Guilt and a Gallery

I may have felt a slight amount of guilt after showing you the one bad painting my dad did of me considering the vast number of good ones he has done over the years.

Oh yes, and the answer you have all been waiting for to this question:

“Why was the painting hung over the toilet?”

That is where the transitional paintings go that he does not like.  It will be back downstairs soon, so he can paint over it.


Now please enjoy some of his other, more wonderful pieces:


This one has been shown at art shows.  It is my favorite!  It looks just like her.

Sarah Playing Peek-a-Boo as a Baby!  OH THOSE EYES!!!

Mom at the Sculpture Garden, pre-hair coloring days…


I saved the best for last… Our Wedding….  We will be taking this if there ever is a fire.  It is too precious.

Thank you for taking the time to see dad’s great work!  He has about 30 more awesome pieces…

…just not of me!



75 responses to “Guilt and a Gallery

  1. They are amazing! I wish I could paint like that. What a talent he has.

  2. I loved seeing these!!! I love your father’s use of light, he has a definite style and quite a talent! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  3. I absolutely love all of them! Especially the one of you and Tyler!

  4. He does do a lovely job of painting! Unfortunately, he just isn’t good at capturing your “essence.” Oh well, you can’t win them all!

    • I know!!!! He totally gets everyone, but me. He is aware of that which makes it all the funnier. He did a sort of caricature of all of us that is really funny. He did us as farm people. The only problem is that he did it one night on the back of an old kitchen table!!!! We had to bolt it to our wall.

      Hey, I hope you are feeling better today!

  5. Awesome!! They are beautiful. Thanks for sharing!!

  6. Those are absolutely wonderful! My father also painted but it was usually landscapes. What Treasures your dad has created for you.

  7. Wow, I am glad you shared those because he is amazing. I love the first one which I assume is your daughter reading. I wish I had one like that of me. I can see why it has been shown at art shows. It is beautiful.

  8. These are beautiful…and to top it off with your dad doing them…incredible family heirlooms.

  9. Oh that wedding portrait is… so special, so sentimental… what a special, special gift!!

  10. Man. I can’t even do stick figures.

  11. Thank you so much for sharing those paintings. They are spectacular. I can see why he’d show them. What a wonderful gift.


  12. the first one and the last one are my favorite!

  13. Your father is so talented…beautiful paintings indeed!!!

    Love the one with Emily and your wedding. 🙂

  14. The one of Emily reading is so peaceful. Something about paintings always make me feel peaceful.

    And your wedding portrait is beautiful.

  15. P.S. The one of your mom made me giggle a bit, I have to admit. I bet she makes you smile every day!

  16. What an amazing talent!

  17. Incredible!! It’s like you can see emotion in them, especially the last one! Made my heart skip a beat, really!

  18. Like I said, I’m always in awe of people with any talent like this because I can’t even draw a stick figure correctly. He is a great painter!!

  19. Well, they are all beautiful!! And the wedding one has you in it;-)

  20. You certainly took any misconceptions about his talent away by showing these! Amazing!

  21. Stunning. Thank you so much for sharing these. Omg – keep this man painting.

  22. I love his change from abstract to landscape to portraits! Great work.

    • Yes, his early abstracts are so amazing. There is the giant one I used to hang in our entry, but now the wedding one has to be there. We just don’t have enough wall space!

  23. WOW. Your dad is supremely talented!! I am loving that first painting so much. And the wedding picture! Gorgeous. 🙂

  24. I know it’s been said a lot, but your dad really is talented. I’m glad he was able to find something that he can be passionate about. I think my favorite of these is your daughter reading. And your wedding. Beautiful!

  25. Your dad is very talented. I think my favorite is the first one. Thanks for sharing your dad’s talent with us! Beautiful.

  26. Oh and those eyes…WOW!!!

  27. Wow, WoW and WOW!!! Completely amazing!

  28. What a fabulous thing to have that wedding portrait and it’s so much better that your own Dad did it!

    He’s really talented!

  29. How wonderful! It is nice to have something to do that makes you happy.

  30. BEAUTIFUL! What treasures your father paints!

  31. Wow! He is so talented. He creates the most beautiful portraits.

  32. Laura. Wow. Your dad’s paintings are stunning! And that wedding portrait is just splendid.

    What a talent. Do you or your girls share his brilliance?

  33. Love em! The wedding one is so precious.

  34. Wow! Those pictures are stunning!! The last one at the wedding is definitely my favorite. Your Dad is very talented.

  35. Those painting are so sweet. What a great dad!

  36. Your wedding picture is so tender and beautiful, and the painting of your daughter reading is stunning. What an amazing gift your father has.

  37. Those are beautiful, especially the last one! What treasures!

  38. I have a bias as you know, but I really LOVE the last one! The look on your faces is captured beautifully, even without great detail, and I love your dress!

  39. I love the one of the girl reading. But I’m so tempted to walk up to the one of your mom on the bench and use a pink marker to color her bangs. Is that wrong?!?! 🙂

  40. ROFL @ Liz’s response. For real though, Laura, you’re dad is incredibly talented! I love his paintings!

  41. WoWie! Your dad has quite a talent! BEAUTIFUL!

  42. His paintings are amazing! But I agree with the other post.. the ones of you are not his best work, although I did like the second one a bit.

  43. These are great! Did you or your kids inherit his talents?

    • I cant draw for ….. Emily has some talent, but doesn’t want to learn! Dad even says he will pay her money if he can show her technique, but she would rather goof off instead!

  44. WOW, I LOVE THESE! I really like the top one, and then the married one. How lucky you are to have these!

  45. Does your dad have a website for his artwork? Really beautiful!

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