See Mommy Run

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The summer before Tyler and I were married, we were playing outside with Emily one night.  My parents walked over and Tyler started talking to them.

Emily and I continued to run around and play.

Then I heard extreme laughter and this is what I saw:

  • My mom was laughing so hard, she was grasping onto Tyler with all of her might in case she fell over.

  • My dad was laughing so hard no sound was coming out of him and all I saw was his shoulders heaving up and down and tears were coming from his eyes.

  • Tyler looked like he wanted to laugh and was trying really hard to hold it in, but then all of a sudden when I said, “What’s so funny?”  He lost it completely.

What was so funny?

Tyler kept shaking his head and said, “Nothing is funny,” and then they all would erupt in laughter again, when finally this is what my mom managed to choke out between fits of snorts…







What do they mean, I can’t run?  I have been running my entire life?!

It took my folks about 10 minutes to get out “the story,” they were laughing so hard.  Tyler reeled it in, seeing my embarrassment and knowing that I wasn’t his wife “yet.”

He looked like he wasn’t going to risk anything.

Apparently, I was a good runner up until I started dance class.  Then after years of dance, my run changed.  I lost any athletic-ness and somehow combined my dance run with my outside run.


It is no wonder I didn’t date much – one look at my run and they fled!

I have asked to be videotaped so I can see it.

I have begged for advice and tips.

But nobody will help me.

Now that I have Sarah, I am always running after her.  If my parents are around, you will hear snickering and then mom will say, “Run Laura Run” followed by more laughter.

I still ask Tyler for help and he still says that it is more fun this way.

One time, at night, my shadow was casting perfectly on our garage door… so I ran back and forth to see what I looked like…

…but that didn’t help my cause. 

They came.  They saw.  They laughed.

Today is Emily’s Fun Run at school for kids and families.

And I am going to go and run with my girl.

I mean, c’mon.  How bad can I look, really

Or will we need to change schools?


51 responses to “See Mommy Run

  1. This we MUST see. How can a run be that ridiculous?

  2. Do you flail your arms all spazzy-like? Do you pick your knees up too high? It’s got to be good for that kind of laughfest!

    Perhaps you should skip today.

    • I don’t know. They say it is graceful and not athletic. I have never learned the truth and Emily won’t say anything cause she is afraid I will stop playing for good!

      I asked them to answer on a vlog but when I taped their answers it was just laughter.

  3. They’re all leaving you in the dark LOL!
    You’ll have to invest in a tripod and videotape yourself so you can see!


    So very funny…..thank you!

  5. My family says I just look really, really mad when I run, when it’s the total opposite! Usually I’m planning out menus or laughing inside myself at something the kids said. But they’re sticking with their story….

    Run, Laura, Run…. and who cares if your loved ones laugh? You’re having fun, right? ; )

  6. I want to see videotape! It would be a fabulous vlog! Good luck with the running!

  7. I think we need a video, so we can be the judges of this dance/run you speak of:)

    Honestly, I don’t think it can be that bad. A lot of people look weird running, including my husband. He does this strange thing with his hands sort of like he’s wading through water AND he runs on his tip toes! For lack of a better term he looks flaming gay when he runs! He actually ran track through college and was very good…it’s a good thing I wasn’t around then to tell him how gay he looked otherwise he might not have done so well:)

  8. They need to make a video of you running so we can see!

  9. The girl's mother

    THE FUN RUN!!!!!!!

    You didn’t tell me!!!!



  10. All ready to comment and I see above THE GIRL’S MOM. I am such a fan since the legendary Vlog. HI MOM!!!!!!!!!

  11. This reminds me of that Friends episode, you know the one…where Rachel is embarrassed to run with Phoebe because her run is, well, funny?!? I think we need video evidence before we can come to any conclusions 🙂

  12. I bet you look like a jogging prima ballerina, and that’s why it’s funny? You never know what surprises people have in store. My hubby is very laid-back and lumbering, but even a little pick-up game of badminton turns him into a freakin’ Olympic athlete!! Who knew. 🙂

  13. Maybe it’s more like a leap than a running stride? I can imagine you leaping with toes extended through the air…lol. I bet you look just fine. Dancers always look great.

  14. Unless you are like Phobe from Friends…I think you should be okay…and even if you are, just sing as you jog. Everyone else will just smile and move out of your way!

  15. Anne mentioned the Friends episode, but it makes me think of the Seinfeld episode where Elaine is told by the gang that she can’t dance…!

    My daughter runs a lot like a leaping gazelle – does that sound right?

  16. The girl's mother

    I chuckle just thinking about you running.
    Why would I EVER do anything to change that!
    I am actualy laughing now…not AT you, dear, with you.
    Okay okay. At you.

  17. I used to be a figure skater and I was told that figure skaters can’t run. I guess that’s true, because I always get laughed at when I run too. It was worse when I went to the gym and had my trainer tell me to run on the tredmill… I almost killed myself because of my terrible run and he laughed as well. It was bad. I bet your run isn’t that bad!!

    🙂 Can’t be worse than mine.

  18. If this is not part of the next videoblog I’m going to boycott your blog!

  19. If it were to my Husband to comment he would say “Laura, surely you can run better than Steven Segal”! Have you ever watched any of this man’s movies where he is running? Awful, just awful! I even think Phoebe from Friends runs better from what I remember.. Have fun, let them laugh because your daughter having Mommy time is much more important than how Mommy looks when she runs!!
    {Vlog necessary, please we need some visuals}

    jackie b central texas

  20. oh my gosh my sides hurt from laughing without sound coming out! My husband tends to make fun of the way people run…especially guys if he sees a guy running with their knees out (I don’t know its a knee thing) anyway he dies from laughter!

    I always love reading your posts!

  21. We need to see this. Someone. Anyone. Must film this. All I can picture is you running now and doing “dancer’s leaps” in the air and landing on one foot.

  22. you’ve already vlogged…can’t we get a glimpse of said run?

  23. I have to agree. I think we need to see the run! Your run can’t be that bad. By the way, I love that “The Girl’s Mother” is commenting. Your mom is so cool. My mom doesn’t even know how to use a computer. I used to try to convince her to get one and learn so I can email her pictures of the kids but I finally admitted defeat.

  24. People used to tell me they could recognize me, by my walk. I guess skaters just have a certain way of doing it, that make it unique, although some told me I walked like a football player. Not at all sure what that meant. I assume it meant I walked like a much larger, tougher person.

  25. OMG, now you MUST video tape yourself running so we can see what you are talking about.

    I don’t believe in telling people what to do or demanding, BUT geepers, I don’t do well with suspense either.

  26. I may know what they’re talking about. My best friend is a dancer and I crack up every time we play sports together (which doesn’t happen very often). It’s kind of like she prances instead of runs. Very graceful and more on her toes than anything else. Just an idea! But we laugh so much while we’re doing it that I certainly wouldn’t want her to change it… too many good memories. So I guess I see their point!

  27. Oh you just go and do your thing girl! Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t run, who cares if you need to change schools? Right?


  28. Hahahaha! That reminds me of that episode of friends with Phoebe’s funny run!

    Hope you had fun!

  29. Yes Laura, that totally satisfies me, your explanation about how you run.

    Thank you now I can rest easy.

  30. I’m always glad when it’s just me around when I read your posts! My 2nd daughter shared with me a couple summers ago that I can’t run. Well she didn’t say it like that she said, “Well, now I know where my sister gets it from.” Gets what? I’m a cool runner, not a dork, what’s she talkin’ about? I love that you watched your shadow. So amazingly something I would do. LOL


  31. Hmmm me thinks it doesn’t take much to make your parents laugh. 😉

    Enjoy the run with your daughter!

  32. You can’t run, and I can’t throw a ball, not even “like a girl.” When I throw, everyone runs for cover!
    And Rod tells me that I have a “tuneless whistle” whenever I start whistling to myself around the house.
    If I lived up where you are, I would come over and video you running, so you could put it on your blog. You would get a lot of people to your site, because all your friends and followers would tell EVERYONE to check it out.

  33. The new vlog! Run, Laura, Run! It can be like a Forrest Gump theme! lol

    My wife isn’t much of a runner either…. She blames it on her mom telling her to stop running so she wouldn’t hurt herself….

    How about a Tyler v. Laura race? Or a triathalon…. A race, then free throws, then the wheel ball toss!

  34. Screw ’em all! Just run!
    (Ever see that episode of Friends where Phoebe ran…good lesson there…shocking that a sitcom could have a good lesson, but there it is).

  35. Your family is even tougher on you than mine is on me! I can’t imagine what you do that looks so bad, but still this should be a vlog so the world can critique!

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  37. Hey there! I linked this post to my blog. I hope you don’t mind. It just fit so well and I love your funny posts.

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