thought he was a cat.

    When I was in high school, I was sent to take over an elementary school class one afternoon. Hoo hoo It was bedlam and I knew I would never be a teacher. I guess it is good to know. XD

  24. Jack is SO cute!!! I wish there was a non-shedding White German Shepard…

    You should video some of his new antics!

    And I find it very interesting that a male dog is that submissive. My two males are friggin alpha dogs to the max. And they are small, so they have the little man syndrome goin’ on. Fun times in this house, let me tell ya.

    But seriously, I think every human that has ever lived a good and honest life should be allowed to be reincarnated as a pet cat or dog. Best. Life. Ever.

  25. Awwww, seems like Jack was born to be a follower, not a leader. Nothing wrong with that at all, but thank goodness you have a cat. Could you imagine if he was following you all day long…he’d probably have his own blog by now!

  26. Can I expand on that theory: http://www.homemakerspensieve.com/2010/05/10/my-confused-cat/
    Maybe we should start researching together! I’d like to figure out which ones being smarter…the dog, because he’s taking it easy now? Or the cat, because she’s having more fun now?

  27. Awww Now I want to be a cat too!

  28. I have to say that is hilarious! Not that you lost your alpha leader dog, but that your cat became the alpha leader for your 80lb dog. I think my dog looks to me to be the alpha leader of our house. So like me, he lays around for half the day and then decides to eat something before deciding to do something that would be consider by some sort of physical activity. Which leads me to realize, this is probably why the wife pats my dead when I lay my head on her lap.

  29. Wow I thought you were over reacting at first but it sounds like you are right. Your dog is a cat. Better not let the other dogs in the neighborhood find out.

  30. Sounds like Jack has found his inner Chihuahua. That’s how mine act, anyway. 🙂 What a cutie pie!

  31. You know, I’d have to say the life of a cat does sound pretty good! Sign me up:)

  32. Poor Jack!! That’s too funny he thinks he’s a cat though!

  33. I have a cat that thinks he’s a dog or maybe he is a dog and just looks like a cat….hmm…

    This was a cute post. Jack (totally typed Jacek, my sons name at first) is a cutie.

  34. That is way too funny!

  35. That is great! Jack is following the cat… Obviously he is not a leader.

  36. That is kind of sweet! Isn’t it intersting what you can observe when you are bed ridden? When I had pneumonia last year, I remember being very still and observing and introspective. And then I just couldn’t wait to feel better.

  37. Our new boxer thought she’d come into our house and be the alpha…. Nope.com…. Our cat tossed her in her place…. Every dog that meets my cat is scared of him…. He’s a lovely cat, he just doesn’t take any crap….

    I liken him to Danny Glover’s character in Lethal Weapon…. He sits around and says ‘I’m too old for this stuff’….

  38. By the way…. Awwwww…. Poor Jack….. lol

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