The Birthday Curse

Saturday, June 26th is my Birthday.  I will be 37 years old!

Woo Hoo?!

No woo hoo.

You see, I do not look forward to the days surrounding my birthday at all, but not for the reasons you might think.

My mom is the one who coined it.  After yet another horrible week, a few years back, she told me that I must have some sort of “Birthday Curse.”

Bad things happen on or around my Birthday.

No shit.

Let’s see…

  • Gas leak
  • Appliances break
  • Both cars in the shop
  • Hospitalization
  • Damaging Storms / Tornados… yes… plural

And these are just the recent ones.  I think I have blocked out the Birthdays before age 20.

The year I turned 21, my dad got diverticulitis and on my Birthday I called him at 1 AM in the hospital to ask him if the whiskey had gone bad.  Mom was sure I shouldn’t have a whiskey sour because the whiskey was in the cupboard for a whole year.

By the way, I knew dad would be awake until 2 AM, so I wasn’t being selfish by calling.  That is just how he rolls.

The year I turned 22 my grandpa was in the hospital.  And year 23.  And year 24.  Got to love taking your Birthday off to play golf, only to wind up in the ER for 3 years straight.

The year I turned 25 I just wanted to drink a Leinie Red.  That is all.  I had been working all day and sat on the sofa with my mom when a storm hit at night. 

Now when I say “Hit,”  I mean a LIMB from our Cottonwood tree went through the garage roof.

I was sitting next to the wall of that roof.

I never got that beer.

The next few years weren’t much better…

My 30th rocked, however, I think it may have been because I kept saying I was 30, 6 months prior to the big day. 

The list goes on and on, but I think you get the point.

So maybe you just want to stay away from me this week.  Just sayin’.

Although we are having a pool party on Saturday and YOU ALL ARE INVITED!  Just bring an appetizer to share.

My address is…

 Well dontcha know the dishwasher just started spewing water!

Maybe it is best if you stay home.

And be careful.


58 responses to “The Birthday Curse

  1. Ironically, the year you had a good one (30) was my absolute worst! The rest of them were peachy! I hope yours will be fabu this year!

  2. I’m not invited to your pool party? I am really offended now. Just kidding – from my home to your’s is a LONG drive!

    Hopefully your birthday with be catastrophy-free this year!!! Good luck – I hope the birthday curse has run its course.

  3. Wow, that is insane! I really hope this year’s birthday goes off without a hitch!

  4. You should totally buy a shield, to deflect this curse. It sounds down right unfair!! I have a cape if you’d like to borrow it.

    I’ll have a beer in honor of you and your birthday! Have a great one.

    BE SAFE!!

  5. Maybe once you should start celebrating on a different day and see what happens! Just a little experiment to see if the curse follows you. Ha!

    BTW, I tend to think I’m a year older by about 6 months prior to my birthday. Now it’s starting to get confusing. Is it 32 this year or 33?!? Time to do the math!

  6. Oh, Happy Early Birthday!!!!

  7. Wishing you a curse free Birthday! Do they make a card for that?

  8. Maybe you should celebrate the entire month of June, that way, at least a few days would be good?

    Hoping you have an uneventful one. I’m turning 39 in August. Last year of the 30’s!

  9. Happy Early Birthday! I am sending internet hugs for you!

  10. I hope this curse doesn’t extend to people who comment on your blog!

    Happy Birthday – I guess.

  11. Hoping the bad luck stays away from here on out and you can enjoy the rest of the week leading up to your birthday!!!!!!!

  12. Happy (early) birthday, you! I’m willing away the bad luck for you! : )

  13. Good luck surviving the week! And I have my fingers crossed that your bad aura doesn’t resonate through the blogosphere. 🙂

  14. Well, I hope this curse ends! lol. Have a great birthday…or at least try! I turned 37 on June 11th! We are birthday sisters… 🙂

  15. Oh happiest of birthdays this year! Here’s hoping for peace and quiet!! This year will be the break of the curse!

  16. Have a rockin’ birthday, my girl. May the forces of catastrophe stay far, far away from you this week.

    If you weren’t so far away, I’d limp over, (because I’ve starting doing The Shred workout and I can barely walk), with my to die for, Death By Chocolate and sing Happy Birthday to you, maybe while keeping my hands over my head, just in case flying objects fall out of the sky or something.

    • Thank you and you know I would invite you. Today, Sarah, who is already potty trained, had some explosions – good-bye 2 hours and then I had computer problems and have spent the past hour fixing them. But I will perservere!!!!!!

  17. My birthday is June 26th too! I knew you were awesome…

    Sorry you have had such rotten luck… that’s pretty amazing to have it year after year after year… and not amazing in a good way. Maybe this is the start of a good luck turnaround and it’s going to be the best birthday ever! That’s what I hope for you anyway. =)

  18. Next year we need to start celebrating on Dec 26. Or rather this year, it will still be.

    Have your best birthday ever. All good things to you. XD

  19. I’m always sick for mine. Chicken pox at 5 years was the first lol. This last one I was in the ER for gallbladder attack. I’ll be pullin’ for you here. It’s gonna be great! I hope… lol

    • Hey! I had the pox at age 5 too!! Yuck! THank you for the good thoughts! So far, 2 things have gone wrong. 1 is a major computer problem that I think I fixed today, in an hour flat! YAY!

  20. I shall wave my magic wand and deem the curse lifted! Dang it, where’s my wand? By the way, two of my favorite bloggers share the same birthday and are the same age. How cool is that! Here’s hoping this year is the best one yet!

  21. Too bad we don’t know where the party is. I have a great appetizer that I could have brought. It involves soaking cherry tomatoes in frozen vodka . If you change your mind, call me! My phone number is……………….

  22. I hope you have an awesome birthday. Just think of it as adventurous! Check in on the 27th so we all know you are okay. And the best part? You’ll only be 37…that would be nice.

  23. That is a pretty good string of bad birthdays. I’d change the day. My wife filed for divorce on my birthday and I was certain I was going to change it to May 5 so I could party every year from there on out. Somehow my friends changed my mind.

  24. Holy Cow! You poor thing. Well, try to have a great week and a super duper birthday! But I can’t wait to hear what happpens this year. Always good for a post, right??

  25. Wow!!! And I thought it was because of AGE that you didn’t want to celebrate!

    Hope this year won’t be as bad…appliances, weather and all!

  26. weird to have had such random crap luck around your birthday.
    i’d love to attend your pool party and i’m jealous that you’re a year younger than me.

    this has only happened to me once and it followed into my wedding…

    i planned my wedding around my b’day weekend. bad move in case we ever get divorced by the way, anyway, b’day 2008 my cat was put to sleep! we thought we were bringing her in for a cold, she was dying of breast cancer, we were totally clueless 😦 then i got seriously ill on our honeymoon – a few days later. thinking i had food poisoning in the DR, it turned out i had pancreatitis and needed my gall bladder out as soon we got to newark airport (home). yet, every birthday has been awesome. weird, right?

  27. I’ll be sending up some prayers for you and on Saturday! 🙂 Hope you have an awesome birthday with NO DRAMA AND NO TRAUMA! 🙂

  28. Well, I think you deserve a break this year! Hope Saturday goes off without a hitch!

  29. I hope you know that I say this in the nicest way and with love because you are my sister, but DAMN you look younger than 37! Not that 37 is old. Because it’s not. Because if you are old then I am old and if I am old then … well, we are writing our wills so that is depressing enough 🙂 I hope 37 is the best year ever! It will be a good day! Don’t jinx it!!

  30. I feel your pain!~really. This is the way Christmases usually go for us. If we ever have any extra money for Christmas, then you can bet a car will break down, we’ll have to move, something will happen. Every single year. Last christmas it was having to buy a dryer. I kept telling myself and everyone else, it’s coincidence, but after 30 year’s of this shit, I’ve acknowledged that the universe does not want me to have a stress-free Christmas. Nope!

  31. It must be nice to know in advance! At least your mind is prepared. How many people have that luxury? 😉 We’ll keep our fingers crossed for you (from far away 😉 ).

  32. My last birthday was 6.5 years ago, the day Alivia was born. Is being in labor for 36 hours and not being able to eat or drink right up there with a limb coming through your house? I’m not sure:)

    I hope you have a great party! Is the VP invited?

  33. I always end up crying on mine. Last year, they were happy tears. But that’s not usually the case.

    • Oh no!! This week was horrible. We had a storm and lost power, my daughter got a tooth knocked out at softball, I got injured swimming, and there is more! But it ended well thank goodness!

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