And the Oscar for Dramatic Female Lead Goes to…

For Father’s Day this year I had to think really hard as to what to do for Tyler.  He has everything he wants, or if he doesn’t he just goes out and buys it.

  • First I was getting him the leaf blower- sucker thingy he wanted, but he bought it.
  • Then I was going to buy him a power washer, but he bought it.
  • He can always use golf balls, but that just seems so silly, since he can get them any ole time.
  • He has enough golf shirts to wear 1 every day in the summer.
  • One year I got him a gifty for a message since he likes that stuff, but he never took the time to use it and then the message place closed.

I figured the only other route to take was the sentimental one because that stuff is priceless and somehow I am filled with joy if I can bring someone to tears.

I am weird like that.

I made my dad cry last year with the book of his artwork I had made.

I brought Tyler to tears the year I made him a book of letters I had written to him in Sarah’s “voice.”

So this year, thanks to Melissa’s (My Life and How It’s Going) husband Randy, I got an idea to make a video tribute.

Simply Brilliant.

I scoured my computer for pictures of the girls with Tyler and picked out the best ones.  Then I put the pictures to John Mayer’s Father-Daughter Song.

But wait, there’s more…

Then I took the video camera and asked the girls questions about Tyler and inserted them into the slideshow.

Emily was awesome, but she is also 10 years old. 

She c-o-o-p-e-r-a-t-e-s.

Sarah… well, Sarah just makes me want to bang my head against the wall sometimes.

All the kid had to say was, “Happy Father’s Day” and “I Love You.”

That was the minimum requirement.

Did she do it?

Here is a sample of some of the things she said:

Me:  Sarah what do want to say to Daddy? 

Sarah:  Who?  Who’s Daddy?

Me (whispering):  Sarah, Say Happy Father’s Day!

Sarah:  I am goin’ to be 20 on my burfday.

Me:  (angrily whispering):  Sarah!  How much do you love Daddy?

Sarah:  What?  No.  I don’t feel like love now.

Me:  (Clearly frustrated and annoyed):  Tell Daddy you LOVE him!

Sarah:  *sigh* Oh ok.  Love you Daddy. (While turning around and NOT facing the camera)

I bribed.  I begged.  I pleaded.  I threatened. 

I tried to tape her for 5 days straight and I got a whole lotta nothing.

Yet, for 5 days straight, every time Tyler came home from work, he got a HUGE hug and a kiss followed by:


“Happy Father’s Day, I Love YOU Daddy!”


I ended up having to use the footage I shot.

He loved it anyway.

And he might’ve cried.


58 responses to “And the Oscar for Dramatic Female Lead Goes to…

  1. That is positively the best! Someday, down the road, it will become THE most priceless gift ever.

  2. Too bad you couldn’t set up a hidden camera and capture that coming home moment!!

  3. If you have noticed, I have been absent around here. The Birthday Curse lives on and I am actually injured!!!!!

    I know, right?!

    I will write about it later, but just in case anyone was wondering. I am just sitting around icing my body.

  4. Oh no about another birthday curse injury!! Hope you’re feeling okay!

    LOL about this line from your daughter: “I don’t feel like love now.” ! My son’s just 3 years and I can’t imagine him saying something so teenager-y! Of course, he’s still only a step or two above a caveman at this point. “No like that!”

    Congrats on getting your cry from Tyler! 🙂

    • Sarah learns a lot from her big sister. I really hated the phase when I would tell them something and they BOTH would say, “fine!” in the snottiest of ways.

      As far as the injury, I will write about it, but seriously, all I can do is laugh (not in a funny way). I am just glad nothing is broken.

  5. I can so feel your pain. One year I wanted to make my husband a calendar for Christmas and you should see how many photos I had to take of my son in his halloween costume, or on the floor with wrapping paper. I too love the line “I don’t feel like love right now” that is exactly how my middle child would act. Glad it all came together and I am so sorry that the birthday curse lives on. That is almost eerie.

  6. What a wonderful idea that was! I love “I am goin’ to be 20 on my burfday,”
    Sometimes it does seem like it goes that fast and your video will be a treasure : )

  7. I can’t wait to read about your birthday curse injury. I hope it isn’t too painful!

    I love the dialog between you and Sarah in this post. Reminds me of my girls and their preference for not being told what to say!

  8. YAY! Gotta love kids – if you noticed on the video Randy made for me, Hayden was also less than cooperative. And the lack of cooperation probably makes it all the more better because it’s real… I am sure Tyler loved it!

  9. Oh, what a sweet idea! For our Father’s Day, my husband had a back ache and could barely move. But we did venture down to the pool where he felt better. Poor guy.

    also, I always have the hardest time because he’s like your Tyler: always buying himself his own presents. The man is imPOSSible to buy for!

    • It is. I should just shop at the As Seen on TV store since he loves gadgets. I keep a list of things he casually mentions, but usually he has bought everything… So frustrating!

  10. I think the little devils know what they are doing 😉 !
    Great story! You earned your next Mother’s Day with that one!

  11. That is so sweet. Wouldn’t we all love to be like Sarah and do as we damn well please?

  12. Oh my gosh! I love that idea so much! I might have to steal that one for my husband’s birthday. He is a shopaholic, so he buys everything for himself before I can even think about it. I love that!

    And I bet you the video was even sweeter with her little comments. What a great memory.

  13. It’s almost sweeter when they are all goofy like that! It really captures them at that age.

  14. That is so hilarious about Sarah!
    I like your Father’s Day gift idea!

  15. What a great idea! I ordered a canvas from (pretty sure that’s it). You can get a free canvas! They are really nice. Check it out for the next holiday!

  16. That book of letters you made him is probably the best gift of all time. Love it.

  17. You are a dream wife come true.

  18. Her responses had me laughing out loud! I’m slightly disappointed that you didn’t post the video for all of us to see:(

    On a related note, I was going to steal Melissa’s idea too and make one for my husband for Father’s Day with my girls. However, his whole car fiasco last week took up all of our time, not to mention he didn’t go to work, so I couldn’t get rid of him to make the video. Sigh.

  19. that is the best gift you could’ve given him, and it was priceless and timeless. Something special he will have long after your kids are grown. What a lovely idea 🙂 As for your daughter not cooperating….hey, that’s kids for ya. Take what you can get 🙂

  20. How funny! How frustrating, LOL! These chitlin’s are too much. I got a set of my own, but we haven’t hit the “cooperate” stage yet, LOL!

    Have a great day,

  21. Awwww…what a wonderfully sweet idea.

  22. Sounds like a great gift. My co-worker was just showing me a video message his wife made for him with their daughter singing a song. Cutest. Video. Ever. And he was so proud.

    • I bet it was. I wish Sarah had cooperated but Tyler said this was better that she didn’t. I even edited out the part of me yelling “just say I love you already!!!!!!” he thought I should have left that part in.

  23. Omg, I’m sorry to hear you are injured. This is enough for this birthday right? No more. I noticed your absence.

    What a great gift. I want to do that for my impossible to buy for hubby.

    • Thank you. It is just so fitting that I got hurt this week. I guess it is better than having an appliance break.

      Try the love jar for your husband. Write down 52 things you love about him and have him pull one out each week.

  24. Men cry?!? Whoa… This is brand new information!! (My husband has that many polo shirts too.)

  25. My husband is in production, making him a video is something I’ve never even considered:)

    Poor man. This year with getting the kids off to camp he had to go buy chips and make his own Father’s day nachos.

  26. aargh. why can’t I think of things like that???

  27. GREAT idea!!

    I loved it when you wrote “..somehow I am filled with joy if I can bring someone to tears.” That was hilarious!!

  28. What a wonderful father’s day present!

  29. Sweet and funny, all at the same time! I was going to get my hubby a leaf blower, too!!! But he ended up getting a new shirt and tie for work. He didn’t cry.

  30. ohhhh that is awesome! Why is it when you ask the kids to do something they won’t be when your not expecting something they do it! Ugh!!!!!

  31. Haha. Bringing grown men to tears (in a good way) should be the highlight of everyone’s day. 😉 Dealing with my three year old son routinely makes me feel like I’m in the Twilight Zone. I’m practically beside myself with frustration because as much as I’m directing and instructing and ordering him to do things, it’s like he doesn’t even hear me, he’s compelled to do something completely different, to the point where I have to wonder, “am I here? do I exist at all?” Very existential. 😉 Glad you both had a lovely Father’s Day.

  32. Awwwwwwwwwwww. That made me sniffle. So sweet!! I did manage to find the perfect Father’s Day card to make GC tear up, so I claim success this year, too.

  33. Total young girl – they can be soooo uncooperative, and yet they wrap their daddies around their little fingers. My 25 year old still has her daddy wrapped! Thank god, she’s the only girl I had – the rest are boys! boys!boys!boys!!!! and each one thinks the others are momma’s boys – so I must have three momma’s boys. 🙂

  34. Haha kids can be so difficult sometimes. At least he still liked it.

  35. BigB is exactly like that, too. I’ve often used the same words to describe him. I start worrying about his birthday six months out. I went for sentimental, too. And I also think footage of Sarah not cooperating is a great keepsake, particularly if you print a copy of this blog post and tuck it in there. Have you hear Louden Wainwright’s song, “That’s My Daughter”? It’s a great one for a Dad.

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