The iPad Controversy of 2010


In April, I did a post titled, “Please, No Trophies for Mother’s Day” where I might have made a reference to wanting an iPad.  Well let me tell you, this post sparked a world of controversy around here.

It started when Tyler asked me why in the world I wanted an iPOD since I had an iPOD on my iPhone.


I pointed out, ever so nicely, that it read iPAD, not iPOD.  

Different vowel, Dude.

He scoffed at me.



A night or two later he said that Sarah kept whispering to him that I needed an iPad.

Huh.  I don’t know where my 2 year old picked that up from…

AnyiPad… this began the “discussion.”


He said that I didn’t need an iPad. 

I agreed.

I said that technically the only thing I needed was more time and a new pair of khaki shorts, but I wanted an iPad.

Dictionaries were gotten out to explain the differences between wants and needs.  I kid you not.

Basically I explained that I need next to nothing.  I want even less.

However, I wanted an iPad.



Because it is cool.  And for once in my life I wanted to be on the forefront of technology.  There.  I said it.

Probably not the best reason unless you really know me, so let me clue you in…

  1.  I started texting last year.
  2. My family got a microwave in the 90’s…yes 90’s.
  3. I am always about 1-2 years behind on the latest music and movies.
  4. I got a digital camera in 2006.
  5. I just rented Lost, Season One.


Do you get it now?


However, after our discussion, being the practical person I am, I told Tyler that he should not get me an iPad.  I didn’t need something just because it was cool and we could use the money elsewhere.

Because that is how I always am. 



A few days went by and sitting on my planner was Tyler’s Men’s Club golf schedule which accompanied a reminder about his 4 day Golf Tournament, not to mention all of the other rounds he plays.

Is golf a want or a need?

Well, in Tyler’s case he needs golf like air.

But, a lightbulb went off…

  • Greens Fees
  • Cart Fees
  • Entry Fees
  • Skins Games
  • Food

And I marched up to Sarah and told her to tell Daddy that Mommy needs an iPad for Mother’s Day.  Because Tyler also needed:

  • That new, bigger TV
  • And a new, bigger grill
  • And a leaf sucker (we have a leaf blower)
  • And a power washer (because it is fun useful)

Now, my darling husband, will shake his head and argue that those items are really “needed” and that my iPad isn’t necessary to life.

And I agree.  It isn’t necessary, but it sure is cool.

-Sent from my iPad


58 responses to “The iPad Controversy of 2010

  1. You got yourself an iPad?!? Congrats! Tyler did well!

    I have been thinking of getting one; however, I think I would rather have a “netbook” or mini laptop. Hmmm…. tricky decision.

    Have fun with the iPad!

    • Thank you! Yes I did get it for mothers day, but we returned it and got on a wait list for the 3G one. It came a couple weeks ago and we ALL love it!!!!!

  2. LOL so you got it?! AWESOME!

  3. the end was the GREATEST! and i think your reasoning was quite practical. 🙂

  4. I must be behind the times, didn’t Tyler turn down the larger screen T.V. ?

    Btw, I too would love an IPad- Enough that I even briefly considered selling my spinning wheel. But alas, there is no spinning app.

    I’ll just continue to live vicariously through your blog.

  5. What?! You got one? Jealous!!! You go girl with your iPad:)

    P.S. I still don’t text, and I’ve never seen Lost…I guess you’re still one up on me!

  6. Since he already got you one I guess my joke is late, but if you tell him you need an iPad for your iPeriod he’ll never switch up the vowels again.

    Break for my own chuckling over my own bad joke.

    I might be getting an iPhone in the not too distant future. 2004 here I come!!!!

  7. Hysterical!

    Embrace your wants… from the brief time I have “known” you I get a sense that you are not a “gimme girl” but are focussed totally on your family and those you love… an occasional treat is not only deserved, but essential to long term happiness. Those who put themselves last end up resenting those around them.

  8. Heh heh! Still haven’t let my husband touch mine since I got it back in April! I love mine (but you already knew that)!!

  9. Yeah you got a iPad! I really want one too but I am still waiting to get a smart phone. But he promised I would have one by the end of the month. We will see.

  10. Absolutely hysterical! You know, you coulda just played the golf boys FOR the iPad! LOL You could’ve made the money over 4 days! Congrats for sending that via your hip technology. We are pretty similar. I started texting last year and I don’t have a digital camcorder. Oh, and I applaud you for using the children to your advantage. =)


  11. Oh, em gee, I really am a cave woman.

    All those things you’ve listed, I havent’ even done yet…except for the microwave.


  12. Doh! I knew I should have asked for an iPad over the Wii for Mom’s Day. Oh well, at least I am current in gaming needs…I think? Ahahahaha.

    I’m glad you got your iPad. 🙂

  13. Sent on your iPad, eh?? Score!

    I used to feel SO GUILTY if I took a night out with a friend or just time to go to the store without the kids… and then started to realize that 3-4 times a year, Jeff gets a weekend out of town with his buddies for gaming. And once a year, he gets an entire week doing what he loves (gaming). He gets a hotel, overnights away from the kids, eating out, no family obligations.

    So my nights out from time to time? No big deal. I still come home every night. We are planning a weekend away from the kids soon- they will stay with my parents and Jeff and I will have time alone fo the first time in… years. And… this summer… I might just be planning a weekend away with a girlfriend and leave Daddy home with the kids. Maybe.

    Bottom line is that Moms and Dads need to have their fun time- on their own or together- and their fun activities and their interests. So… iPad on, girlfriend!!

  14. Congrats Lucky Girl! This was so funny because you remind me of myself, I’m always years behind technology but when I saw them I wanted one too. I wonder if my husband Needs a new surfboard?

  15. Is anyone having a hard time leaving comments on Blogger????? I keep getting a page that says

    “blooger is unavailable”

    Anyone else?

    • Not tonight…but I’ve had so many problems like that in the past……on your blog, too, you know…not now!

      Oh, and congrats on the ipad! It’s fun to do things that are not “needed” but just for the heck of it. I hope you love it. I’m sure you will.

  16. I hope to hell this really was sent from your iPad you should not be the only one sacrificing in the household. People will let you sacrifice without doing the same.

  17. Laura, please do not tell my DH you got the IPad he is hounding me mercilessly!! I think they are cool but since everything “new” becomes yesterday’s old news in about a month or so technology wise these days we are going to wait and get the next gen when it comes out with his requirement of having the phone and camera back on it to make it the really oversized IPhone of his dreams!!

    Glad you got your toy, those “boy toys” add up!!


  18. Good use of reverse psychology! You have honed your skills well. I don’t know if I want one or not. I am the ultimate Apple girl, but I’m not sure how it would fit into my life.

  19. Good for you for asking for what you wanted! Enjoy your iPad!!

  20. What’s an iPad?? Just kidding!

    What I really need is a ball washer that fits on the end of the golf cart, so when I pull-hook my tee shot into the weeds and the ball gets really yucky by the time I finish the hole, I can clean it so it works better on the next hole! Rod is a golf purist, so I can’t have that ball washer.

  21. Awesome about your new iPad, way to go!! There are so many things in this world that are “wants” instead of “needs” – it’s good to cave into the wants every once in awhile, just to keep up morale! At least, that’s what I tell myself. 😉

  22. ya got one…jealous!!!

    So freakin laughing that you got a microwave in the 90s…haha!

  23. LOL, I love the ending! You go girl!

  24. Congrats, good for you. I am jealous. I want on before I travel this summer.

    I thought this was cool


    Sent from my non-Ipad

  25. Hiii!!! I’m back! I’ve missed you guys so much. And by the way, I sent everyone I know over to see Empress’ video. I cannot get the words out of my head, which I will not repeat here on your blog.

    Love that story. Isn’t it amazing how that works? My hubby will always use the excuse that whatever he buys is for the business. Right. Everything he has no problem buying for himself is needed, too.

    I’m glad you got your iPad and not an iPod. I have a problem with my iPad and I’ve been too busy to figure it out. But, I can’t type in my text box in my blog. It worked fine for a couple of days and then one day it just wouldn’t work. I’m sure it’s something I’m doing. I’ve just got to sit down and work with it. Either that, or Bloggers messing with me again.

    And the microwave thing! We visited my aunt and uncle about 6 years ago and were shocked to find out they were using their original one from the 80’s, and they had duct tape around it that you had to refasten every time to get it to work! I was so worried about their radiation exposure, my husband went out and bought them a new one.

    And this is not sent from my iPad because my iPad is charging thanks to kids who think it’s a play toy.

  26. I literally just screamed when I read the last line. HOORAY!!!! So now you have to give me the run-down. How awesome is it? Does it work just like a laptop and you can blog from it? Because I was about to waste a ton of money on a new laptop just so I could blog in front of the tv and not in my office and this would be SUCH a better solution!

    Congrats. You deserve every second of it!

  27. wowzers you’re a late bloomer – just started texting last year? i’ve been texting since 2002. ha ha!

    glad you’re loving your ipad though. i hate that i can’t blog, edit or comment on most blogs via my blackberry. i’m more of a mobile phone person than a computer person – the size issue. i’m hoping to hook up with a new DROID once my contract is ready for an upgrade…

  28. Congrats on your new iPad. I think I’m behind, but not all that much. I don’t do the internet from my phone, but I want to, so that for me is a want, but for that I would need to upgrade the phone, and that is money that can be spent elsewhere. Sooner or later though I will be able to check in from a cell phone.

  29. You go on with yourself!!! As I was reading, I kept thinking, “did Tyler NEED that tv?” Hahaha! I guess I need to write out bullet points more often!

  30. I did a little squeal when I saw that “sent from my iPad” at the end. How cool!

    Dh tried one a few weeks ago and was going on and on about how he wanted one and of course, I was encouraging this and then he finally told me that he didn’t want one after all- because it would just end up being mine anyway.

    P.S. it took until 2006 for me to get a digital camera, too.

  31. OMG – our first microwave was in 199-something. My first VCR not until the 90’s – way after every one else got one. My first digital camera 2008. my first DVD player – 2008. first cell phone….2004. You’re not doing too badly, but you should insist on more for yourself, that is if it’s affordable. LOL I really, really would like an Ipad also – or at least a light weight laptop for only me (selfish?-hell yeah!) I also want a bigger screen t.v. so I can SEE people’s facial expressions. 🙂

    Congrats on the I-Pad.

  32. Daver mocks mine too. Which, considering he looooves gadgets, I don’t know how.

  33. Behind in technology? I just got an iPod Touch and I love it!

    I don’t have an iPhone yet but hubby has been hinting for an iPad for Father’s Day – he’s worried that he won’t see it though!

    Enjoy the iPad!!!

  34. I’m so glad you got your iPad! I will not, however, let my husband see this post and come up with one more reason why he needs it as well!

    Glad to hear you’re getting into Lost (better late than never, right?). And just to let you know for the future, I was ready to stop watching after season 2 (just not the best season in my opinion), but stick with it, because it gets much better after that!

  35. LOL glad you got one!!! My boss has one. I think they look cool.

  36. I got you beat, just started texting within the last year. I only got a cell phone about 2 years ago! Crazy when I think of it now. LOL!

  37. You! You are my new hero! When I grow up I want to be just like you:)

  38. I’m so darn far behind, I’m not even sure what an i-pad does. Just something else to have to ask someone to help me with and I don’t even want to go there!

  39. I originally wanted an iPad just because it seemed so damn cool and I HAVE to be up on all the new techie stuff. Now I am thinking I want one just in case I decide to leave iPhone for a different network/phone. Congrats on the iPad! I am a jealous boy now!

  40. Actually, if you’ve been reading blogs from the iPad, including mine, I knew this! Someone in your neck of the woods has been reading my blog for a while from their iPad and I’ve been jealous! I don’t know why, I don’t even want one, but it’s still cool!

    So glad you got it 🙂

    Have you seen the iPhone 4 that’s coming out in a couple weeks? I get a new phone in September and HATE my blackberry but thought about just getting a basic phone. UM, not now. Definitely getting the new iPhone. And in white. So pretty. Haha.

  41. This is how I got my nifty little phone (I have a droid instead of the iPhone). My argument was all about how I never buy stuff for myself. Men’s hobbies do have a tendency to be rather expensive. How exciting that you got your new iPad. Yeah for you!

  42. I love this post. Probably because I didn’t get an ipod until my husband bought me one for a birthday present. A birthday present he insisted he give me early, and as soon as I opened MY new ipod he asked if he could borrow it for a trip he was taking that weekend. It ended up being loaded with his music for over a year until he finally got one for Christmas from my parents at my request. Now I use his because it has radio on it too! But I have wanted an iphone for years and must admit when friends started getting the ipad I wanted that too. But I, like you, usually convince myself I don’t need the things I want. I still use a phone that can’t take pictures. I have yet to text. But I am psyched that you had the ah ha moment and got yourself an ipad. You go girl. Maybe someday you can tell us why it is better than a lap top and help me talk myself into getting one.

  43. Seriously?seriously?seriously? Do you really have one now? Is it the coolest toy ever? I have to say, since I don’t work I kind of ask every time I want to do *anything*, even though The Husband is pretty good with “what’s mine is yours” — but he never has to ask if he wants to play golf or get a new putter or get a new anything. Not that he does get much, but still.

  44. You got it??? So jealous!

  45. That is awesome!! I think it is awesome that not only did you get an iPad, but you got your husband to sucessfully see your point of view.

  46. LOL! Sent from my IPad!

    Good to see that you got it! Is it as cool as everyone says it is? Do you have to have an account with AT&T to use it? It scares me a little bit…. But I just got the EVO 4G phone from Sprint, and I’ve spent 3 days just trying to figure out how to do two different things….

    My main problem is that it has something like 100,000 apps or something like that, but I can’t find one that I like…. And I don’t want to pay to try an app that I’m sure I won’t like…. But I love the phone. It’s very pretty.

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