Feel Good Friday: Flowers, Husbands, Necklaces, Pizza and Directions to an Asian?!


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It has been a great “Feel Good” week.  Yes, it rained for 5 out of the 7 days, but we had a great time anyway…

  • Emily and Sarah helped me plant our annuals on Wednesday.  Nobody ate dirt – always a good thing.

  • Tyler was being funny all week which makes me fall even more in love with him.

  • I received my Twice Blessed Hand Stamped Necklace from Bridgette at Fancybelle Boutique.  I am wearing it in a picture here.  I will be writing about this soon, but until then… GET ONE NOW!!!  I love it that much!

  • Thanks to a post by JB at Homemaker’s Pensieve, I was inspired to do a “Theme Week” for our dinner menus.  I made a different Homemade Pizza every night.  Yum.

But the ONE thing that made me laugh the most this week was all because of Tami at 29 and Holding

Back in April, I wrote a post about me trying to convince my mom to get an iPhone instead of a Droid.  She got the Droid and I openly mocked her because she can’t ever seem to get the voice command to work in front of me.

Well, Tami got her Droid last week and I asked her how the Voice Command was working for her and this is what Tami emailed to me on Tuesday night:

I laughed right out loud when you asked about the voice command!  Saturday afternoon, when I found the voice command Shawn told me to ask it something. 


The example it gives on the screen is gas station, so I say “Directions to a gas station?”  It says “Directions to an Asian?”  Then it proceeds to give me directions to a Chinese restaurant!  Bahaha!

I laughed so hard!  Then I kept trying to read the message to Tyler, but I couldn’t get the words out!

I hope it makes you laugh too!

Have a wonderful weekend!!


71 responses to “Feel Good Friday: Flowers, Husbands, Necklaces, Pizza and Directions to an Asian?!

  1. As someone who just got her DROID this week… and has been playing with the Voice Command feature and it has been corect every time…

    Yeah, still funny!

    Maybe I just have a voice made for voice searching?

  2. Beverly@Beverly's Back Porch

    You are always funny. Did you share your pizza recipes for a different kind every night and I missed it?

    • No. I didn’t share, I just stole her idea. It has been a fun theme to do. Last night was chicken Alfredo pizza and tonight is bruchetta pizza. I never make pizza I usually leave it to the experts, so i am glad I tried something new!!!

  3. Too funny!! Happy Friday! So glad you’re enjoying the necklace! 🙂

  4. It seems that the droid’s voice command feature is a little out of whack!

    I hope you have a lovely weekend… I need to go write my ‘Feel Good Friday’ post soon.

  5. I’m back….I’ve been so busy that I haven’t ‘played’ the last 2 wks but here I am again!!!!

    The pizza idea sounds yummy – do share and if you have I apologise computer time and me do not get along so well with three kiddos home! LOL!

    OMG that is funny — makes sense an asian is at a chinese joint! Priceless!!!!

  6. Heeeeey……Happy Friday! I actually wrote a post, then I linked it wrong.
    Then, I linked it right – sorry about that first one. 😦

    What a happy week you had!


    Too funny on the DROID!

  7. Long ago we had a “you talk, it types” program for my very first HP computer. We put my dad on it and he says in his best clear voice, “I drive a Toyota.”

    The thing typed, “I drive a Door Yet The.” So we called his car Door Yet The for a while. Poor Droid must still be using that same old technology, plus you can get viruses from their apps.

    • Oh that is too funny! Our library would call and notify me of books waiting. They used a computer to do it and man, it never got any of the words correct! It was hilarious!

  8. I can never get the voice command on my iPhone to work for my iPod: I’ll tell it to play Journey, and it plays the Black Eyed Peas! Any similarity in how those 2 groups sound alike? Yeah, I didn’t think so!

  9. Thank you so much for the shout out, I’m glad it made you laugh:)

    Your homemade pizza week sounds delicious, yum! Also, your necklace is beautiful, I was wondering about it when you posted that picture the other day.

  10. I’ve put one of those necklaces on my Xmas “list” for the last couple of years and have yet to get one! I guess I shouldn’t really complain though, the last two years in a row I’ve gotten diamonds! You can never go wrong with diamonds!!

  11. Sounds like you had a great week! Hope you have an equally great weekend! 🙂

  12. hahaha!! That’s awesome!! I don’t trust voice command on my BB, either 🙂

    I’m all linked up for FGF!!

  13. Homemade pizzas sound REALLY yummy right now….MUCH yummier than my lean cuisine waiting to be devoured at lunch….is it lunch YET?! Better yet, is it time to go home YET?!

    Okay, I am CRACKING up at Directions to an Asian! That is hilarious!

  14. Two years ago I bought a couple of packages of frozen bread dough with which to make my own pizza, like I did when the kids were little.
    It is still in the freezer.

  15. What does it mean if my droid is so cheap that it doesn’t have voice command, not even a faulty one?

  16. Judie’s comment I can relate to.

    Reading your post makes me so happy. You are always so upbeat and have such a good sense of humor.

    Being a star wars fan, I love the name droid. Too bad it needs a translator.

    I think humor is the real romance in a relationship. oxoxoxo

  17. That is hilarious!

    My hubby gets into making homemade pizza and then he cooks them on his Big Green Egg outside. They are delicious.

  18. That is hilarious! I loved your themed menus. I may have to try that sometime. Thanks!!

    • I do, do theme weeks on occasion. It is fun for the girls. I also like to do State Fair Food Week, where I prepare stuff we would eat at a fair. The girls love it and I have to say it is WAY cheaper than real Fair Food!

  19. Oh that really is hilarious!! Bwahahahaha!! THanks for sharing the laugh with me!

  20. That is so funny!! Asian, haha 🙂

  21. I love my iPhone but that voice command sounds like a lot of fun!

  22. I just found my way here from Katie’s Dailies, and your post made me laugh. I shared my funny post of the week in hopes that it too helps someone have a Feel Good Friday. I’m so glad I’ve found your blog.
    A new Canadian friend,

  23. I think I’m gonna steal JB’s idea too. She had mentioned it to me and then I saw she posted about it.

    How fun!

    Any recipes you’d like to share with moi?

  24. That is funny! Voice commands are always a hoot.
    Different pizza every night? I’d love it but I think my family would tire after night 2!

  25. I am still using an old flip phone. I am so behind the times!

  26. So I’ve been home now for about two hours and it’s getting around to dinner time…and all this continuing talk about pizza in the comments is making me hungry! Though, I could go for a tomato mozzarella salad from Panera too….

  27. Droid! (that was said in the droid voice)…that is hilarious! Well at least it was for Asian food and not something else which I will keep to myself!

    Glad nobody ate dirt this week…that is always a good thing!

  28. Those voice commands are dangerous tricksters!

  29. Love the directions to an Asian. That made me laugh out loud. Can’t wait to read everyone else’s feel good moments, so off I go.

  30. Post will be published shortly 🙂

  31. Directions to an Italian, please:-)

  32. I am so happy to be in the middle of this! If you have been following my blog, you know that I missed out on so much of the fun stuff! I am trying to catch up, and I LOVE IT!!

  33. That is too funny! I have a Droid and I have never played with the voice command. I will surely be trying it now! 🙂 Is it weird that I hope it get’s it wrong just for a laugh??

  34. i love how you love your hubby even more for being funny all week – too sweet.
    i know you’re a big mac person, but my hubby really does love his DROID, we didn’t want to leave Verizon 😦

  35. that’s hysterical!!

    also glad that no one ate dirt. 🙂

  36. Mmmm…pizza every night sounds delicious! This reminds me of a story a friend told me recently. He is a Canadian and married an American last year. They went in for their green card interview and both of them swore the heavily accented woman said “You’re both under arrest.” Turned out, they were “both under oath.” When they told her the mistake, she asked, “Should you be under arrest?”

  37. My phone has an option where it will read the text message out loud and its really funny when it tries to pronounce certain words or dirty talk.

  38. I love that necklace!

    And have I told you that I have blog design envy–I love how your place looks! I think that everytime I stop by your place!

  39. What? You don’t get gas at the Chinese restaurant???? (That was too easy).
    Thanks for the shout out. I plan to give an update on (probably) Wednesday about how the Pizza Blast went. Did you do anything unusual?

  40. Ha! Too funny! My mom just got an iPhone and I’m still jealous.

    P.S. I normally don’t do this — I know you still stop by my ‘place’, but I really really extra want you to on Monday, okay? 🙂 It’s prom!!

  41. Awesome. That did make me laugh. Thanks.

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