Questions, Comments and Updates

First I want to thank Kim, from My Cold Cup of Coffee, for telling me why I run so funny.  She suggested that I run on my toes!  So I went out and ran with Jack and sure enough that is exactly what I do!!!

Thank you Kim!!!!

I know a lot of you really want to see me run.  One person actually said that he would un-follow me if I did not post a video.

I will miss you greatly.  You know I will.

However, there is a vlog coming soon by my mother and me. 

What do you want us to talk about this time?

Obviously, as the past vlog shows, we can talk about anything at length.

What should we name our vlogs? 

We need a name, something catchy.

And finally…

Do you know that I reply to your comments on my blog?  Do you subscribe to the comments?  Do you know that Tina, my mother, also leaves witty comments from time to time?

I have been looking for a way to get the comment replies sent to you and am having no luck.  So I will continue to reply on my blog and /or reply to you via email until I can figure it out.

Thank you for your answers!!!!


54 responses to “Questions, Comments and Updates

  1. People might think I’m weird but I don’t like to subscribe, cause it all just gets lost in the mess of emails. I much prefer to keep you in my favorites list!

    Can’t wait till your next vlog! Maybe you could have it be in the morning and call it “No Wine Time”. Be sure to have lots of coffee ready!

  2. I was inspired by you to ask my hubby if I looked alright while running. How’s my form? Am I doing it right?

    I never questioned these things before.

    I suppose adding a heel-toe motion is a pretty easy thing to fix!

  3. I would never ask to see you run—some things are just meant to be left to the imagination! ; )

    Hope you had a happy weekend!

  4. Sweet – I can’t wait for the Mother/Daughter Vlog II. First one is nominated or will be nominated for VLOG of the Year (later this year) on my site.

  5. So I see blackmail isn’t working. I’m sure your mother has some footage of of you running somewhere. I think I start negotiating with her.

  6. The running thing- there is actually a lot of merit to a front foot fall in the running stride. The minimalist runnrs (barefoot or very light shoes) tend to run on the toes or front of the foot instead of a heel strike. My friend is working to become this kind of runner because she says she has less hip pain when she toe strikes vs heel strikes.

    Your mom should share one of the hardest challenges she faced when parenting you. And you should share one of your most challenging parenting moments to date. And then talk about how your mom’s parenting prepared you for that challenge.

  7. I did not know about the comment replies, I will have to come back to check. I wasn’t aware of your “running” issues either, I do know that I have a little trouble running as an adult, I’ve frequently elicited giggles from friends and families for attempting it, which is why I jog alone. Let the passerby have a laugh at my expense, at least I don’t have to hear about it.

  8. I love your vlogs with the momma! The best!

    I use comment reply notification plugin in wordpress. I am pretty sure you get emails if I reply to your comment…I have tested it and was told that was what happened! 😉

  9. A toe runner? Like my husband? Awesome!!! But your excuse is that you were in dance, I wonder what my husband’s excuse is?

    I don’t really have any questions for your vlog, but I would like to see a guest appearance by Jim!

  10. i have a good friend who i used to run with a few years ago. she runs on her toes, and i had no idea until i went out with her for the first time. it took everything i had to not laugh in her face. sorry, but you probably do look funny. 🙂

  11. Your mom replies sometimes? I did not know this!

    • She just replied today. She is a dork.

      I am testing a new plug-in that should send this reply to you via email.

      Will you let me know if you get something sent to you?

      Thanks Melissa!!!

  12. My husband runs on his toes because apparently that is the best way to run. It puts less strain on your joints and helps you to work your muscles in the best way possible. At first I didn’t believe him, but I looked it up online. Google the pose method of running. It has a ton of helpful tips and then you won’t think you run funny anymore!

  13. I’m still having trouble with comments on my blog also. I’ll have to start subscribing over here. 🙂

    Can’t wait to see the upcoming vlog! How cute!

  14. I suppose you’re going to go practice your running now? LOL With all this rain, you might melt away. 3 days off and it’s rained all 3. Waaaah

    Now as for your vlog…The Next Door Vlog, The Grown Up Vlog, GNDGU Vlog, lol I don’t know. Now I’m just gonna get goofy.

    ~Mimi up Nort’

  15. Um, you mean we’re not supposed to run on our toes?

  16. Can’t wait for the vlog!

  17. Mommy & Me: The Vlog.

    I did NOT know you responded to comments IN your comments, nor that your mom was leaving witty comments. Obviously I need to pay closer attention!!!

  18. Can’t wait for the next installment of the Vlog Next Door & Mom!! And Eternal Lizdom topic suggestion was perfect, I think. Would love to hear about that. 🙂

    I run on my toes too, on the rare occasion that I’m chased. Maybe it’s a symptom of wearing high heels frequently??

  19. The girl's mother

    Witty. I like that. I believe I am witty. And pretty. Wise. Let’s not forget wise.



    Now, EVERYBODY SING ALONG!!! “I’so pretty…

    Okay, who said wise-ass?

    • OMG! Dork!!

      I see you are ready for the Vlog! I think it said witty, not wise ass. Although, they may be thinking it in their heads… isn’t it naptime?

  20. Someone wanted a video? Ya wanna me to kick some booty? you crack me up!!!

    Titles for your vlogs….. Tina and that girl, A bit of wit, say what?, She just happens to be my mom, Vlogging with Vodka, The fabulous duo…k that is all I can think of for now!

  21. I cant wait to see the next Vlog with you and your mom!

  22. I too love the Eternal Lizdom parenting vlog suggestion. Not crazy about the vlog next door and mom, but I don’t have a better suggestion so who am I to talk? If I do come up with one though, I’ll be sure and let you know. Maybe vlogging with the mom behind the girl?

  23. I don’t have any questions for you, but maybe you could call your vlogging sessions “The Vlog Next Door”.

  24. I really think “The Vlog Next Door” is a winner! 🙂

  25. Holy cow! I don’t think I’ve been away that long… Sweet new digs!! Love the new look.

    I got a new laptop, so I’m excited to watch one of your vlogs with the video and the sound actually matching up!!

  26. I like getting replies via email, I don’t subscribe to comments.

    You and your mom should talk about embarrassing stories from your childhood.

    Your vlogs should be called V.L.O.G.S (very lengthy oral gossip and sass)

  27. I am so glad that I found you again…that sounds weird. I so enjoy your blog. So I am glad to be back…or for you to be back…or…you know what I mean!

  28. Oh, and I forgot to tell you, my oldest girl Olivia walks on her toes when she’s nervous. When she was little for about 2 years, she walked on her toes. You should see her calves. They’re amazing.

    I don’t have any questions right now. I am completely tapped and weary to the bone. It is almost 2 am and I’m just now getting around to the blogs. I’ll try to think of one for the morning.

  29. No questions, but look forward to your next post.

  30. I’ll come back and check on your comments on the comments.

  31. I was hoping to hear the answer to the question I asked last time – if you and your mother could each have one wish granted for the other – what would it be?

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