The Birthday Curse Lives On…

**Feel Good Friday is tomorrow!  What made you feel good this week?  Choose your prompt and link up!**

I always schedule my posts slightly in advance.  Today’s post is not scheduled.


Because The Birthday Curse of 2010 has happened and I am injured.

I felt the need to tell you ASAP since I haven’t been around much.

So I’ve got blog guilt combined with pain.

It was an accident and nothing is broken.

I will fill you in when I can write a post that doesn’t consist of swear words and maniacal laughter.

Quite honestly, I feel like a lunatic and if anything else happens, just shoot me and put me out of my misery.

I’m thinking I will tell you on Monday…. If I am still alive by then…

Now I need to get back to my icepack.


37 responses to “The Birthday Curse Lives On…

  1. *Gentle hugs* Hope you’re all better soon!

  2. Oh no! I can’t believe it!

  3. If it’s a trashcan-returning injury, or a over-magnification-of-your-face injury, all of us bloggers might just form a mob and come after Tyler for not putting you in a bubble the week of your birthday!

  4. Oh no! Rest up and get well soon! 🙂

  5. Poor Laura! I’m so sorry! I hope your hip gets to feeling better (assuming that is the injury you are referring to).

    – Melissa

  6. At least it’s summer—the ice won’t be as cold! Hope you get to feeling better quickly! : )

  7. Oh no!!! Blasted Birthday Curse!!

  8. It’s all because of a birthday?!! Oh no!

  9. Oh, No! Birthday curses are icky!

  10. OMG, seriously? I hope you feel better soon and that you won’t have to cancel your party! This didn’t involve the trash cans, did it?!

  11. You have 2 days before your b-day! I believe that you WILL get better and this injury will go away…darn it! That curse is out the door this year. 2 days, you still have 2 days! I’d tell ya to just stay in bed, but you’d probably end up with bed sores that require medical treatment! You can do it!!

    Hope you are feeling better!

  12. Oh no!!! Heal well, friend! And be careful this weekend!

    Here’s to a happy and accident free birthday!

  13. Oh no… but… it’s not your birthday yet, so maybe your actual birthday will be good? Feel better!

  14. Oh you poor thing! I thought your birthday was this weekend??? Maybe you are breaking the curse by being injured early?? Wishful thinking for a Happy Birthday!

  15. Hope you are back, and up to par (get it, par, lol) soon.

  16. Thanks for the reminder. I hate to leave FGF to the last minute. Hope you are feeling better soon and that you start to have something good to write about for tomorrow. Maybe you should play the lottery?

  17. You can’t just leave us hanging like that! Til Monday? You’re kidding me! Hope whatever it is wasn’t too serious!!! (((hugs)))

  18. I am so sorry hun. I put a hug in a jar. Just open it when you are strong enough to receive it. Don’t wanna hurt ya anymore than you already are.

  19. Oh me oh my….when will you learn to hide away? I admire your perseverance though. Feel better soon.

  20. I think you must wish these thing upon yourself!

  21. Uh oooooooh – can’t wait to hear about this!

  22. Do I need to send a walker your way? I’ve actually made a practice of buying walkers and pimping them out with streamers and pinwheels and bling for people’s 40th birthdays. I know it’s a little early for you, but it sounds like you might be able to use it. Hmm?

    Rest up and don’t do any boogying this weekend. Seriously.

  23. Hope you’re on the mend and feeling great soon! 🙂

  24. Well crap on a cracker! Just knew this would be a carefree Saturday, with nothing to think about, except turning 37. Now you’ve gone and injured yourself. Hope you feel better soon. (and for goodness sake, SIT DOWN, it may be less dangerous)

  25. And you wants me to buys your red sofa? It ain’t as purty as a purple one I’s gonna get me!

    Hope all is well, seriously. I’ve missed you. Wait, are you in one of my boxes??? For all I know at this point you could very well be…

  26. Sorry to hear it.
    I’ll trade your ice pack for my “got head butted by a horny goat and now my arm is bruised to heck”.
    My birthday is in July. Maybe I should take up praying.

  27. No. Way. Hope you feel better soon!!!

  28. Oh man. I hope you feel better too. 😉 I’d try offering stage luck to you but I’m afraid if I told you to break a leg, you just might, so I’ll keep that to myself. Have a safe and happy birthday!!

  29. Hope you recover soon! Oh, and I feel good today because I just sat the last exam for this semester – yay!

  30. Oh, no! What happened?? Hope you feel better soon!

  31. I’m so sorry. Sending healing vibes to you. I hope you are much better by now.

    • Thank you. I am. However so much more happened this week and I tell you, rude people anger me and I just need to find time to write about it. I am so angry at the world. I will tell you the kicker of a story to come….

      A mom at a softball game whose daughter was illl, she gave her 11 yr old VICODIN to get through the game! Can you believe it??? How stupid are people? I am just so angry. There is more, but I am writing about it as soon as I get a chance.

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