The Painting… Revisited

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Waaaay back in January I wrote about my dad, painting my portrait

Let’s just say that this is going to be yet another post he won’t be reading because he is finally done with it and I have a lot to say…


My dad is a fantastic artist.  He really is.  He just can NOT for the life of him capture me the way he can everyone else.  He knows this.  You can read the post highlighted above, Me and the Mona Lisa, if you would like some background information about what I have to say next.


About a week ago I popped over to my parent’s house to drop something off.  I was tired.  I was recovering from being sick.  I wasn’t thinking straight at the time.

My dad grabs my arms and says that I HAVE to see the paintings!  He is finally done.  He ended up doing 2 of them.

He drags me into their bathroom.  Yes, the bathroom.

There sitting over the toilet is my giant face.

And I have to say, he did a good job.  He finally “got” me, sort of.  I ooohed and aaahed and he was so happy.

Then he takes me to the living room and presents me with the other one.

(This is where I should have known better.)

I didn’t like it as much as the other one and I said so.  Specifically, I said this:

“Do I have a half sister living in Mexico?”

My humor was NOT met with laughter.

So I backtracked and said that I was kidding and then I proceeded to gush over it.

I gushed so much that he said I could come and get it in 2 weeks.  He then asked where I was going to put it.


“I will put it in a prime spot, for sure!”  I gleefully remarked.

I saw his happy face, and then I got some sense and said this:


“Unless Tyler falls in love with it.  He really wants a painting of me in his office at work.”

Where you will never go and see it lying under some boxes.  That  is what I thought and managed NOT to say.

I then asked for the other one of me, but he thinks that is no good and I can’t have that one.  He is going to paint over it.

Just super.

And he wants to know where Tyler’s new office is.  Just in case he wants to drop in and say, “Hi.”


45 responses to “The Painting… Revisited

  1. Oh no! I will admit… the first one is definitely better. The second one is a little scary. Good luck with that!

  2. lol. That is hilarious (both your narration of the experience and reaction to the paintings!!

    I am stopping by to say that I love your blog and am now following!

    I am still new at this blogging thing and am need of new followers, so please follow me as well. You can find me at:

    -Jessica a.k.a Nya’s mom

  3. That’s funny that one of them is over the toilet! How’d ya like a big picture of yourself staring down over you every time you gotta go!? I guess you could offer yourself some encouragement if you’re having “problems”. Might be good for potty training little ones 😉 (or just really intimidating!)

  4. As a person that has a horrendous time painting any face I’m impressed. It looks like a person’s face. Perhaps not your exact face, but still it’s a human person.

    Maybe in an unpredictable turn, Tyler will fall in love with it – that Mona Lisa strangeness in her smile….

  5. I’m happy if a stick figure I draw resembles a real person!

    And it would be a tad creepy to have my face hanging over a toilet….

  6. Put it over the toilet in your house…. hahahaha!

  7. How funny that he had it over the toilet! Does he have pics of your other family members in such prime locations? Turn your daughters loose on your dad. Have them tell him how much they love that one and how much they want it. I’m sure he could never turn them down!

  8. Well he obviously has talent, and I don’t think that last one is too bad. I think it looks more like you then the first one does, but maybe thats just because it’s more of a profile then a close up. I’m cracking up that he put the first one over the toilet. I can also picture your nose crinkling up when someone has a poop. Haha.

    Thanks for the giggles!

  9. He is getting close with the first painting. The second painting hasn’t changed.

  10. I like the first one, kind of funny that he hung that one up in their bathroom. Did he give a reason on why he would hang up your portrait in the bathroom? I’d feel a little wigged out like someone was watching me everytime I went in there.

    The 2nd one is okay as well. Your pops has some mad talent.

  11. Your dad is certainly talented.

    I just don’t see your face as Loo Art. But maybe I’m just not creative, or something 🙂

  12. i still can’t get over the bathroom placement. sounds like you’ve backed yourself into a corner with this one!

  13. hahaha! I’m super impressed because I have zero talent as a painter and can only draw stick people. And I don’t even do that well. But I hope you and he will not be offended if I say that you look a little bit like you are having an allergic reaction to a bee sting or some type of nut in that second one. 🙂 I think he captured you best in the first one! Kudos to him!!

  14. awwwww, i feel for your dad. one year, for a special and personalized christmas gift, i did a charcoal portrait of my late grandpa for my grandma. she opened it and asked who the black man was.


  15. Do I have a half sister living in Mexico?”


    and genius idea about Tylers office.

  16. Having never seen you, I can’t say which one looks more like you, but if you like the first one you should tell him that and push to have that one. Let him keep the one he likes. But you are a good daughter to support him in what he loves to do.

    • He is really delicate so I will keep my mouth shut and suggest he paint anyone else in the future!!! He does everybody else so well!!

      I look like neither, if you ask me, but the top is closest.

  17. Haha! Glad I’m not in your shoes on this one! 😉

    • Thank goodness he doesn’t “do” computers. My mom prints up my posts and then he reads them. He won’t be reading this post for sure :-0

  18. You certainly have nice, straight, white teeth. I just don’t know what else to say.

    I have to do a self-portrait for a Guild program in November. I’ll keep you posted.

  19. Oh goodness. I tried so hard not to laugh. Your poor, sweet dad! LOL Sounds like something my in-laws would expect, their gifts to be displayed for all the world to see. What a precious thing for your dad to have painted you. You should get to choose which one to keep! Your husband may need to find a new office! =)


  20. It’s the coolest thing that he painted those for you! Treasures for always, even if hung over the toilet.

  21. The portraits are beautiful! However, I don’t think they look like you. Both paintings seem to have a chubby face, which I don’t picture you having.

    Hey, if all else fails, you can put the painting in the V.P.’s office! I’ve got plenty of room over here!

  22. Was there was a specific reason that the picture was over the potty??

  23. Anyone who can paint something that halfway resembles anything is very talented in my book. But, IMHO you are much prettier than either of those.

  24. How does one tactfully tell someone of obvious talent, they blew it? Beg for the first one and tell him you love, love, love it.

  25. That was hilarious! I do prefer the first, though. It’s funny that your dad likes the second one better.

    My painting teacher is always telling me to draw pictures of my boyfriend. So far, I’ve been avoiding it.

  26. in college i dated an art student. he drew a picture of me and i cried. let’s just leave it at that.

  27. Hilarious.

    I wish I could draw. But I can’t even do stick people right.

  28. I have to say I thought your joke was hilarious!

    While the paintings definitely don’t look like the same person they both are pretty good and a hell of alot better then I can do. I wish I had some talent like that.

  29. They are very good. He has some awesome talents, but you are much prettier and the second one, I think, is him capturing you at about 10 years old, which is probably the way he always pictures you in his mind.

    You’re in trouble now! Where ARE you going to hang it?

    The toilet. *Snort*

  30. For the first time ever I can see a difficulty in having parents that live next door! My parents live so far away that I’d have plenty of time to hang a painting in advance of a visit.

    On second thought, my kids would probably inadvertently rat me out.

    O.k., I’m back to thinking that you are soooo lucky to have your parents next door.

    He is a talented artist. I agree with Joann, the second one does look like it is capturing his mental image of you at 10.

    I’m still laughing at the bathroom placement of the first portrait!!

  31. The bathroom?! Hilarious! I seriously LOL’d while reading this post. !

  32. I love to do portraits and find that vivacious people are the hardest to capture.
    For some reason, the artist connects unconsciously with some people. I did a husband and wife once and the husband turned out sublime and I did the wife’s portrait many times and none of us were ever satisfied with it. And the wife is one of my favorite people.
    Good luck with all this.

  33. I laughed at your humor! That 2nd one is like a little impressionist feeling going on.

  34. He didn’t do to bad of a job! I’m not quite sure why he put the first one over the toilet though…. That seems like an odd place to put a painting of your daughter….

    When I saw the second painting, I thought to myself…. ‘Does she have a chubby sister?’ He must have gotten a little heavy with the brush strokes…. lol

  35. Your pictures are beautiful! I’m visiting from MBC. I signed up to be a new follower. Stop by my blog when you get the chance.

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