When Good Vlogs Go Bad


The date was set.  Mom was coming over to film our second vlog at 7:30 PM on a Friday night.

Yet, something was amiss. 

Dad kept talking in the background asking me why it was so hot in our house and Tyler kept yawning.

Not exactly good for us Vlog Personalities to see our cameraman/sidekick, yawning and complaining.

1 Take, 2 Takes, 3 Takes


4 Takes, 5 Takes, 6 Takes



They “stepped outside” while we filmed without them. 

We did it in one take.  There might have been a little hostility in the footage so we decided to call it a night and try again when we had our cameraman/sidekick back.

For those of you who are curious as to what transpired during our vlog; mom summed it up best in one memorable, hilarious statement:

“Sometimes, I just want to bitchslap him until he bleeds.”

You can figure out the rest.


30 responses to “When Good Vlogs Go Bad

  1. Only a woman married a very long time can really feel those words and truly, truly understand. I. LOVE. THAT.

    I can’t wait to see it!

  2. Skip the bleeding- they just expect you to clean up the mess and baby them afterwards…

  3. LOL – can’t wait to see it, your mom is a hoot!

  4. Again: I LOVE YOUR MOM!! That was epic! : )

  5. You soooo need to share that with us! I loved that comment! haha

  6. Cannot wait to see it! How fun to do it with your mom.

  7. That’s so awesome that everyone got involved! Even with the uncooperative camera crew.

  8. This is going to be a must-see!

  9. Oh I can’t wait!!! Your mom cracks me up!!! You gotta love a woman who speaks her mind!

  10. haha! Its hard to get the perfect Vlog…once I was vlogging and in ran the 2 year old screaming wipe my butt..poop…wipe my butt! It was such an awesome vlog too just wasn’t as good 2nd or 3rd take!

  11. That’s real love – no guilt. Just reality. XD

  12. Your MOM said that? LOL! I LIKE her!!!!!

  13. Oh my goodness. So does that mean that we won’t get to see this lovely vlog? It sounds so harmonious!

  14. And I know just how she feels!

  15. Oh no! But Jim was supposed to say HI to me!!

  16. Your mother is HILARIOUS!! Can’t wait for the next video.

  17. Laura,
    I am your newest follower and already love, love, love your blog. I gave you an award at: http://mformommy.blogspot.com/2010/06/wahoo-my-2nd-blog-award.html

    Thanks for making me chuckle!

  18. I love your mom’s comment!! Sounds like it was an eventful vlogging adventure to say the least.

  19. Your mom is a fascinating woman! I love her.

  20. Can’t wait to see it! Did your mom say that on the video? That would be so funny to play around with that…do a little rewind, replay, stutter (remember Max Headroom?)…

  21. Love your mom’s comment! Ha ha!! Sounds like my mom. 😉

  22. OMG, I love your mother! LOL!!!

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