Don’t Worry, Tyler is Okay!


The other night Tyler told me to come into the kitchen because he had a present for me that he brought home from work. 

He was so excited.

Before you learn what it is, you must know what Tyler does for a living.

Tyler is a National Account Executive for an Atlas Vanlines Agent in Minnesota.  This means that he works with companies when their employees need to relocate. 

To put it simply… he moves people.  He doesn’t actually “move” them, he is the behind the scenes person who makes sure everything goes off without a hitch.

For his more VIP clients, he is with them throughout the entire move and because of this; he really gets to know them well.

A lot of times, these clients come to him with things they are planning to donate or throw away and they ask him if he wants it first.

We have received a brand new child’s rocking horse, a play house, a huge stuffed polar bear, a never used Coach handbag, etc…

It can be really fun!

Or not…

So… the other night, I went into the kitchen to see what he had brought home for me.

It was a mirror. 

Specifically it was a Magnified Mirror with Lights from the Sharper Image.

The only way to see yourself is to put your face up close and then you will see lines and grooves and freckles that you did not know even existed.

I know this because I did it. 

And then I screamed in horror and stepped back in shock.

But then I returned to take one more look just to make sure of what I saw. 

And then I was sad.  And mad. 

Meanwhile Tyler was just laughing and laughing.

You see, I thought I looked like this:

But really, I look like this:

Tyler said that he brought it home just because he knew I would be horrified and that it was funny.

Somehow, “funny” is not the word I would use.

Since I am too “old” to injure him extensively, I guess I will settle for him bringing the garbage cans in every freakin’ week for the rest of my life. 

And that must not be too far away according to the lines on my face.

Now I am off to Google Major Reconstructive Surgery Botox.


48 responses to “Don’t Worry, Tyler is Okay!

  1. My husband would also think that was hilarious.

  2. How funny! That looks more like me, than you. I’ve been searching for one forever and can’t seem to find the right one. My eyesight has gotten so bad, I can hardly get my face on. Problem is, I can find plenty that magnify, but few that don’t distort. I would prefer to see my whole face, and not just see half of it, at a time.

  3. Ha! those mirrors can be frightening! No one needs to see themselves tht close up!

  4. He should definitely pay for that.
    I don’t even flip the little normal/magnifying mirror to the magnifying side.

  5. OMG what is this world coming to!? lol…you know you have to get him back….

  6. Ha!! Reminds me of when I put make-up on at my mother’s house. She has strong natural lighting in the bathroom, we do not. Oh the horror!!!

    What are you going to do to get Tyler back? Bringing in the garbage cans is an excellent start! 🙂

  7. Maybe yo can get some “Mommy time” out of it… convince him that his little moment of humor scarred you emotionally and you need some serious time at the spa for a series of facials…!

  8. OY I agree those mirrors should have a warning label!!!!!

    LOL at your comedy but trust me you are a spring chicken and look GREAT!

  9. I hardly ever laugh out loud when I read. I never never write lol. This time I’ve done both!. So funny!

  10. My boyfriend would think that’s hilarious too. I would be horrified and probably cry. LOL

  11. I hope you gave him a good poke in the nose and then kicked the trash cans into the street!

  12. That’s hilarious!

  13. No freaking way would I look in one of those mirrors.

  14. Ok, now that I’ve read this post my comment on your previous post is even funnier!!! Or maybe you hate me now. But you clearly don’t look like that second pic. I do 🙂 I hate those mirrors! OR any mirror, really. I avoid them at all costs.

  15. Your post is absolutely hilarious; the pictures are priceless. I personally don’t see the humor in the mirror, I think I’d prefer the coach handbag, but that is just me.

  16. I think your second picture is hilarious but I don’t think you have anything to worry about from that mirror.

  17. LMAO, I feel the same way when I put my glasses on. I only need them to drive, so I rarely look at myself in the mirror when I’m wearing them… but when I do… it’s pretty disturbing.

  18. Ha, ha! We ahve been relo-ed twice by Craig’s company, and one of those times Atlas was the vanline. So I’ve worked with a “Tyler” of sorts before.

  19. I still remember being in a hotel and there was a magnifying mirror in the bathroom. I an still not over it.

    I think this entitles you to all kinds of beauty treatments and being pampered to help get over it. Hey, me too.

  20. omg. your “real” pic just made me shit my pants.

  21. My husband knows that I would seriously maim him if he ever did something like this to me.
    You are adorable! And that second pic cracked me up. You could never look like that in a million years!

  22. what a thoughtful gift…this is said with a GREAT deal of sarcasm! HAHA! 🙂 I think him bringing in the trashcans is a great payback!

  23. My mother has one of those mirrors, but she’s also needs reading glasses. I don’t think they’re meant for people with normal vision.

  24. You are so far from that second picture, PUH-LEASE! But that SO sounds like something The Husband would do to me!!

  25. Ugggh, those mirrors are horrible. I would have knocked him out. Okay, not really, but I’d definetly have a list of thigs that needed to be done around the house.

  26. I am sooooo depressed! I don’t need a magnifier to see the wrinkles!

  27. You are beautiful and don’t let any mirror tell you different. Seriously, you know what is the worst, though, besides your mirror, that is? When you are walking around somewhere thinking you look fine and glance up unawares only to catch a reflection of yourself in a shop window. Yikes. Someone tell me shop windows add 20, no 30 pounds.

  28. That is one of the reasons I refuse to buy one of those mirrors!! I don’t need to see everything close up!

    That second picture cracked me up! You sooooo do not look like that!!!

  29. HAHAHA dude you don’t look like that. I do! Stop stealing my pictures dammit.

  30. Just bide your time! He’ll get his! 😉
    Hilarious photo comparison!

  31. I despise those mirrors! Garbage cans are definitely in order.

    My husband’s “funny” thing is to take really bad pictures of me. He waits until I’m yawning or I’m making a weird face and snap! I got mad at him recently and told him that my children will have only memories of me with an ugly face. His funny is going to earn him a punch in the nose one of these days.

  32. Omg, that picture is horrifying! Who buys a mirror like that? Obviously, someone who owns stock in Botox!

  33. That is hysterical! My guess is, he looked at his face first and saw how scary it was. =) I see you found a way to make him bring those cans in! Good for you!

  34. You are too funny!! Did you make him look in the mirror too?

  35. You are gorgeous! That mirror is liar!!

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