Feel Good Friday: Ninjas in the Neighborhood

**Happy Feel Good Friday!!!  What will you write about today?**

A couple weeks ago I noticed a purple box hanging from a tree limb in our neighborhood park.

Nobody knew what it was.

It bothered me. I wanted to know what was in this mysterious box.

This week, I showed it to Emily.  It bothered her too.

We walked to the park 3 times to look and to wonder.

We even brought binoculars to see what the mysterious paper said, hanging inside this mysterious box.

This family loves a good mystery.

One afternoon while Sarah was sleeping, we sat outside wondering what it could be and how could we get at it.


Could it be a treasure map?


Or possibly money?


Maybe it was a key to something?


Emily wondered if Ninjas would come out at us when we attempted to get the box down.


Tyler’s best guess was that it was a memorial to somebody who died and if we disturbed it, ghosts would haunt us forever.

Like that hasn’t happened already…

Emily tied all of her jump ropes together to make a lasso to throw up to the box to try and pull it down.  She practiced her lasso-ing skills in the driveway.

I googled the DNR and our County website just to make sure it wasn’t something official.

Tyler even hurried home in case it was indeed a treasure map and we had more places to go.

We got out our roof rake with all of the extensions and put it into the car.

It was unanimous that, just in case we needed to get away from the ninjas quick, we would need our car.


Carefully, we hooked up the rake and started to try to get the box down.

After some time, we got saw a young man walking his dog.

I asked him if he knew what the contraption was and he actually knew.  It would have been helpful if the tree had been labeled somewhere… anywhere.

Deflated we all slumped home.

Our adventure was over.

Emily was the most disappointed and I asked her this,

“Would you like to have a family who would not care about the box and just poo-poo it, or would you rather have a family like ours who spent the entire day dreaming of treasures and ninjas?”


What do you think she said?

This week, it makes me feel so good that our family has such an imagination and a huge adventurous spirit. 

Memories like these don’t happen every day.



66 responses to “Feel Good Friday: Ninjas in the Neighborhood

  1. I wonder how many people not from MN know about your roof rake! I need to get one of those. They are hot sellers at work! Save big money (and all). tee hee hee

    I couldn’t believe what that box was for! Interesting.

    I love your daughter’s ending response. So cool!

  2. Oh, you’re killing me! What WAS it? I can’t wait to link up tomorrow! My first time! 🙂

  3. I love your little adventure. Everyone should take time to notice more about what’s going on around them and enjoy it.

    Have a great week end!

  4. Your family makes me smile!

    And I guess they need to do a better job with that ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign, huh? Not doing much good INSIDE the box!!! 😀

    • There was no sign on our tree. The paper inside had some special sticky stuffnto catch the bugs.

      The next morning on the AM news, they showed trees around the Twin Cities and told about the Emerald Ash Borer. Buy did we feel silly.

    • I know!!! Ther was no sign or anything official on our box!!! Crazy!

  5. *btw* I saw the link but I can’t play video, so, yeah, still lost…Ok, I didn’t actually see the link the first time, but then I went back…

  6. We need to get our imaginations working more often too. SOmetimes I think Jellybean doesn’t have one!!! This is, as always, a fantastic post.

  7. Your family sounds like fun!

  8. At least it kept you all occupied!!!

  9. At least the next morning they did Not show your family “disturbing” the box as part of the news about the boxes. Have you ever heard of geocaching? You’d be good at it.

    • We have geocached!!!! We started this spring and I wrote about it, but the post got bumped for something else :-(. That is SO much fun!!!!!!!

      Our city has a medallion/ treasure hunt every Fall that we immerse ourselves in.

  10. Isn’t it great to have all the time in the summer for these adventures? I wonder what you will find next?!

  11. Those boxes are all over here. We wondered to, and found out what they were for. Of course, all the ones we have come across aren’t labeled either.

    Great story.

  12. We have these boxes all of the place here. My first thought seeing them was that they were for bats. Interesting that they are for the beetles. hmm.
    I saw a couple of bugs yesterday that I had never seen before. Bugs are getting weird.

    Sorry your mystery kinda was kind of a dud. It happens! ;o) But at least you had fun.

    Have a great Friday.

  13. Am I allowed to laugh at this? I’m laughing with you though, not at you:) You are laughing though, right? 🙂

    I’ve got something more mysterious than your purple box. One day we were driving to church and we noticed these tennis shoes slung over the top of a telephone wire, right at the entrance ramp to the highway! Obviously, it was weird. Even weirder though, was a few weeks later when I saw another pair of tennis shoes slung over a telephone wire a few miles away. It’s been at least 2 months and both pairs are still there. How did they get there? Why are they there? Can I borrow your roof rake?

  14. What’s life without a healthy dose of curiosity??! Ultra boring. Happy adventuring!

  15. Y’all are adorable with your imaginations! LOVE IT!

  16. Stick with geo caching. Leave the bat houses alone.

  17. Huh! Who’d thunk it?

    There used to be a very,very tiny scavenger race here in town where the runners had to leave a mysterious white powdery substance behind them to show that they’d already been there. Well,as you can imagine, the whole town was mystified by what that stuff was and ideas were flying around till the organizer of this teeny tiny race stepped up and said that it was really flour.

    Needless to say, the race was canceled… forever because city officials said the flour looked ” too suspicious”. Oh well… You’re story was great!

  18. I’m glad you like the posts. I love them! Thanks again and enjoy the ice cream.

  19. Such a sweet story!

  20. That is awesome! I have to admit that I would have probably just walked by it without giving it a second thought. *sigh* I need to be more curious about life, I think!

  21. I’ve been seeing those boxes everywhere and wondered what they are, too. I assumed it was some kind of agriculture thing (I’m such a country girl.) but never investigated it.

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  22. That is the funniest thing…and I would’ve worried about what that box is for too! Near our house there’ve been these stakes along one of the main roads that are in the middle of people’s yards…they’ve been there for almost a year and I still can’t figure out WHY they are there! It’s killing me! HAHAHA! 🙂

  23. Your story totally made my day. I love it. I hope you all continue to let your imaginations run wild!

  24. I just wish the “Ninjas” would have shown up!! LOL

    Nice one Laura and hope after your birthday booboo you are doing better…

    jackie b central texas

  25. Grrr…. they really should have labeled the doggone thing.

    But what a FUN adventure for the family!!!

  26. Hmph. I like the treasure map story better.

  27. I love it! It’s so cute that your entire family was so dedicated to getting the purple box (we would have done the same)! Too bad there was no treasure to be found.

  28. Wow, I’m glad to know for when I travel.
    You all just invented a great birthday game. Hang a mysterious box in a tree. What could be more mysterious than purple?

    Attack it like a pinata with jump ropes and a rake.

    Have Ninjas descend from the trees and interact with all the guests.
    I wish I could come to your party. Even in make believe it is excellent.

    Happy Birthday – stay well.

  29. What a GREAT family you have 🙂 Certainly makes me think of all the times I say no to my kids, when a yes would be so much more fun 🙂 And now I’ll know what those purple boxes are if I should come across one!

  30. I was so intrigued. Ninjas…

  31. I would much rather have a family who was on the look out for ninjas and treasure maps.

    We make fairy gardens all the time in the back yard.My 12 yr old is convinced fairies live under the elephant ears out back.

  32. I think it’s precious she saw the value of the magical moment.

  33. I never would have guessed what those boxes were for. I love how imaginative your family was. Not knowing would have driven me crazy to.

  34. Sounds like somebody needs to create a treasure map for a certain family to “discover” and decipher. I’m just sayin’.

  35. I love how you made such an adventure out of a purple bag!

    And…I loved your ghost story.

    Happy weekend!

  36. We have a few in our neighborhood too, but I like your adventure much better than the glib response I got from my MR-KNOW-IT-ALL, “they were on the news”.


  37. YES!! IT’S FEEL GOOD FRIDAY AND I FEEL GOOD! We have a new little boy–a little brother for Precious. He is 18 months old, and he is so sweet. Plus, he is housebroken! I have his picture up on my blog. Check him out!!!!

  38. Your family should try geocaching. It’s sooo much like treasure hunting. I think your families imagination and creativity is outstanding. What fun. Who likes boring. 🙂 hope you had a great Friday!! It was too crazy for me to get a post up. I love yours and so glad you are on the poop scoop! 🙂

    • I am experimenting with different food for Mulligan to eat. He seems to be scared to eat! I learned tonight that he doesn’t like lamb. That’s ok. because neither do we! He is such a happy boy, and Precious is happy too! If she would stop crapping out all his food that she ate, I would be content. She is looking slimmer, but I think we still have one day to go.

      • We cant get Jack to eat, but I just started giving him shredded cheddar cheese on his food and he loves it, so we are hoping for some weight gain! Crazy pets!

    • We have geocached and we love it!!!!! Also, thank you for the compliments!

  39. I hope she said that you all are the best kind of family and she wouldn’t trade it for anything!

  40. I think that she said, “That is just what the Ninja’s want us to believe. Beetles…what a crock. ” Your family rocks!!

  41. I can imagine us doing the same thing! That is hilarious. I am so sorry it was not a treasure map! You guys should get into geocaching. I am sure your kids will LOVE it! Google it, it is a lot of fun!

  42. Have you ever tried letterboxing? It really does include mysterious boxes and treasure maps! Google it, you may be surprised how many are in your area!

  43. You guys have a fantastic imagination. Oh the possibilities! I would’ve liked to read about how your family escaped the ninjas though, that would’ve been something.

  44. Forgive me if you already answered this, but you have 65 comments and as much as I would love to read them all, there is just not time for that! Anywhoooo…
    So what was the box?
    That will be a great memory regardless of the outcome!

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